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2017-18 OVAC Master Schedule


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This is a go fund me account for The Mason Boyd Memorial Wrestling Scholarship

Mason is the grandson of Steve Kish


Reese Stephen Barnesville to travel the country for Ohio All Stars!

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Congratulations to Victor Giovengo Linsly for his 100th Win!!!






OVAC Duals: Camb, Steub & IC


2018 OAC Jr. High District Qualifier @ Steubenville



2018 OHSAA Sectional Tournament @ Steubenville

Beaver Local.
East Liverpool.
Harrison Central.
Indian Creek.
New Philadelphia.
River View.

WV State High School Wrestling Tournament - First Round Pairings - AAA and AA/A 

Good luck!


2018 OAC Grade School District Qualifier @ Steubenville





2018 Buckeye 8 Conference Tournament Feb 10 @ Edison


Regional Tournaments This Weekend

February 9-10 AA/A Region I - Fairmont Sr. High School 
   AA/A Region I Information
   AA/A Region I Brackets



February 10 AAA Region I - Brooke High School
   AAA Region I Information
   AAA Region I Brackets



BMC @ Linsly rescheduled for the Feb 10th





OVAC Duals: Steub




2018 Buckeye Local Panther Classic

 Final results

Caleb Rea Weir MVP and he beat nationally ranked #3 Teasdale!!!

MVP Match at Panther Classic


2018 Westfall Invitational


BMC @ Linsly rescheduled for the Feb 10th


2018 Wellsville Jr High Duals


2018 Buckeye 8 Conference Tournament Feb 10



OVAC Duals: JM & OG


2018 PAC 8


Washington Court House Tourney


2018 EOWL


Casey Recrosio Weirton Madonna signs with Div I Franklin and-Marshall-College





Bill Hinegardner OVAC Dual Meet Championship


1st Parkersburg South

2nd Wheeling Park

3rd John Marshall

4th Brooke


1st Barnesville

2nd Bellaire

3rd Magnolia

Round 1

Parkersburg South 84

Brooke 0

Wheeling Park 41

John Marshall 33

Barnesville 61

Magnolia 15

Round 2

Parkersburg South 68

Wheeling Park 9

John Marshall 58

Brooke 22

Barnesville 41

Bellaire 23

2018 EOWL


2018 OVAC AAAA Champion Steubenville & OVAC A/AA Champions Shenandoah


2018 Buckeye Local Panther Classic

Seeds & pools are up


2018 Barnesville Invitational Video!

Nice work Clint Abbott


2018 OHSAA Team Dual Results

Congratulations to Buckeye Local for their 1st trip to the region finals in school history.


OVAC Duals: Mag, Bpt, Weir, PS & Lin




2018 Bob Zide Tourney



2018 OHSAA Sectional Team Seeds


2018 West Holmes Tourney



2018 WV "A" Challenge


2018 Brooke Classic

Outstanding Wrestler
Nate Keaton-Circleville

01/27/2018 Frank Ferguson Brooke Classic - Upper Bracket
01/27/2018 Frank Ferguson Brooke Classic - Lower Bracket


OVAC Duals: PS, Univ, Bell, Steub & Mag


2018 Buck Bailey @ Wellsville



2018 New Lexington Tourney


2018 Regional 13 Div II

2018 Regional 12 Div II

2018 Regional 20 Div III

2018 Regional 21 Div III


Claymont District Rankings


2018 OVC Tourney




OVAC Rankings

Rankings change daily!


2017 Subway Youth Wrestling Camp:

Presented by Branden Lee Hinkle, Jan 20th



2018 Hercules Award Braxton Amos Parkersburg South 4 pins in 1:17


2018  Bierkortte Award (MVP) Josh Humphreys Parkersburg South



2018 OVAC "Ron Mauck" Wrestling Championships


2018 Semi Final & Final Marquee Match ups OVAC Seeds, Brackets & Team Scores by Division

Day 3 Brackets updated: final


2018 Brackets & More

This will be updated after each round.




2018 OVC @ UL Info.






2018 Top Gun Live


2018 Top Gun Seeds


2018 winner choice


2018 Barnesville Jr High



OVAC Duals: Camb & Steub, HC, Barn, PS, OG, Lin, Shen, MF, Bell


2018 BMC @ Linsly



2018 Buckeye 8 @ Edison

Rescheduled for 2/10/18





Best of the Midwest


2018 Cameron Tourney


OVAC Duals: Parkersburg South Classic Duals


2018 Shadyside Tourney


2018 Nelsonville York Tourney


2018 Sheridan Tourney


Indian Creek Jr. High Invite






OVAC Duals: EL, Weir, ED, BvL, MF, HC, Univ, Mag & Steub


2017 Indian Creek Jr High Tourney

Tourney will run on time as usual, plus 3 pounds



2017 St Clairsville ABVI Tourney


2017 Gallia Tourney


2017 Powerade Tournament


Flo coverage of the Powerade live


Parkersburg South finished third in the PowerAde Wrestling Tournament held in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania this weekend. 152-Pounder Josh Humphreys and unbeaten 220-Pounder Braxton Amos each claimed an individual championship. Other Patriot placers were:

126 Brayden Roberts, 6th Place

138 Luke Martin, 5th Place

160 Zane Hinzman, 6th Place

285 Louden Haga, 3rd Place


2017 Brecksville Tournament

Video of Brecksville


1st Place - Dalton Hoover of Martins Ferry

1st Place - Hunter Bodkin of Martins Ferry

Mason Kuneff, Bpt 7th


2017 Wheeling Park Duals Final Results

2017 Park Duals Individual Results

You can buy tickets here or at the door.



2017 Cambridge Jr High Tournament


OVAC Duals: Cald, Mag, Well, Cam & PC


 2017 Medina Tournament

Cole McComas (17-3) placed 4th

Skyler Lasure (16-3) placed 4th

Logan Krulik (11-5) placed 6th


2017 Zanesville Invitational


2017 West Jefferson Invitational


BoroFan Break Down of the week:


100 win Alec Cook WM!!!!


2017 OVAC Dual Meet Standings (Christmas Edition!)


West Virginia Wrestling Coaches / WV-Mat High School Team Polls 




Cambridge Open Dec 26th


OVAC Duals: EL, PS, Weir, Univ, Mead, Bell, WM, Mag, Cam & Steub


2017 Buckeye Local Jr. High Tournament

MVP Eric Williams EL




2017 Buckeye Local Jr. High Tournament


Ohio Div II District write up by McClearn


OVAC Duals: Tor & BvL, Bell, WP, Cald, HC, WL, Shen, Camb, Barn, EL


2017 OVAC Dual Meet Standings


2017 Harrison Central Jr. High




JV Tournament Canceled at Edison.


Jackson County Invitational (Bell)


2017 Larry Ritchie Tournament


2017 University Tournament


OVAC Duals: PS


2017 Hoppel Invitational

Peyton Hall OG MVP


OVAC Rankings


2017 North Canton Tournament


2017 University Tournament



 Congratulations to Braxton Amos Parkersburg South for winning the Ironman!!






OVAC Rankings


OVAC Team Rankings


Parkersburg South Ranked 47th in the Nation by Intermat!


OVAC Duals: SL, Weir, Steub, BvL, Bell, Brk, Barn, WP, EL, Shen, Mag, Camb, HC, & Weir


2017 Hoppel Invitational

Peyton Hall OG MVP


University youth open tourney Dec 17th


2017 Division III Classic


2017 North Canton Tournament


2017 University Tournament


BoroFan Breakdown of Ohio Tourneys:



OVAC Duals: Weir


2017 Warren Local Tournament


2017 Cameron Jr High Tournament


2017 Barnesville Invitational Video!


2017 John Marshall Duals

OVAC Rankings


2017 Columbiana Tournament


UHS wins Amityville (NY) tournament!
5 champions...
113-Jace Stockett
120-Jacob Simpson
126-Jake Staud
145-Braeden Pauley
152-Owen Zeiders


2017 Barnesville Invitational (Brackets & Results)


BoroFan: Write up on Barnesville Invitational


Ironman Live 


Ironman Quarter Final Match ups


Awesome article on Braxton Amos done by Flowrestling


Ironman Preview 106-145


Ironman Preview 152-285


OVAC Duals: BvL



2017 Ironman Seeds

106 10. Peyten Kellar Warren, OH (0-2)

126 7. Peyton Hall Oak Glen, WV (4-2) (7th Place)

132 14. Luke Martin Parkersburg South, WV (3-2)

132 16. Caleb Rea Weir, WV (3-2)

152 5. Josh Humphreys Parkersburg South, WV (4-2) (5th Place)

152 8. Jashon Hubbard Steubenville, OH (INJ)

160 13. Zane Hinzman Parkersburg South, WV (1-2)

220 1. Braxton Amos Parkersburg South, WV (4-0) (Champion)

285 6. Louden Haga Parkersburg South, WV (2-2)




BoroFan: Write up on Barnesville Invitational


OVAC Duals: PS & Brk, HC, Bell, IC, PC, Lin, Camb, StC, Cam, WP


 Jesuit vs Ohio Valley University Friday night at home. It's youth wrestler night. All youth wrestlers get in free.


JV Tourney at Edison Dec. 30


OVAC Duals: PS


2017 Ironman Seeds

106 10. Peyten Kellar Warren, OH

126 7. Peyton Hall Oak Glen, WV

132 14. Luke Martin Parkersburg South, WV

132 16. Caleb Rea Weir, WV

152 5. Josh Humphreys Parkersburg South, WV

152 8. Jashon Hubbard Steubenville, OH

160 13. Zane Hinzman Parkersburg South, WV

220 1. Braxton Amos Parkersburg South, WV

285 6. Louden Haga Parkersburg South, WV


2018 Winter Classic @ BL 


2017 Jr High Bubba Invitational @ MF


Larry Richie Memorial Pools Tournament, December 16, Tyler Consolidated High School 





Congratulations to Parkersburg South for their 800th dual meet victory!!!


OVAC Duals: Brk, PS, WL, EL & OG


2017 Rick Link Invitational Results

Kuneff (Bpt) MVP

2017 Cambridge Invitational Results

Lasure (BvL) MVP





WLU vs WJ Live 6:45


2017 Rick Link Invitational


BoroFan: Breakdown of the Cambridge Invitational


Cambridge Youth Starts Strong!




Check out the 2017-18 American Family Insurance ALL-USA Preseason Wrestling Team.

Congratulations to Braxton Amos on being selected to the ALL-USA Preseason Wrestling Team.


Happy Thanksgiving from University!

What a neat idea!


Rankings will be out today !


Edison is hosting a round robin JV wrestling tournament on Saturday, December 30. Weigh-ins will be at 8am. If you are interested please contact Jim Benson at 614-499-0659.

JV events are hard to find!




2017 Barnesville returning wrestlers

Looks like a strong early season tourney!




Nationally Ranked Wrestlers @ Ironman


Braxton Amos PS is a Super 32 Champion!!!!


Josh Humphreys PS  6th place


Jr High

157 Brenden Severs OH 2nd place

120 Logan Ours OH 4th place


Super 32 Brackets


106: No. 7 Cullan Schriever (IA) DEC No. 11 Richard Figueroa II (CA) 4-2
113: Ryan Crookham (PA) DEC No. 13 Eric Barnett (WI) 2-0
120: No. 3 Adam Busiello (NY) DEC No. 16 Travis Ford-Melton (IL) 4-2
126: No. 8 Jakob Camacho (CT) DEC No 9 Beau Bartlett (PA) 6-4  
132: No. 1 Joseph Silva (FL) DEC No. 7 Jesse Vasquez (CA) 3-2
138: No. 6 (132) Ryan Anderson (PA) DEC No. 16 Jaden Abas (CA) 3-2 OT2
145: No. 7 Mason Phillips (WA) MAJ Quincy Monday (NC) 13-4
152: No. 17 Brevin Balmeceda (FL) DEC No. 13 Joshua Kim (CA) 4-0
160: No. 12 Ryan Thomas (OH) DEC No. 18 Dustin Plott (OK) 8-7 OT2
170: No. 7 Patrick Kennedy (MN) DEC No. 6 Christopher Foca (NJ) 10-6
182: No. 3 (195) Cody Mulligan (PA) DEC Josh Stillings (PA) 4-3  
195: No. 8 Jared Ball (OH) DEC No. 6 Lucas Davison (IN) 5-1
220: No. 2 Braxton Amos (WV) DEC No. 12 Peter Acciardi (NJ) 3-1
285: No. 4 Anthony Cassioppi (IL) DEC No. 10 Max Darrah (MO) 8-0





Semifinal Match Ups
106: No. 4 Jeremiah Reno (Mo) vs No. 11 Richard Figueroa ii (Ca)
106: Jakason Burks (Ne) vs No. 7 Cullan Schriever (Ia)

113: No. 13 Eric Barnett (Wi) vs No. 12 Noah Surtin (Il)
113: No. 10 Greg Diakomihalis (Ny) vs Ryan Crookham (Pa)

120: No. 3 Adam Busiello (Ny) vs Malyke Hines (Fl)
120: No. 16 Travis Ford-Melton (Il) vs Kyle Gollhofer (Ga)

126: No 9 Beau Bartlett (Pa) vs Sam Hillegas (Pa)
126: No. 13 (132) Connor Mcgonagle (Nh) vs No. 8 Jakob Camacho (Ct)

132: No. 1 Joseph Silva (Fl) vs No. 12 Quinn Kinner (Nj)
132: No. 7 Jesse Vasquez (Ca) vs No. 6 (126) Joshua Saunders (Mo)

138: No. 2 Mitch Moore (Oh) vs No. 16 Jaden Abas (Ca)
138: No. 6 (132) Ryan Anderson (Pa) vs No. 10 Marshall Keller (Va)

145: No. 7 Mason Phillips (Wa) vs No. 11 Alex Facundo (Mi)
145: No. 6 Jake Silverstein (Ny) vs Quincy Monday (Nc)

152: No. 11 Cameron Amine (Mi) vs No. 13 Joshua Kim (Ca)
152: No. 17 Brevin Balmeceda (Fl) vs
Joshua Humphreys (Wv)

160: Danny Braunagel (Il) vs No. 18 Dustin Plott (Ok)
160: Layne Malczewski (Mi) vs No. 12 Ryan Thomas (Oh)

170: No. 1 Trent Hidlay (Pa) vs No. 7 Patrick Kennedy (Mn)
170: No. 15 Michael O'Malley (Nj) vs No. 6 Christopher Foca (Nj)

182: No. 6 Anthony Montalvo (Ca) vs Josh Stillings (Pa)
182: No. 5 Jared Krattiger (Wi) vs No. 3 (195) Cody Mulligan (Pa)

195: No. 8 Jared Ball (Oh) vs Thomas Penola (In)
195: Tyrie Houghton (Nc) vs No. 6 Lucas Davison (In)

No. 2 Braxton Amos (Wv) vs Lewis Fernandes (Nj)
220: No. 13 Benjamin Goldin (Fl) vs No. 12 Peter Acciardi (Nj)

285: No. 4 Anthony Cassioppi (Il) vs No. 19 Michael Kramer (Tn)
285: No. 10 Max Darrah (Mo) vs Jorden Pryor (Md)


120 Cole Mccomas Oh 5-2

126 Jonathan Potts Oh 0-2

106 Peyten Kellar Oh 1-2

152 Anthony Carman Wv 1-2

220 Braxton Amos Wv 3-0 **

126 Brayden Roberts Wv 1-2

132 Canon Welker Wv 0-2

152 Joshua Humphreys Wv 5-0 **

182 Kaleb Simpkins Wv 0-2

285 Louden Haga Wv 2-1 *

132 Luke Martin Wv 5-2

113 Matthew Simpson Wv 1-2

126 Peyton Hall Wv 5-1 *

Jacob Simpson Wv 0-2



Jr High

157 Brenden Severs OH 2nd place

120 Logan Ours OH 4th place


Super 32 info and more







30 team Jr High Duals Dec 29-30th @ Blennerhassett Middle (PS)


Oak Glen JV Tourney Dec 2nd





Indian Creek Jr High Tourney Info.


Gladiators Duals Nov 19th


Ohio High School State Rankings




November 5th East Liverpool Open


Ohio open tourneys




WVU Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...
West Liberty Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...
WVU Tech Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...
Ohio Valley University Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...

Wheeling Jesuit University Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...
Alderson Broaddus University Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...



FLO High School Rankings

Parkersburg South with 2 wrestlers ranked in the top 20 in country!

Braxton Amos 3rd & Louden Haga 20th





WLU Wrestling News!!!

1. Video production of all the newly renovated WLU wrestling facilities


2. Press release on our 2017 recruiting class





University is still accepting teams for the Superior Photo Scholarship Tournament at University HS on December 16, 2017.
See this link for more info...


Contact Coach Maisel for more info - ksmaisel@comcast.net

University High School in Morgantown has an opening for assistant coach. If interested contact Coach Maisel at ksmaisel@comcast.net




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