2019-2020 OVAC


Articles of Interest:
6X NCAA Champion and Legend Carlton Haselrig Passes Away
Article by Dr. Bill Welker on the Kovalick Family Legacy
Beast of the East Canceled, Rescheduled for 2021





Congratulations to Reno Nationals Finalists from OVAC:
Gage Wright, Parkersburg South - 15U 135-lb Champion
Brock Humphrey, Warwood Middle - 10U 64-lb Runner-Up

FloWrestling Complete Results




Steubenville to start an all Female wrestling team!



West Virginia's Braxton Amos Named Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award National Winner
Dave Schultz award winner page updated



Amos Regional Dave Schultz winner



FloWrestling NCAA Pre-Season Rankings as of May 16, 2020

Josh Humphreys (Lehigh) #5 @ 157

Tariq Wilson (NC State) #14 @ 141

Caleb Rea (West Virginia) #22 @ 141




NWHOF Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award State Winners Announced
Dave Schultz award winner page updated
WTAP TV feature on Braxton Amos
WTAP TV feature on Samantha Miller



Amos named to Wrestling USA Scholastic All-American Dream Team; Peyton Hall and Zach Frazier named to All-American Academic Team; Brayden Roberts and John Martin Best Named All-Americans

2020 Wrestling USA All-American Poster
Amos, Best, Hall, Roberts Nationally Recognized
Article on Lehigh's Josh Humphreys



RIP Carl Hoppel BvL 3 Time State Champion and even a better man!



Article: Amos, Roberts PS & Hall OG

More awards!!!

2019-20 OVAC Master Schedule



OVAC Hall of Fame: Welker & Deaton!!!


OVAC vs MAC All Star Meet is Cancelled




OVAC Wrestlers of the year Selected





Amos to bump up in the Dapper Dan (Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic)!!!


Braxton Amos Parkersburg South CAREER STATS ( 3 years)

Crazy and just about impossible to break!!!?

Wins: 142

Losses: 0

Falls: 91

Technical Falls: 11

Forfeits: 20

Injury Defaults: 1

Major Decisions: 8

Regular Decisions: 11

Team Points: 918

Takedowns: 342

Escapes: 21

Reversals: 11

2-pt Nearfalls: 41

3-pt Nearfalls: 75

4-pt Nearfalls: 0

1-pt Penalties: 21

2-pt Penalties: 0

Total Match Points: 1055

Opponent Takedowns: 0

Opponent 2-pt Nearfalls: 0

Opponent 3-pt Nearfalls: 0

Opponent 4-pt Nearfalls: 0

Opponent Reversals: 0

Opponent Escapes: 216

Opponent 1-pt Penalties: 6

Opponent 2-pt Penalties: 0

Opponent Total Match Points: 222

Amos to bump up in the Dapper Dan (Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic)!!!





OHSAA Postpones all Winter Sports


2020 Individual State Tournaments
2020 OHSAA Individual State Tournament
Pairings  Participants  Brackets  Results

OHSAA already has a streaming service available. (https://ohsaa.boxcast.com/#/) You can purchase the full access pass or by mat. 


OVAC Ohio State Qualifiers: 35

Div II

106 CL-2 Jarret Stillion, Byesville Meadowbrook, (11), 44-5

120 CL-2 Mark Emmerling, Lisbon Beaver, (10), 32-11

126 CL-1 Koen Kish, St. Clairsville, (11), 42-3

132 CL-2 Howard Williams, East Liverpool, (11), 45-5

132 CL-1 Logan Ours, Lisbon Beaver, (10), 33-5 (19:II-120-6th)

138 CL-1 Cole McComas, Lisbon Beaver, (12), 37-5 (19:II-126-2nd, 18:II-113-2nd, 17:II-106-2nd)

138 CL-3 Caden Stout, St. Clairsville, (10), 40-10

138 CL-2 Tyler Muldrew, Steubenville, (11), 36-5 (19:II-132-4th)

145 CL-2 Devon Salsberry, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 36-9

145 CL-3 Aaron Ferguson, Steubenville, (11), 40-8

145 CL-1 Peyten Kellar, Vincent Warren, (11), 48-0 (19:II-126-7th, 18:II-106-5th)

152 CL-1 Skyler Lasure, Lisbon Beaver, (12), 36-6 (19:II-145-6th, 18:II-132-4th, 17:II-120-7th)

152 CL-4 Reese Spencer, Wintersville Indian Creek, (10), 26-19

160 CL-1 Logan Krulik, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 39-6

160 CL-4 Brandon Kiser, Dover, (10), 43-11

182 CL-3 David Tuttle, Steubenville, (12), 36-6 (19:II-182-4th, 18:II-170-8th)

182 CL-2 Austin Starr, Wintersville Indian Creek, (10), 42-7

195 CL-4 Reese Skaggs, St. Clairsville, (11), 46-8

195 CL-1 Keith Bodnar, Steubenville, (12), 39-5

195 CL-2 Elijah Llewellyn, Wintersville Indian Creek, (9), 40-5

220 CL-3 Derek Witsberger, St. Clairsville, (12), 42-7

285 CL-3 Daniel Wirth, Lisbon Beaver, (12), 30-6


113 HE-1 Griffen Stephen, Barnesville, (10), 45-4

120 HE-2 Drake Kanyuch, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (9), 39-8

138 HE-2 Brian Palmer, Rayland Buckeye Local, (11), 43-3 (19:III-132-3rd, 18:III-120-6th)

145 GH-3 Dylan Milhoan, Salineville Southern, (12), 38-5

145 HE-4 Hayden Johnson, Richmond Edison, (12), 44-7

160 HE-4 Chase Goff, Martins Ferry, (11), 23-14

160 HE-2 Owen Oliver, Barnesville, (12), 46-7

170 HE-4 Kameron Hughes, Martins Ferry, (11), 37-8

195  HE-1 Richard McFarland, Martins Ferry, (12), 31-11

285 HE-2 Zachary Kuneff, Bridgeport, (12), 40-9

285 HE-4 Donte Lewis, Martins Ferry, (12), 29-8

285 HE-1 Easton Hitchens, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (12), 41-2



OVAC WV State Placers

Place Wclass Wrestler Team Wins Loses
6 106 Camden Barr-12 Oak Glen 35 18
6 120 Clayton Lamb-10 Oak Glen 28 16
4 132 Wyatt Conley-12 Weir 26 11
2 145 Jonathan Creese-12 Oak Glen 33 12
1 152 Peyton Hall-12 Oak Glen 49 2
2 170 Ian Bush-10 Cameron-A 45 3
3 182 Kyler O'Connor-11 Oak Glen 37 8
6 195 James Stillwagoner-12 Magnolia-A 36 7
4 285 Jordan Brueck-11 Weir 29 10
1 106 Brady Roberts-9 Parkers. South 31 10
5 106 Quinton Velas-9 Wheeling Park 34 11
6 106 Ethan Cook-9 John Marshall 36 15
3 113 Nathan Ford-9 Parkers. South 33 12
4 113 Cody Taggart-10 Wheeling Park 37 9
5 113 Carl Cochran-10 John Marshall 32 7
3 120 Nate Shelek-10 Wheeling Park 31 8
4 120 Devin Easton-11 Parkers. South 34 16
5 120 Timmy Cargill-11 University 35 16
2 126 Jace Stockett-12 University 36 7
4 126 Trent Jones-9 Parkers. South 33 11
1 132 Brayden Johnson-11 Parkers. South 39 11
3 132 Dom Parker-9 University 36 8
6 132 Gabe Carman-10 John Marshall 38 12
2 138 Andrew Shelek-12 Wheeling Park 35 8
4 138 Ian Izizarry-12 Parkers. South 33 13
1 145 Gavin Quiocho-11 Parkers. South 46 8
2 145 Steven Mitchell-11 Wheeling Park 40 9
5 145 Joey Gidley-12 University 37 16
1 152 Brayden Roberts-12 Parkers. South 46 5
3 152 Billy Gooch-11 Wheeling Park 41 13
6 152 Dakota Hagedorn-9 University 44 10
3 160 Canon Welker-12 Wheeling Park 30 8
4 160 Elijah Wellings-Osha-10 University 42 11
6 160 Preston Harman-10 Morgantown 28 23
3 170 Casch Somerville-12 Parkers. South 31 18
4 170 Max Camilletti-12 Brooke 38 5
6 170 Adam Angel-9 Wheeling Park 19 19
1 182 Erick Brothers Jr-9 Wheeling Park 38 7
5 182 Noah Buckalew-11 Parkers. South 22 15
4 195 Oscar Lemus-10 Parkers. South 25 11
1 220 Braxton Amos-12 Parkers. South 48 0
2 220 Charlie Tamburin-11 Wheeling Park 35 11
3 220 Josh Sanders-12 University 44 8




2020 OAC Junior High State Pre Seed Report https://oacstate.com/2TlDd4Q

Division II
Dist. Tournament: Division II - Alliance (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Dist. Tournament: Division II - Claymont (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Dist. Tournament: Division II - Norwalk (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Dist. Tournament: Division II - Wilmington (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Division III
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Garfield Heights (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Heath (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Napoleon (3/6/20-3/7/20)
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Troy (3/6/20-3/7/20)





2020 Individual Sectional Tournaments

Archived Sectional Results


Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Claymont (2/29/20)
Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Steubenville (2/29/20)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Barnesville (2/29/20)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Sandy Valley (2/29/20)


Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Rootstown (2/29/20)


Links for WV State Tournament Web Results
A-AA link
AAA Link


 East Liverpool HS : OAC GS District




Congratulations to Barnesville Jr High OAC Divisional State Champions!!!


      2/2Steubenville OAC GS Sectional

        Steubenville HS OAC JH District

Barnesville team district OAC Jr high champs. 9 state qualifiers. 5 district champs 1 runner up , 1 forth place finisher and 1 sixth place finisher and 1- seventh place finisher.






Buckeye 8 Conference Tournament (2/22/20)


2019-20 Duals



WV Class AAA pairings
WV Class AA/A Pairings
See sample (blank) State Tournament Bracket forms at this link





Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association Girls Sate Wrestling Tournament




WV Region Results
AAA Region 2
AAA Region 3
AAA Region 1
AAA Region 4
AA/A Region 2
AA/A Region 3
AA/A Region 1

AA/A Region 4


WTOV 9 Article




2020 WV AAA Region 1



 WV AAA Region IV Seeds

2020 WV AA/A Region I Brackets

2020 WV AAA Region 1


 PAC 8 Wrestling Championship Brackets TEAM SCORES



WV AAA Region IV Seeds

2020 WV AA/A Region I Brackets


2019-20 Duals

IC, Bpt, Shen, Steub & BvL





2020 WV Girls State



2/7-8/2020 - EOWL Jr. High League Tourney


2020 OHSAA Dual Team Tournaments

OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 12 (2/8/20)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 13 (2/8/20)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 20 (2/8/20)


OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 21 (2/8/20)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 22 (2/8/20)

Congrats to Shenandoah Region Champion!!
To State Quarterfinals


2020 Individual Sectional Tournaments

Archived Sectional Results

Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Claymont (2/29/20)
Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Steubenville (2/29/20)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Barnesville (2/29/20)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Sandy Valley (2/29/20)

Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Rootstown (2/29/20)




WV Team Polls - AAA / AA / A

Individual Weight Class Rankings


2019-20 Duals

StC, Well, Steub, Camb, PS & MF





Here are the channels / sites for the live Streaming of the West Virginia State Duals.

Channel 1: (AAA)


Channel 2: (AA/A)


It should be a fun event with a lot of Great Wrestling

1st Parkersburg
2nd University
3rd Spring Mills
4th Saint Albany’s
1st Point Pleasant
2nd Oak Glen
3rd Herbert Hoover
4th Bridgeport


2020 EOWL



2020 Panther Classic @ Buckeye Local

Brian Palmer, Jr. was the MVP.



Jimmy Wood Invitational - New Lexington (2/1/20)

2020 New Lexington Jimmy Wood Memorial Team Champions St Clairsville!



St Edwards Ranked #1 in Div 1 Ohio #9 in USA
Parkersburg South #1 in AAA
Wheeling Park #2 in AAA
Huntington #4 in AAA

2019-20 Duals

results above

Ohio Rankings courtesy of www.Borofanohio.net
WV Rankings courtesy of www.wvmat.com (wv rankings do not reflect ovac or wsaz results)

South has wrestled 2, 3, & 4 this week.
South vs Huntington has Region 4 seeding implications in several weights.

Wyatt Richter #4
Brady Roberts #4
Quinton Velas #2
Jaishawn Lyles #1

Sean Seefeld #3
Nathan Ford #6
Cody Taggert #4
James St Clair #NR

Richie DelSanter #2
Devan Easton #4
Nate Shelek #1
Josiah Winters #NR

Kayden Kralik #17
Trent Jones #5
Bradyn Lucas #NR
Alex Viars #7

Scotty Richter #5
Brayden Johnson #1
Lucas Nolte #NR
Nick Serrano #NR

Evan Bennett #5
Ian Irizarry #4
Andrew Shelek #2
Theron Chapman #NR

Like Geog #3
Gavin Quiocho #1
Stevie Mitchell #2
Gabe Dempsey #4

Bryce Hepner #1
Brayden Roberts #1
Billy Gooch #2
Orion Barrett #NR

Paddy Gallagher #1
Jude Childers #6
Canon Welker #2
Jones #NR

Hudson Hightower #6
Casch Somerville #9
Hunter Nixon #4
AJ Dempsey #2

Michael Garcar #9
Tyler Hall #NR
Eric Brothers #1
Quran Misner #NR

Chance Robinson #NR
Noah Buckalew #9
Garrett Parsons #NR
Grant Murphy #NR

Nick Lisco #4
Braxton Amos #1
Charlie Tamburin #3
Eli Byrd #NR

Zack Taylor #NR
Gabe Hendershot #NR
Matthew Reinarder #9
James Scott #NR

11 am Round 1
South vs Huntington
Wheeling Park vs St Ed’s

Noon Round 2
South vs Wheeling Park
Huntington vs St Ed’s

1 pm Round 3
South vs St Ed’s
Wheeling Park vs Huntington


OG & Shen take home OVAC Team Titles

Shenandoah 48 Bridgeport 21
106 Quinten Harmon (S) wins by FF
113: Dylan Morgan (S) Wins by FF
120: Alex Overly (S) Wins by Dec 10-4 over Sean White (B)
126: Drake Kanyuch (S) Wins by Dec 4-2 over Christian Waterman (B)
132: Mason Aberts (B) Wins by Dec 9-6 over Tyler Bruer (S)
138: Peyton Pyle (B) Wins by Dec 13-6 over Laramie Giesey (S)
145: D'Zayveon Richmond (B) Wins by Dec 10-8 over Nick Blackburn (S)
152: Wesley Guy (S) Wins by Fall :55 over Cody Swauger (B)
160: Skyler Hatten (B) Wins by Fall :34 over Joey Vincent (S)
170: Briar Portman (S) Wins by Fall :45 over David Worwa (B)
182: Tanner DeVolld (S) Wins by FF
195: Jared Trenner (S) Wins by FF
220: Devin Danhart (B) Wins by Fall 5:06 over Chandler Warner (S)
285: Easton Hitchens (S) Wins by FF

Shenandoah 64 Shadyside 12
106 Quinten Harmon (S) wins by FF
113: Dylan Morgan (S) Wins by FF
120: Alex Overly (S) Wins by FF
126: Drake Kanyuch (S) Wins by Fall 1:35 over Josh Harris (SS)
132: Andrew Brown (SS) Wins by Fall 3:20 over Tyler Bruer (S)
138: Laramie Giesey (S) Wins by FF
145: Nick Blackburn (S) Wins by Fall :25 over Billy Baker (SS)
152: Wesley Guy (S) Wins by Fall :28 over Devon Robinson (SS)
160: Joey Vincent (S) Wins by Fall :23 over Nico Bumba (SS)
170: Jakob Klug (SS) Wins by Fall 2:48 over Levi Moore (SS)
182: Briar Portman (S) Wins by Fall :Hunter Minney (SS)
195: Tanner DeVolld (S) Wins by Fall :10 over Jacob Brown (SS)
220: Chandler Warner (S) Wins by Dec 5-3 OT over Jalob Honeywell (SS)
285: Easton Hitchens (S) Wins by Fall :7 over Brandon Doty (SS)



2019-20 Duals


Image may contain: 22 people, people standing

2020 Bill Hinegardner

5A OVAC Dual Meet Champions

Indian Creek finished 2nd in the OVAC 5A Dual Meet Championships.


WP highlights

OVAC 5A Dual Meet Semi-final

Indian Creek 34 Steubenville 29

106 Double Forfeit

113- Anthony Shevlin (S) winner by forfeit

120- Tyler Sipes (IC) winner by forfeit

126- Kaiden Minella (S) fall Ellie Paterra 3:19

132- Nathan Martin (IC) fall James Still 3:47

138- CJ Spencer (IC) maj dec Cole Antill 10-2

145- Aaron Feruson (S) dec Jeremy Brown 9-3

152- Cameron Franke (IC) fall Collin Abbott 1:51

160- Ethan Pappas (S) tech fall Reese Spencer 23-6

170- Austin Starr (IC) dec Brandon Kinney 7-1

182- David Tuttle (S) fall Gavin Dondzila 3:08

195- Elijah Llewellyn (IC) dec Keith Bodnar 8-4

220- Spencer Ostovich (S) dec Tyler Smarrella 3-1

285- Evan Merryman (IC) fall Peyton Tuttle :45

OVAC 5A Dual Meet Final

Wheeling Park 50 Indian Creek 23

113- Cody Taggart (WP) fall Tyler Sipes 1:28

120- Nate Shelek (WP) winner by forfeit

126- Brayden Lucas (WP) fall Ellie Paterra :32

132- Nathan Martin (IC) fall Lucas Nolte 1:49

138- Andrew Shelek (WP) dec CJ Spencer 11-5

145- Stevie Mitchell (WP) maj dec Jeremy Brown 17-7

152- Billy Gooch (WP) tech fall Cameron Franke 15-0

160- Cannon Welker (WP) tech fall Reese Spencer 17-2

170- Austin Starr (IC) fall Adam Angel 3:40

182- Erik Brothers (WP) fall Gavin Dondzila :51

195- Elijah Llewellyn (IC) tech fall Garret Parsons 16-0

220- Charles Tamburin (WP) dec Tyler Smarrella 4-2

285- Evan Merryman (IC) winner by forfeit

106- Quinton Velas (WP) winner by forfeit





2019-20 Duals



OVAC 5A Bill Hinegardner 5A Dual Wrestling Meet Wednesday, January 29th - Doors Open at 5, Round One begins at 6 at John Marshall High Field House
Schools Competing :
#1 Wheeling Park
#2 Indian Creek
#3 Steubenville
#4 Weir

OVAC Bill Hinegardner 3A/4A and 1A/2A Dual Wrestling Meet @brookehighschooll in Wellsburg, WV Thursday, January 30th Doors Open at 5:00. Round 1 begins at 6:00.
Schools Competing:
3A/4A - #1 St. Clairsville #2 Barnesville #3 Linsly #4 Oak Glen
1A/2A - #1 Shenandoah #2 Southern Local #3 Shadyside #4 Bridgeport



2020 Buck Bailey @ Wellsville


2020 Brooke Classic



Austintown Fitch Tournament



2019-20 Duals

Steub, Lin, BvL, (River Duals) & Barn


2020 WSAZ Seeds

PS & Cam

The WSAZ live


West Holmes High School Invitational (1/25/20)

IC & Barn

Indian Creek finished 3rd of 16 at the West Holmes tournament with 7 place finishers.
Champions Austin Starr (170) Elijah Llewellyn (195)
Runners up Dominic Paterra (138) Gavin Dondzila (182)
3rd place CJ Spencer (132) Tyler Smarrella (220)
5th place Jeremy Brown (145)


Miami Trace McDonalds Invitational (1/25/20)



2020 OVC @ UL

Live link to OVC



2020 Dual Meet Standings


2020 OVAC “Bill Hinegardner” Wrestling Dual Meet Championships

January 29th 5A at John Marshall, and January 30th for 1A/2A & 3A/4A at Brooke.





2020  Bierkortte Award (MVP)  Braxton Amos PS




Hercules Award Braxton Amos PS 5 Pins in 4:31



2020 OVAC "Ron Mauck" Wrestling Championships

Updated Brackets & Team Scores etc...

 Final Marquee Match ups By Jenny Hannan & Sean Grinch



Congratulations to Braxton Amos PS on an unblemished High School record of 126 -0!!!



Click Home  Home

Click link above for more info, updated after each round

Day 3 article by Kim North

Day 3 article

WTOV 9 covered by Rob Metzger Quarter Finals

Day 2 Article

Day 2 Article by Kim North

WTOV 9 covered by Rob Metzger

Day 1 article

Day 1 article



OVAC Jr. High Coach of the Year Brian Spahlinger of Southern Local


OVAC Assistant Coach of the Year Dave Colley of University


OVAC 1A/2A Coach of the Year David Nelson of Bridgeport


OVAC 3A Coach of the Year Jayson Stephen of Barnesville


OVAC 4A Coach of the Year Jordan Williams of Beaver Local


OVAC 5A Coach of the Year Shaun Smith Parkersburg South


Syd Stolz Memorial Award Ron Jewell


Larry Deaton Official of the year Jim Copney


The "Project Best" Bob Sadler Sportsmanship Award Indian Creek High School


OVAC Director's Choice Awards Tom & Linda Myers


43rd Mr. Mat Award Ken Robison Woodsfield High School

Buy your OVAC Wrestling Tickets here!


2020 OVAC Entry Grid


Free OVAC Wrestling Youth Clinic Scheduled

WHEELING, WV — As part of the “SUBWAY Sports Clinic Series” the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference will be hosting its annual free youth wrestling clinic in conjunction with the Ron Mauck OVAC Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, January the 18th

On Saturday, January 18, the free wrestling clinic will be held on the OVAC Championship mats of WesBanco Arena from 8:00-9:30am.  Registration will begin at 7:30am that morning.  The clinic will be led by Mitch Knapp, a two-time All-American wrestler, and graduate of West Liberty University.  The clinicians will teach the basic fundamentals of wrestling and help build the kids’ self-esteem.  The clinic is free and open to boys and girls ages 5-13.

Parents are required to have insurance and be present the day of the clinics to sign a waiver form.  For more information visit www.OVAC.org, email: Beth.johnson@teallpropertiesgroup.com or phone 304.220.4858.

The free clinic is made possible thanks to Smitty’s Sportatorium, and OVA

C Corporate Partners: Health Management Solutions and Paramount Preferred Solutions, AM 1600 WKKX, Wheeling Hospital, Bordas & Bordas and the ‘Family Talk About Drinking’ initiative.


2020 OVAC “Bill Hinegardner” Wrestling Dual Meet Championships

January 29th 5A at John Marshall, and January 30th for 1A/2A & 3A/4A at Brooke.


2019-20 Rankings Up Dated 01-11-20



WV Individual Weight Class Rankings --- AAA and AA/A


2020 Barnesville Jr High Tournament




MAGNOLIA Results at St. Marys Tournament

106 Lucas Zombotti - 1-2

120 Jason Beisel 3-1 - 3rd Place

126 Jordon Davis 2-2 4th Place

132 Allen Collins 4-1 - 4th Place (had to FF for 3rd due to 5 matches)

138 Sam Zobotti 1-2

145 Austin Stillwagoner - 0-2

152 Hunter Werkea 0-2

160 Trenton Mitchell 3-1 - 3rd Place

170 Xaver Walters 0-2

195 James Stillwagoner 3-0 Champion

220 Hunter Scott 0- 2

285 Mikey Hamrick 2-0 Champion


2019-20 Duals

Weir, Shad, Shen, BvL, Tor, IC, MF, Camb, PS, StC & Bpt


2020 Burgettstown Tournament





2019-20 Duals

Steub, Brk, StC, Riv, UL, Barn, MF, Shen, Lin, BL, ED, Mag, Dov, Morg, Univ, NP & Tor




Shadyside Invitational (1/4/20)


2020 South Classic


2020 Cameron Tournament

MVW Peyton Hall


Meigs Invitational (1/4/20)


2020 JC Gorman Tournament

Camb & EL


2020 IC Jr High Invitational


2019-20 Duals

Mag, Steub, BvL & Riv


2020 Best of the Midwest



2019-20 Duals





2019 Coshocton Tournament

Cald & Riv


Brecksville Tournament


2019-20 Duals






2019 Wheeling Park Duals Live

Tickets Can be bought here


2019 St Clairsville Tournament

MVP  Griffen Stephen  Barnesville


2019 Cambridge Jr High Tournament


2019 Powerade Live

South finished fifth overall and Braxton Amos claimed his third straight PowerAde title, becoming the first West Virginian to win three titles.

Top 5 team scores:

Wyoming Seminary 272
Malvern Prep 178
Waynesburg 146.5
Canon-McMillan 133
Parkersburg South 131


Powerade Website

PS & StC


2019 Powerade Seeds


2019 Medina Tournament



Gallia Wrestling Tournament



Powerade JV Tournament

106 Samantha Miller, 3-1, Runner-Up

106 Parker Field, 4-1, 3rd

106 Ryan Martin, 3-2, 4th

106 Brent Bosley, 4-2

120 Aiden Maze, 2-2

120 Alan Talbott, 1-2

126 Trystan Burrows, 4-2, 4th

132 Kyle Wheeler, 0-2

138 Braeden Hamilton, 4-2

145 Skyler Whited, 3-2

152 Jackson Lovell, 0-2

170 Tyler Hall, 1-2

170 Christian Roberts, 1-2

195 Javon Young, 0-2

220 Oscar Lemus, 3-0, Champion

220 Luke Modesitt, 1-2





Bill Hinegardner Dual Meet Standings 2019-20




Hoppel Invitational - Beaver Local (12/21/19)

Congratulations to Hoppel Tournament MVW and 4-time Hoppel Tournament Champion Cole McComas


Superior Photo Tournament @ University


2019 North Canton Tournament

Steub & StC


Jr High Buckeye Local Winter Classic


Indian Creek Youth Tournament


Waterloo Classic 

Crestview, Toronto, Bridgeport, Wellsville


Beast of the East

Wheeling Park



2019-20 Duals Barn, Dov, Weir, OG, Weir, Shen, JM & Bpt


Cambridge results

Sheridan Invitational Results:
Eric Reed 5th at 126lbs
Caden Kenworthy 2nd at 152lbs
David Moore 3rd at 170lbs
Justin Bartlett 3rd at 182lbs
RaeKwon Lathan 4th at 220lbs

8th as a team



WV AAA, AA, A Team Polls


2019 Wheeling Park Duals



2019-20 Duals Well & Hund, Riv, PS, BL, Mag, Lin, Cam, Morg, BvL, WP


Barnesville Doan Ford Invitational (12/13/19-12/14/19)

Brackets & Seeds & BoroFans Write up

Brian Palmer Most Outstanding Wrestler at the Barnesville Tournament

Austin Starr Indian Creek won the Peck Award. Most pins in least amount of time. 5 pins.

News Article


2019 Powerhouse @ Weir


Hickory Grove Market Invitational - Warren (12/14/19)


Max Horz Tournament Cam


United Local Tor




2019-20 Duals JM & Well



Ironman Live Brackets!

Congrats to the OVAC Ironman Placers!

Braxton Amos (Parkersburg South) Ironman Champion!!!!

His 3rd Ironman Title!!! (let that sink in!)



Peyton Hall (9-1) placed 3rd and scored 22.0 team points.


Champ. Round 1 - Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 received a bye () (Bye)


Champ. Round 2 - Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 won by decision over Ethan Turnbaugh (Ontario) 2-2 (Dec 9-6)


Champ. Round 3 - Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 won by fall over DAVID CUMBERLEDGE (Aurora) 2-2 (Fall 4:26)


Quarterfinal - Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 won by fall over Bryce Hepner (St. Edward) 3-2 (Fall 5:53)


Semifinal - Dalton Harkins (Malvern Prep) 5-0 won by decision over Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 (Dec 9-2)


Cons. Semi - Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 won by decision over Enrique Munguia (Elyria HS) 6-2 (Dec 4-0)


3rd Place Match - Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) 9-1 won by decision over Noah Castillo (Lake Highland Prep) 7-2 (Dec 3-2)


Gavin Quiocho (5-3) placed 6th and scored 17.0 team points.


Champ. Round 1 - Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 won by fall over Nick Alvarez (Legacy Christian Academy) 1-2 (Fall 0:11)


Champ. Round 2 - Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 won by fall over Tyson Sieg (St. Vincent-St Mary) 1-2 (Fall 2:35)


Champ. Round 3 - Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 won by fall over Alex Ischo (Reynolds) 4-3 (Fall 0:46)


Quarterfinal - Fidel Mayora (Montini Catholic) 5-1 won by fall over Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 (Fall 1:20)


Cons. Round 6 - Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 won by decision over Jonah Smith (Findlay) 4-2 (Dec 6-2)


Cons. Round 7 - Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 won by decision over Aaden Valdez (Pueblo East) 4-3 (Dec 5-3)


Cons. Semi - Manzona Bryant (Western Reserve Academy) 4-2 won by decision over Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 (Dec 11-4)


5th Place Match - Blake Saito (Perrysburg) 6-2 won in the ultimate tie breaker over Gavin Quiocho (Parkersburg South) 5-3 (UTB 4-3)


Brayden Roberts (4-3) placed 6th and scored 17.0 team points.


Champ. Round 1 - Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 won by fall over Dayton Hill (Broken Arrow) 4-5 (Fall 1:27)


Champ. Round 2 - Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 won by fall over Karter Johnson (Ponderosa) 0-2 (Fall 0:48)


Champ. Round 3 - Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 won by fall over Andrew Shaffer (Troy Christian) 1-2 (Fall 1:42)


Quarterfinal - Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 won by decision over Vinny Zerban (Christian Brothers College) 2-2 (Dec 3-0)


Semifinal - Travis Mastrogiovanni (Blair Academy) 4-0 won by decision over Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 (Dec 4-1)


Cons. Semi - Noah Castillo (Lake Highland Prep) 7-2 won in tie breaker - 1 over Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 (TB-1 3-2)


5th Place Match - Enrique Munguia (Elyria HS) 6-2 won by decision over Brayden Roberts (Parkersburg South) 4-3 (Dec 2-1)


Braxton Amos (5-0) placed 1st and scored 29.0 team points.


Champ. Round 1 - Braxton Amos (Parkersburg South) 5-0 won by fall over Nick Funovits (Seneca Valley) 0-2 (Fall 1:37)


Champ. Round 2 - Braxton Amos (Parkersburg South) 5-0 won by fall over Chase Thompson (American Heritage School (Delray Beach)) 3-2 (Fall 1:51)


Quarterfinal - Braxton Amos (Parkersburg South) 5-0 won by decision over Matt Kaplan (Lake Highland Prep) 2-2 (Dec 9-2)


Semifinal - Braxton Amos (Parkersburg South) 5-0 won by major decision over Noah Pettigrew (Blair Academy) 2-3 (MD 10-2)


1st Place Match - Braxton Amos (Parkersburg South) 5-0 won by decision over Ethan Hatcher (Brecksville) 3-1 (Dec 7-1)


Team Season Team Abbr Count Points
1   Wyoming Seminary (PA), PA  Wyoming Seminary, PA (GET) SEM 13 228.5
2   Blair Academy, NJ  Blair Academy, NJ (GET) BLAIR 14 185.0
3   Malvern Prep, PA  Malvern Prep, PA (GET) MALV 14 126.5
4   Brecksville, OH  BRECKSVILLE-BROADVIEW HTS, OH (GET) B-BH 12 119.0
5   Montini Catholic, IL  Lombard (Montini), IL (GET) Montini 14 116.0
6   Lake Highland Prep, FL  Lake Highland Prep School, FL (GET) LHP 13 107.5
7   Notre Dame, PA  Notre Dame Hs - Green Pond, PA (GET) NDGP 9 101.0
8   Elyria HS, OH  ELYRIA, OH (GET) ELYR 11 93.5
9   St. Edward, OH  ST EDWARD, OH (GET) StEd 12 84.5
10   Waynesburg Central, PA  Waynesburg Central Hs, PA (GET) Wayn 11 80.0
11   Parkersburg South, WV  Parkersburg South, WV (GET) PBSO 11 75.0


See Which Nationally Ranked Wrestlers Will be in the 2019 Ironman

Ironman Wrestlers Who Placed at the Super 32 Challenge

Ironman Returning Placers

Watch Ironman Live

BoroFans Ironman Write up

2019 Ironman Pre Seeds

Congrats to the 8 Ironman seeds!!



15. Logan Ours - Beaver Local, OH



15. Cole McComas - Beaver Local, OH



12 Gavin Quiocho: Parkersburg South, WV



2 Peyton Hall: Oak Glen, WV

4 Brayden Roberts: Parkersburg South, WV



15. Keith Bodnar - Steubenville, OH


1 Braxton Amos: Parkersburg South, WV



15. Daniel Wirth - Beaver Local, OH


2019-20 Duals Tor, Mag, WP, StC, Camb & Lin




Martin's Ferry (OH) Times Leader: Changes for the OVAC


2019-20 Duals PS

Parkersburg South Varsity went 3-1 at the Marysville Duals, losing only to perennial Ohio powerhouse Graham. Both Casch Somerville (170) and Braxton Amos (220) registered their 100th career victories. Amos went on to win his 101st match without a loss, and to date has not given up a single offensive point in his high school career.




BoroFan Write Ups

Cambridge Tournament

Marysville Duals  PS

Bad Apple Brawl   Dov

Rick Link Invitational @ UL


Online Tournaments

Cambridge Invitational (12/7/19)


Mount Vernon Bad Apple Brawl Tournament (12/7/19)


Union Local Rick Link Invitational - (12/7/19)

Times Leader Sports Writer

MORRISTOWN -- For the second time in three years, Barnesville has captured the team title at the Union Local Rick Link Invitational wrestling tournament. During the 21st annual pool-style event Saturday inside àThe Hangará at Union Local High School, the Shamrocks piled up 260 points.
Despite having only two individual champions in sophomores Griffen Stephen (113) and Carter Wells (120), Barnesville relied on its depth to hold off runnerup Geneva, a D-II school from the Cleveland area, which totalled 248.5. The Shamrocks had four runnersup and a trio of third-placers. Stephen is a returning state qualifier.
The Eagles, meanwhile, had five titlists, but had just two other placers -- both of which finished fourth. Taking titles were Johnny Wayslaw (132), Caleb Selman (160), Cole Vennis (170), Brandon Thomas (195) and Charles Taylor (220), a returning state qualifier who is ranked 13th in Ohio by Borofan.
The win gives the Shamrocks some momentum heading into their own Doan Ford Invitational bracket-style event, which begins Friday and continues through Saturday nightás championship finals.
Buckeye Local had a pair of titlists in junior Brian Palmer Jr. (138) and senior Charles Smith (182). Palmer, who picked up his 96th career win, pinned his way to the title.
Shenandoah also had two champs in Alex Overly (106) and Easton Hitchens (285). Both are returning state qualifiers.
Union Localás Brady Crum (152) gave the home fans something to cheer about when he rallied past Barnesvilleás Cameron Woods, 4-3, for his title.
Edisonás Hayden Johnson (145), a returning state qualifier, and Tri-Valleyás Garrett Folden (126) were the other champions.


Chartiers Houston Tournament   OG


Malvern Invitational Well & Tor 



Martins Ferry Dwayne Bubba Coleman Memorial (12/7/19)



2019-20 Duals Cam, PS, Brk, WP, BL, IC, Well, Mead, StC & Lin






2019-20 Rankings





Weir High looking for teams to join a pool tournament on Dec 14th

Teams committed: Weir, Edison, Oak Glen, Madonna, Magnolia & Shadyside

2019 Weir Powerhouse Classic Tournament
Place: Weir High School, Weirton, WV
Pool/Bracket Tournament






Congratulations to Skyler Lasure for signing his National Letter of Intent to continue his academic and athletic careers at Notre Dame College.



2019-20 Open Tournaments





Congrats on making varsity @ WVU!!!

Caleb Rea Weir WVU


2019-2020 Wrestling in college

email me if you know of anyone missing


Congrats to Nick Spencer for his induction into WLU Hall of Fame!!!

Congrats bro!!!


11 new OVAC Coaches this year, & a seeding committee!


Congratulations to Braydon Roberts of South committed to wrestle at WVU.




Reminder to all OVAC coaches mandatory meeting November 4th at WesBanco, the meeting will start promptly at 5PM, press conference will start after the coaches meeting at 6:30.




I’m waiting on the results of another dual to see in which position South’s “Patriots” team finished at this weekend’s Tyrant Columbus Day Duals in York, PA.

Brayden Roberts led the way for the Patriots by winning all 8 of his matches, including 5 pins (one in 6 seconds), 2 decisions, and 1 forfeit. Gavin Quiocho (2 pins, 1 major decision, and 5 decisions) and Braxton Amos (3 pins and 5 forfeits) also went undefeated.

Tyrant Columbus Day Duals

October 26-27, 2019

York, Pennsylvania

Patriots 53 PANJA (PA) 20

98 Mason Ziegler (PANJA) maj. dec. Brent Bosley, 12-2

106 Parker Field (Patriots) p. Jack Evans, 1:09

113 Nathan Ford (Patriots) tech. fall Todd McGann, 17-2

120 Devin Easton (Patriots) p. Connor Sullivan, 1:18

126 Trent Jones (Patriots) dec. Anthony Anderson, 8-3

132 Brayden Johnson (Patriots) dec. Vinny Despirato, 5-0

138 Zach Lewis (PANJA) p. Wade Smith, 2:17

145 Gavin Quiocho (Patriots) dec. Domenic DeFalco, 12-6

152 Brayden Roberts (Patriots) p. Patrick McCoy, 2:28

160 Jude Childers (Patriots) won via forfeit

170 Casch Somerville (Patriots) p. Max Schultz, 1:55

182 Ayden Morris (Patriots) dec. Dustin Pompei, 6-3

195 Leo Muzika (PANJA) maj. dec. Noah Buckalew, 14-2

220 Braxton Amos (Patriots) won via forfeit

285 Ralph Martin (PANJA) won via forfeit

Team Nauman Silver (PA) 44 Patriots 15

98 Owen Lehman (Team Nauman Silver) dec. Bosley, 9-2

106 Dom Flatt (Team Nauman Silver) p. Field, 3:27

113 Ford (Patriots) dec. Ryan Kozdra, 3-2

120 Aiden Lewis (Team Nauman Silver) maj. dec. Easton, 17-3

126 Owen Woolcott (Team Nauman Silver) dec. Jones, 8-2

132 Carter Gill (Team Nauman Silver) dec. Johnson, 2-0

138 Jack Cunningham (Team Nauman Silver) p. Smith, 2:39

145 Quiocho (Patriots) dec. Tyler Martin, 3-2

152 Roberts (Patriots) dec. Bryce Brennan, 5-0

160 Talon Pisarchuk (Team Nauman Silver) dec. Childers, 8-2

170 Lance Urbas (Team Nauman Silver) p. Somerville, 3:56

182 Hogan Swenski (Team Nauman Silver) maj. dec. Morris, 8-0

195 Nathan Hawkins (Team Nauman Silver) p. Buckalew, 2:13

220 Amos (Patriots) won via forfeit

285 Double Forfeit

Patriots 39 Edge (NJ) 24

98 Jakob Brown (Edge) dec. Bosley, 6-0

106 Luke Stanich (Edge) dec. Field, 4-0

113 Cross Wasilewski (Edge) dec. Ford, 5-2

120 Easton (Patriots) p. K. J. Monaco, 1:08

126 Joe Fongaro (Edge) dec. Jones, 7-0

132 Johnson (Patriots) p. Damian Torres, 3:37

138 Chris Dalmau (Edge) p. Smith, 2:49

145 Quiocho (Patriots) dec. Jason Smith, 3-1

152 Roberts (Patriots) p. Lou Paradiso, 0:06

160 Childers (Patriots) won via forfeit

170 Shane Lallkissoon (Edge) p. Somerville, 2:00

182 Morris (Patriots) over Eddie Padilla (Edge) Dec 5-2

195 Buckalew (Patriots) won via forfeit

220 Amos (Patriots) dec. Mike Toranzo, 3-1

285 Double Forfeit

Patriots 46 MoCo Locos (MD) 31

98 Ayden Smith (MoCo Locos) dec. Bosley, 3-1

106 Brian McCaw (MoCo Locos) p. Field, 0:49

113 Ford (Patriots) p. Christian Simpson, 1:08

120 Ike Guttentag (MoCo Locos) dec. Easton, 6-4

126 Jones (Patriots) p. Alexander Gonzalez, 2:15

132 Johnson (Patriots) p. Colton DeValle, 2:14

138 Siavash Sarvestani (MoCo Locos) maj. dec. Smith, 9-1

145 Quiocho (Patriots) p. Sayfore Sieh, 3:27

152 Roberts (Patriots) p. Jeo Martinez, 1:24

160 Childers (Patriots) maj. dec. Jackson Barney, 10-0

170 Somerville (Patriots) p. Kailer Ramm, 2:13

182 Xavier Kresslein (MoCo Locos) p. Morris, 2:22

195 Yoann Olympio (MoCo Locos) dec. Buckalew , 7-1

220 Amos (Patriots) p. Mervin Mancia, 2:27

285 Mathias Adjingbaruk (MoCo Locos) won via forfeit

Patriots 49 Terps Xtreme (MD) 34

98 Matthew Dolan (Terps Xtreme) p. Bosley, 1:11

106 Kaden Milheim (Terps Xtreme) dec. Field, 8-1

113 Michael Dolan (Terps Xtreme) maj. dec. Ford, 12-0

120 Braxton Lewis (Terps Xtreme) dec. Easton, 7-2

126 Chance Williams (Terps Xtreme) dec. Jones, 4-1

132 Johnson (Patriots) p. Hunter Charles, 0:34

138 Joey Miller (Terps Xtreme) p. Smith, 2:34

145 Quiocho (Patriots) dec. Patrick Jackson, 7-4

152 Roberts (Patriots) p. Hunter Dotson, 1:51

160 Roy Brannon (Terps Xtreme) dec. Childers, 4-2 OT

170 Somerville (Patriots) p. Caden Hagerman, 0:23

182 Morris (Patriots) p. Nevin Milburn, 1:02

195 Buckalew (Patriots) won via forfeit

220 Amos (Patriots) won via forfeit

285 Zain Milburn (Terps Xtreme) won via forfeit

Superior Wrestling Academy (NY) 43 Patriots 30

98 Mike Manta (Superior Wrestling Academy) maj. dec. Bosley, 9-1

106 Freddy Pimental (Superior Wrestling Academy) p. Field, 2:31

113 Max Gallagher (Superior Wrestling Academy) dec. Ford, 5-2

120 Easton (Patriots) won via forfeit

126 Luke Smith (Superior Wrestling Academy) maj. dec. Jones, 11-0

132 Johnson (Patriots) won via forfeit

138 Sean Peterson (Superior Wrestling Academy) p. Smith, 0:48

145 Quiocho (Patriots) dec. Kaleb Burgess, 11-9

152 Roberts (Patriots) dec. Aiden Rabideau, 5-0

160 Cooper Kropman (Superior Wrestling Academy) tech. fall Childers, 16-0

170 Somerville (Patriots) won via forfeit

182 Gabe Monroe (Superior Wrestling Academy) p. Morris, 1:55

195 Mike Tyrell (Superior Wrestling Academy) dec. Buckalew, 10-5

220 Amos (Patriots) p. Collin Bidwell, 1:03

285 Patrick Gantor (Superior Wrestling Academy) won via forfeit

Patriots 46 Gettysburg (PA) 33

98 Bosley (Patriots) dec. Reed Miller, 6-4 OT

106 Jake Fetrow (Gettysburg) p. Field, 2:24

113 Ford (Patriots) dec. Tyler Withers, 4-3

120 Easton (Patriots) p. Kyle Shearer, 0:14

126 Jones (Patriots) p. Dalton Redden, 1:13

132 Johnson (Patriots) p. Logan Newell, 1:08

138 Jake Cherry (Gettysburg) p. Smith, 1:12

145 Quiocho (Patriots) maj. dec. Blake Showers, 13-4

152 Roberts (Patriots) p. Nathan Ridgley, 0:19

160 Luke Sainato (Gettysburg) dec. Childers, 4-1

170 Dylan Reinert (Gettysburg) p. Somerville, 1:01

182 Sam Rodriguez (Gettysburg) p. Morris, 1:04

195 Buckalew (Patriots) p. Dru Hartman, 4:30

220 Amos (Patriots) p. Christian Conner, 4:30

285 Jacob Moyer (Gettysburg) won via forfeit

Patriots 42 MDManiacs (MD) 37

98 Alex Bellarin (MDManiacs) maj. dec. Bosley, 8-0

106 Michael Pizzuto (MDManiacs) p. Field, 3:48

113 Gage Owen (MDManiacs) dec. Ford, 8-4

120 AJ Rodrigues (MDManiacs) dec. Easton, 8-3

126 Jones (Patriots) p. Anthony Bond, 1:21

132 Nathan Porter (MDManiacs) dec. Johnson, 8-4

138 Fabio Martinez (MDManiacs) p. Smith, 0:36

145 Quiocho (Patriots) p. Rylan Moose, 1:05

152 Roberts (Patriots) won via forfeit

160 Childers (Patriots) won via forfeit

170 Connor Strong (MDManiacs) p. Somerville, 2:05

182 Morris (Patriots) won via forfeit

195 Chase Schultz (MDManiacs) won via forfeit

220 Buckalew (Patriots) won via forfeit

285 Amos (Patriots) won via forfeit





Jr High Tournaments

Indian Creek



The OVAC Tournament will have 44 teams in it this year!!!

New teams this year are:


New Philadelphia



Warren Local





Sportatorium is back

144 South 4th Street Steubenville , Ohio

Text 740-278-8016 for more info


New Times

High school 5-630 Sundays $10

Mondays 6-730 novice k-5 $10

Tuesday 6-7 youth fitness class $5

Wednesdays 6-730 jr hi /advanced youth $10


October 18th 6-7:30 all live wrestling 10 bucks

October 19th Dustin Meyers tOSU wrestling strength coach (2014-2019) will be doing to GUT CHECK challenge 9-12 and 1-3 it will cost 50 bucks!



Young Guns will begin practices at Wheeling Park High School on October 1st 2019 every Sunday from 5-6:30 and Tuesday from 6:30-8PM






220 #1 Braxton Amos dec. #3 Chase Horne (GA), 8-2

Braxton wins his 3RD STRAIGHT SUPER 32 TITLE!



Congrats to Peyton Hall finishing Runner-Up at the Super32!!

OVAC has some studs this year!




Super32 on Flo



Ethan Pappas 160 OH Steubenville Big Red 11th 6

Peyten Kellar 145 OH Warren High School 11th 7

Griffen Stephen 113 OH Barnesville 10th

Brian Palmer jr. 138 OH Rayland buckeye local 11th 3

Koen Kish 126 OH St. Clairsville 11th

Cole McComas 138 OH Beaver Local 12th 2

skyler lasure 160 OH Beaver Local High School 12th 6

Braxton Amos 220 WV Parkersburg South 12th 1 1

Jude Childers 152 WV Parkersburg South High School 10th

Gabriel Carman 126 WV John Marshall High School 10th 5

Devin Easton 120 WV Parkersburg South High school 11th 2

Brayden Roberts 152 WV Parkersburg South High School 12th 1

gavin quiocho 145 WV Parkersburg South High School 11th 1

Peyton Hall 152 WV Oak Glen High School 12th 1 5

Brayden Johnson 138 WV Parkersburg South High School 11th 1

Trent Jones 132 WV Parkersburg South High School 9th

Nathan Ford 113 WV Parkersburg South High School 9th





Jr High Tournaments

Oak Glen


JV Tournaments

Oak Glen





Jr High Tournaments


 Martins Ferry Dwayne Bubba Coleman Jr. High Tournament 


Cole McComas BvL signs with the Riders!!



BREAKING NEWS: Braxton Amos of Parkersburg South HS, the #2 ranked pound for pound recruit and the #1 ranked wrestler in the 220 pound weight class commits to @BadgerWrestling. https://t.co/TCmGRL8FwC






National Wrestling Hall of Fame’s Ohio Chapter Announces 2019 Class

Eight individuals have been named to the Class of 2019 by the Ohio Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

David “Clay” Burkhard, John Craig, Michael DeAnna, Joel Greenlee, Guy Sako, Jeff Simons and Eric Toukonen have been selected for their Lifetime Service to Wrestling, an award presented each year to coaches, officials and contributors who have given at least 20 years of service to wrestling. In addition, Joseph Scaletta has been selected to receive Outstanding American from the State of Ohio recognition.

The 2019 Ohio Chapter of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Banquet will be held on Oct. 6, 2019 at the Embassy Suites located at 5100 Upper Metro Place, Dublin OH 43017. The social will begin at 2 p.m. ET with the program beginning at 3 p.m. ET. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at oh-nwhof.ticketleap.com.

David “Clay” Burkhard competed for Ohio University from 1964-67, earning varsity letters in each of his final two years. Upon the completion of his collegiate career, Burkhard served as a varsity assistant coach at Fairview Park High School for three years before becoming head coach in 1970 and serving in that capacity from 1970-97. He guided Fairview Park to 203 victories, state duals championships in 1994 and ’95, 10 top-10 OHSAA finishes and six conference titles. He was named conference coach of the year eight times, Greater Cleveland Coach of the Year seven times and Ohio Coach of the Year in 1984 and ’88. Following his time as the Fairview Park head coach, Burkhard served as a varsity assistant coach at Columbia Station High School from 1998-01. In all, Burkhard coached 10 state champions, 19 state finalists, 35 state placers, 61 state qualifiers, 44 sectional champions and 69 conference champions. He was inducted into the Ohio Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1991 and the Lorain County Wrestling Hall of Fame in ’92.

John Craig wrestled at West Liberty State College for three years, finishing as a 1972 NAIA National Tournament All-American Runner-Up, winning three championships and being named conference most valuable wrestler twice. He was named to the West Liberty State College Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992. Craig then served as a head coach at four different high schools, with stints at Hillsboro High School (1972-74), Oregon Clay High School (1974-75), Steubenville High School (1975-93) and Indian Creek High School (1993-98). Craig guided 42 tournament championship teams, nine district championship teams, six conference championships and seven division winners. He mentored five individual Ohio state champions, 87 state tournament qualifiers, 23 state tournament placers and 31 individual conference champions. A five-time conference coach of the year and 1989 Ohio Division II Wrestling Coach of the Year Craig was named to the Ohio Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame in 1999. In addition to coaching, Craig spent 21 years as a wrestling official at the youth, junior high school, high school, open and collegiate levels.

Michael DeAnna enjoyed an incredible high school wrestling career at Bay Village High School, posting a 104-5-1 record, earning high school All-American recognition, winning three Ohio state titles and capturing two junior national freestyle championships. He was named the Cleveland Plain Dealer Athlete of the Decade in 1970 for his efforts. DeAnna went on to be a four-time All-American, four-time Big Ten Conference champion and two-time NCAA finalist while competing at the University of Iowa from 1976-81, owning a collegiate record of 123-18. Following his collegiate wrestling career, DeAnna was a two-time AAU national freestyle champion and was named a second alternate to the 1984 Olympic Team. DeAnna served as the head coach at Davenport High School from 1981-83 before becoming the head coach at Edinboro University and serving in that capacity from 1984-90. He was named the NCAA Division II Coach of the Year in 1986 and took a last-place Division II program and turned it into a top-10 Division I squad in just three years. He coached 22 All-Americans and the first NCAA champion in the history of athletics at Edinboro. He tallied four coach of the year honors during his career. After his time at Edinboro, DeAnna served as an assistant coach at Westlake High School from 1994-2000.

Joel Greenlee wrestled at the University of Northern Iowa from 1984-89, posting a collegiate record of 127-16-4 and went undefeated in dual meets. A four-time NCAA qualifier and two-time All-American, he won the Midlands Championship in 1989 a year after capturing a Midwest Championship, earning Outstanding Wrestler distinction at both meets. Greenlee also enjoyed success at the international level. He finished second at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in 1992 and was selected as a training partner for the Olympic Team. He won the Cerra Pelado Tournament in Cuba in 1993 and the Cuban All-Star Tournament in 1992. He placed third three times at the John E. du Post World Team Trials. Greenlee was an assistant coach at Northern Iowa from 1989-97. Greenlee arrived at Ohio University in 1997-98, being hired as an assistant/interim head coach. He was then named the full-time head coach before the 1998-99 season. Greenlee's accomplishments during his first season at Ohio earned him the NWCA National Assistant-Coach-of-the-Year award in 1998. His 1997-98 team finished ninth at the NCAA Tournament - the Bobcats' best finish since 1973 - and won the regular-season MAC title with a 5-0 record in the conference. He coached Dwight Gardner (158) to the school's first individual national title since 1978 and guided Shawn Enright (134) to a second-place national finish. Greenlee enters his 23rd year as head coach at Ohio in 2019-20. During his time leading the Bobcats, the program has logged 12 All-America honors has won two team conference titles and has accounted for 20 individual conference titles.

Guy Sako wrestled for Cleveland State from 1985-89, serving as a team captain in ’88 and ’89 and earning the status of NCAA qualifier in ’88. After serving as an assistant coach at his alma mater from 1990-92, Sako has led the Westshore Wrestling Club since 1996. He has coached over 35 wrestlers who have gone on to wrestle at the NCAA Division I level, including as many as 17 at one time. The group includes 10 All-Americans and two NCAA champions. Sako served as a Cleveland police officer for 25 years, working his entire career on the night shift so he could coach wrestling. In 2005, Sako created Defense Soap and still runs the business today with his family.
Joseph Scaletta wrestled at Ohio University from 1965-69. He then went on to serve as a coach at Columbia Station High School (1969-71) and Bay Village High School (1971-79). Scaletta guided Bay Village to an Ohio AAA Division Co-Championship in 1972 and a runner-up finish in ’76. His squads won a district title in 1976, sectional championships in ’74 and ’76 and conference titles in ’72 and ’76. Scaletta was named the state coach of the year in 1976-77, Greater Cleveland Coach of the Year in ’71-72 and conference coach of the year in ’72. Bay Village accounted for the most division I state champions (5) and place winners (4) between 1972-79. Scaletta served as the president of the Greater Cleveland Wrestling Coaches Association from 1974-75. Scaletta left teaching and coaching in 1979 to become the sales manager for Howard Ferguson's real estate firm, Professional Condominiums of America. He became a partner of Ferguson's in 1987, and, upon Ferguson's death in 1989, he bought the assets of the firm and renamed the company Scaletta Development Corporation. He continued to do condominium conversions but expanded to home building, specializing in 55-plus communities and building primary ranch homes. Most of his communities were named "Community of the Year" for the North Coast Home Building Association (Lorain County) and the Home Building Association of Greater Cleveland. One of his communities was voted "Community of the Year" for the state of Ohio and won many awards for being environmental friendly. He was on the Board of the North Coast Building Association and the Ohio Home Builders Association. He was inducted into the North Coast Hall of Fame in 2011. Joe met his wife at the 1972 sectional wrestling tournament, and they married in 1973 and had four children. They have eleven grandchildren and the six oldest boys wrestle -- three for Avon and three for Big Walnut in Galena. Joe and his wife reside on Kelleys Island during the summer and Don Pedro Island in Florida during the winter. He is being inducted as an Outstanding American.

Jeff Simons was a two-time state qualifier and placer as a high school wrestler in Illinois. He went on to be a four-year varsity letter winner, three-time NCAA qualifier and an NCAA All-American for the U.S. Naval Academy. Simons was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as a supply officer and earning three letters of commendation and the Navy Achievement Medal. He left service as a Captain in 1980. In his post-collegiate wrestling career while in the Marines, Simons was a nine-time gold medalist in the Inter-Service Championships as a competitor, never losing a match. He was a silver medalist in the CISM Games in Tehran, Iran, in 1978 and a gold medalist in the CISM Games in Baghdad, Iraq, in ’79. Simons was a two-time gold medalist as a coach of the All-Marine Wrestling Team, leading the All-Marine Team to its first-ever win in the Inter-Service Championships and repeating the following year. He mentored multiple national champions, World Team members and two Olympians. While in the Marines, he was also a national freestyle runner-up, a national Greco Roman champion and a member of two U.S. World Teams and an alternate on a third. He finished fourth at the World Championships in Greco Roman in Sweden and was a champion at the Camaguey Cuba International Tournament. He also served as an athlete’s representative for Greco-Roman from 1978-80. Simons officiated for five years in Georgia and officiated three state tournaments and has officiated for 23 years in Ohio, including multiple district tournaments and four state tournaments. He has also officiated Beast of the East.

Eric Toukonen wrestled at Kent State University for three years, graduating in 1977. He then served as a coach for a total of 42 years between Garrettsville, Steubenville and Claymont High Schools, including 35 as the head coach at Claymont. He owns a career coaching record of 359-93, earning 1992 Ohio Division II Coach of the Year honors after guiding Claymont to a state title. He also coached two state runner-up teams in 2009 and ’14, three dual meet state runner-up teams in ’12, ’13 and ’14, 27 conference championship teams, 28 sectional championship teams and 16 district championship teams. He was named Ohio Division II Coach of the Year again in 2014. Twenty of his teams finished in the top 10 at the state tournament. Under Toukonen’s watch, 186 individuals qualified for state, 93 placed at state and 21 were state finalists, including 10 state champions and 11 state runners-up. Toukonen has been inducted into the Ohio Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame (2004), the Medina Tournament Hall of Fame (2014) and the Alliance Top Gun Tournament Hall of Fame (2015). He served as president of the Ohio High School Wrestling Coaches Association (1995-96) and was a member of the NFHS Wrestling Rules Committee (1999-2002).

2019 National Wrestling Hall of Fame -- West Virginia Chapter
Banquet and Induction Ceremonies -- Sunday October 27, 2019 -- Embassy Suites, Charleston West Virginia

  2019 Banquet Registration Form West Virginia Chapter Main Page Directions to Embassy Suites, Charleston WV

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame, West Virginia Chapter, cordially invites you to attend the 17th Annual "Hall of Fame Day" banquet Sunday, October 27th, 2019, at Embassy Suites, Charleston, West Virginia. The banquet will begin at 1:00 pm with a social hour and memorabilia display. Dinner will be served at 1:45 pm with the award presentation following. The purpose of this banquet is to honor and recognize people for their years of commitment as positive role models to our student athletes.


This year we are honoring...

Will Scheny Schenerlein
Jerry W. Woody Burns
Gene Monteleone
Ted Zervos
Richard A. Welker


These individuals have given countless hours of their time instilling in young people the skills needed to succeed in all areas of life. They will be permanently recognized at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

This is an opportunity for you to honor these great individuals and promote the positive aspects of our oldest and greatest sport ' "Wrestling!"

We are looking forward to October 27th. A great day for West Virginia's outstanding individuals and the sport of wrestling. West Virginia can be proud of these deserving honorees!


  Make Plans Now To Attend!!
Ticket information and registration form AT THIS LINK




Reminder all OVAC Nominations/bios for the 2020 Mr. Mat is due to Dr. Dan Doyle by 8-31-19





2020 OAC Grade School Rule Changes!


Tournaments looking for teams:


West Mifflin (Steve DeAugustino Holiday Classic)

December 27th and 28th



Cambridge is looking for a home Assembly match for the 2019-2020 season.

Contact Tank @ tankandcrystal@roadrunner.com


2020 Rick Link

Union Local High School is currently taking teams for next years Rick Link Invitational held at Union Local High School on Saturday 12/7/2019. It is a varsity pool tournament. We will place JV wrestlers if needed to fill pools.


Spots open for Barnesville Doan Ford Invitational December 13-14, 2019. 

John Marshall High School will be hosting it's annual Greg's Market Invitational on Saturday, December 7, 2019. We are currently in need of 1 more team. The format of the tournament is set up in two pools of 4 with the teams' place in their pool determining who they will face for their final two matches. Awards will be given for the 1st and 2nd place team, it is a 1-day event, and all teams get 5 matches. We run 4 mats, so there is no "off round".

The other teams for the tournament this year are:

Pool A:
John Marshall (WV)
McGuffey (PA)
Buckhannon Upshire (WV)
Ripley (WV)

Pool B:
East Fairmont (WV)
Crestview (OH)
Preston (WV)
New team for 2019

Please contact Coach Asbury if you are interested at



OHSAA has moved the state tournament to Friday Saturday and the finals Sunday evening.



Steubenville looking for coaches with teaching license in Math, Science & Special Ed

Contact Mike Blackburn @ 740-632-8953


Intervention specialist at Union Local elementary school. If any young wrestling coaches looking for a full time job. They can contact Zack Powell by cell phone 740-238-0298

 but they would need to do so asap interviews are going to be 8-6-19!





Congratulations to Fargo Freestyle National Champion Braxton Amos!!!


Congratulations to Braxton Amos Greco Roman National Runner up!!!!



Braxton Amos (West Virginia) VSU Dorian Crosby (Pennsylvania), 10-0 2:23



Humphrey Wins 2 National Titles!!



2019 Fargo

Logan Ours BvL


2019 Fargo

Gage Wright PS


Fargo 2019

Cole McComas BvL


Fargo 2019

Braxton Amos PS, Andrew Shelek, WP  Brayden Roberts PS

Braxton Amos Finals write up!




Carl Cochran 
JM 106 pound wrestler
Ovac runner-up
Please share so we can strengthen the prayer chain.

Carl Cochran needs your prayers!!!

GOFund Me Account

Prayers from OVAeC!!!!







Team OHIO @ Fargo!

Ours and McCommas BvL & Miller PS






Braxton Amos gets his draw for Junior Pan American Championships


Amos take a sliver medal!





Parkersburg South Wrestling

Big shout out to Brayden Roberts on his 3rd place finish at the Cadet World Team trials today. Way to represent Brayden!!!!!



Johnny McComas to take over as Beavers Head Coach!!





5th Grader Telea Guntrum to wrestle over seas!


Parkersburg South Wrestling


Big shout out to Brayden Roberts on his 3rd place finish at the Cadet World Team trials today. Way to represent Brayden!!!!!









Live updates pools brackets etc...



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