2018-2019 OVAC


2019 FloNationals




Brylan Clouse Barn signs with Lake Erie College




Congratulations to Jim Crosier OVAC Hall of Fame!!!



The ViperPit Open




2019 ViperPit @ WesBanco Arena





Welcome Dover & New Philadelphia to the OVAC!!!!




Doctor Dan Doyle goes into the OVAC Hall of Fame!!!







NHSCA High School Nationals

Congrats to all the OVAC  AA



145 Champion

 Peyton Hall WV, OG (6-0) Dec Charles Darracott GA 9-5

Podium Picture!!!

Congrats Peyton!!!


126 3rd Place

Logan Ours OH, BVL (8-1) Fall Ismael Ayoub OH 3:28



145 4th Place


Noah Castillo FL Dec Brayden Roberts WV, PS (6-4) 4-3

Brayden beat Division I Ohio State Champion Bryce Hepner St Eds 1-0 UTB


138 6th Place

  Maxx Mayfield NE Fall Andrew Shelek WV, WP (6-3) 5:04


145 5th Place

 Gavin Quiocho WV, PS (7-2) Dec Analu Benabise WY 6-5


170 5th Place

Ian Bush WV, Cam (4-2) Dec Elijah Sellinger MD 6-0






WV Wrestlers

Sr 132 JACOB SIMPSON University


Sr 182 ANTHONY CARMAN John Marshall

Jr 138 ANDREW SHELEK Wheeling Park

Jr 145 PEYTON HALL Oak Glen
Jr 145 BRAYDEN ROBERTS Parkersburg South

So 113 DEVIN EASTON Parkersburg South

So 132 BRAYDEN JOHNSON Parkersburg South

So 138 STEVEN MITCHELL II Wheeling Park

So 145 GAVIN QUIOCHO Parkersburg South

So 195 CHARLIE TAMBURIN Wheeling Park

Fr 106 CODY TAGGART Wheeling Park
Fr 113 NATE SHELEK Wheeling Park

Fr 132 JUDE CHILDERS Parkersburg South

Fr 138 LOGAN FORD Parkersburg South

Fr 160 HUNTER NIXON Wheeling Park
fr Ian Bush Cameron

Ms 142 DAKOTA HAGEDORN Morgantown
Ms 154 ERICK BROTHERS JR. Wheeling


Ohio Wrestlers

KUNEFF MASON Bridgeport High School OH NP-NP-NP-3



LASURE SKYLER Beaver Local High School OH 7-4-6

BODNAR KEITH Steubenville high School OH NP-NP-NP

OVERLY ALEX Shenandoah High School OH NP-NP

KISH KOEN St.Clairsville OH NP-NP

PALMER JR. BRIAN Buckeye local OH 6-3

WOODS CAMERON Barnesville Shamrocks OH NP-NP


OURS LOGAN Beaver Local OH 6

STOUT CADEN St Clairsville OH NP




220 River Pappas Ohio





Braxton Amos Dutton Award winner!!!!!!

Braxton is the 1st underclassmen to win the award!!




2019 NCAA DI Wrestling Tournament @ Pittsburgh



2019 OAC Grade School States!!!

If you are a placer, please email and tell me it's hard to see who is from what school system.


1st Place Match

Div IV 80

Aiden King (Dwa) 5-0  over Brody Saccoccia (Steub) 4-1 (Dec 7-6)


Congratulations to Jake Hughes  BvL Division III, 80 pound OAC State Champion!


We would like to add that Brody is a very accomplished athlete for being 10 yrs old. He is the 2019 OAC DIVISIONAL STATE CHAMPION , 2019 OH WAY STATE 3RD PLACE, OAC ODD AGE STATE CHAMPION!


Div III 110

3rd Place Match

Jackson Phillips (Bab1) 6-1 over Rowan Wiley (EL) 4-2 (MD 11-0)


Div III 110

7th Place Match

Matt Palmer (Ocga) 4-2 over Nolan Blackburn (Steub) 3-3 (Dec 4-0)


Harrison Central

 students-athletes that qualified or placed at OAC States not all wrestled as a Harrison Central Huskie but still want to recognize them as OAC State participants.

Cael Bryant - D2-85lbs. qualifier went 2-2
Colt Gamble - D2-120lbs. 6th place (wrestles for Warner Elite Wrestling Club)
Trent Allison - D3 75lbs. Alternate
Leland Lopez - D4 95lbs. Alternate
Landen Thomas - D4 180lbs 5th place (wrestles for Warner Elite Wrestling Club)
Lucas Thomas - Jr. High Qualifier went 4-2 (wrestles for Warner Elite Wrestling Club)
Justin Sampson - Freshman States 6th Place
John Wagner - Freshman States went 0-2
Logna Ellis - Freshman States 5th place






2019 Girls Folk style National Tournament


12U 65 Talea Guntrum Steubenville Ohio

First place at Girls Folk Style Nationals Over the last three weeks she has competed against girls at the state, regional, and now national level and never surrendered a single point and won all her matches by pin except one.
21-0 over the last three weeks
4-0 today


Junior 100 Samantha Miller (PS) Team Ohio

Samantha Miller took 6th place AA




Indian Creek shines at OAC States!


OVAC David Bierkorette Award 


Mat Thoughts by Dr. Bill Welker
OVAC - PMAC Clash of Champions Souvenir Program



2019 OAC Jr. High State, Girls State & Freshman State!!!


Indian Creek with 2 OAC Champions!!


JH 249

1st Place - Todd Allen of Buc2
2nd Place - Eli Criblez of NA
3rd Place - Nicholas Bowser of Swca
4th Place - Dillon Halter of NA
5th Place - Marshal Bier of River
6th Place - Camron Carreras of Lot1
7th Place - Collin Smith of NA
8th Place - Aaron Ries of Chp3

JH 209

1st Place - Wyatt Shaw of Clm2
2nd Place - Bryson Getz of Swca
3rd Place - Aidan Fockler of Wewa
4th Place - Mekhi Bradley of Unattached
5th Place - Spenser Ostovich of Steub
6th Place - Dustin Winner of Mew3
7th Place - Jordan Ashley of Tal2
8th Place - Bryce Mcknight of Unattached


JH 176

1st Place - Elijah Llewellyn of IC

2nd Place - Julien Griffith of Pwca
3rd Place - Jonathan Norwood of Btwa
4th Place - Jonny Slaper of Twfa
5th Place - Jackson Dougherty of Swca
6th Place - Lukas Stiles of Hdh1
7th Place - Zane Adams of Psw3
8th Place - Tristen Greatorex of Lov1


JH 138

1st Place - Dominic Paterra of IC

2nd Place - Corbin Mitchell of Wka2
3rd Place - Flint Guerra of Leb1
4th Place - Colton Powers of Mira
5th Place - Gage Wireman of Pwca
6th Place - Michael Kinzel of Btwa
7th Place - Brenden Barlett of Wad1
8th Place - Lane Montgomery of NA

Also Dominic Paterra Indian Creek was the Junior High Division AA 138# Divisional State Champion. On Sunday March 3rd.


JH 132

1st Place - Nick Hart of Pwca
2nd Place - Tyler Lintner of Aus1
3rd Place - Kayden Kralik of Btwa
4th Place - Ethan Waggoner of Steub
5th Place - Jake Starkey of 216a
6th Place - Nicholas Humphrys of Cyw1
7th Place - Cody Coontz of Rwc3
8th Place - Marshal Sayre of Cdl3


JH 114

1st Place - Boede Campbell of Sgo1
2nd Place - Jeremy Olszko of Nda1
3rd Place - Joey Vazsonyi of Hdh1
4th Place - Hunter Andel of Gara
5th Place - Devyn Vanest of Tus3
6th Place - Eric Williams of EL
7th Place - Jacob Kiern of Swca
8th Place - Tannar Beermann of Fwca


JH 84

1st Place - Jaxon Joy of Wad1
2nd Place - Ty Wilson of Pwca
3rd Place - Joseph Sanderfer of Wsw1
4th Place - Cal Beadling of Steub 7th grade
5th Place - Wyatt Brock of Har1
6th Place - Grayson Woodcock of Pwca
7th Place - Elijah Campbell of Pwca
8th Place - Lucan O`Brien of Twfa



FR = Freshman

FR 98

1st Place - Emilio Arellano of Unattached
2nd Place - William Davidson of Unattached
3rd Place - Billy Smith of Unattached
4th Place - Zach Bellissimo of Unattached
5th Place - Gannon Kazmirski of StC
6th Place - Justin Sampson of Unattached


FR 106

1st Place - Jesse Stroud of Unattached
2nd Place - Carlo Santoro of Unattached
3rd Place - Griffen Stephen of Barn
4th Place - Ty Daugherty of Unattached
5th Place - Kyle Biller of Unattached
6th Place - Wesley Wydick of Unattached



FR 145

1st Place - William Hash of Unattached
2nd Place - Austin Starr of IC
3rd Place - Dominico Migliori of Unattached
4th Place - Tommy Naser of Unattached
5th Place - William Scavuzzo of Unattached
6th Place - Ashton LaBelle of Unattached

FR 160

1st Place - Ronald Dimmerling of Unattached
2nd Place - Ashton Simison of Unattached
3rd Place - Dillon Miller of Unattached
4th Place - Evan McKenzie of Unattached
5th Place - Gavin Dondzila of IC
6th Place - Zander James of Unattached


FR 170

1st Place - Lucas Stoddard of Unattached
2nd Place - Shawn Earle of Unattached
3rd Place - Brandon Kinney of Steub
4th Place - Gage Gibson of Unattached
5th Place - Brayden Easton of Unattached
6th Place - Ricky Legg of Unattached



FR 220

1st Place - Zack Burroughs of Unattached
2nd Place - Aidan Ritacco of Unattached
3rd Place - Radical Rothermel of Unattached
4th Place - Anthony Gencarelli of Unattached
5th Place - Noah Tristano of Unattached
6th Place - Avery Clouse of Barn




Girls Division I

GD1 65

1st Place - Lillian Hendricks of Unattached
2nd Place - Bailey Crow of Kawa
3rd Place - MacKenzie Stevenson of Unattached
4th Place - Jaden Bruner of Tlwa
5th Place - Laylah Adams of Unattached

6th Place - Briella Guntrum of Steub


GD2 65

1st Place - Talea Guntrum of Steub

2nd Place - Mackenzie carder of Unattached
3rd Place - Leah Willen of Unattached
4th Place - Chloe Griffith of Wlw3
5th Place - Evelyn Tucker of Coa3


GD2 200

1st Place - Katelyn Harshbarger of Well

2nd Place - Abigail Stidd of Gbw1
3rd Place - Kealey Mead of Unattached



GJH 106
Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Riley Banyas of Btwa
2nd Place - Ciara Goff of Steub
3rd Place - Taylor Crank of Cns2
4th Place - Rylee Gust of Sgo1
5th Place - Arin James of NA
6th Place - Xnai Hatcher of Unattached


GHS 124

1st Place - Leilah Castro of Unattached
2nd Place - Kloe Wulff of Unattached
3rd Place - Eliana Paterra of IC
4th Place - Kyelynn Mastri of NA
5th Place - Ainsley Irelan of Lww3
6th Place - Nevaeh Yarber of Lww3





All Time Leader Mat Team!





Congrats to Greg Quinn All American!!!



2019 OVAC All Star Team Picture

Pre Match Picture

This team is loaded!!!



OVAC All Stars vs MAC All Stars



OVAC 41    MAC 14

113 - Shawn Moore - Oak Glen Fall Tony Montgomery…..…Chartiers Valley


120 - Terry Gatrell- Meadowbrook  DEC Jake Alberts………………………....Ellwood City


126 - Payton Blasko - Steubenville Fall  ZJ War.……..……………………..…..Freedom


132 - Jacob Simpson - University  DEC Donavin Chambers….………….….Ellwood City


138 - Jacson Muldrew - Steubenville  DEC Jacob Ealy…………………….……...…Hopewell


145 - Alec Cook - Weirton Madonna  MD Jake Pail..……………………………Freedom


145 - CJ Helms - Weir   TF JR Kazalas…………………....Quaker Valley


152 - Anthony Rice - Steubenville   MD AJ Cooper…….…..…..………....South Side


160 - Zane Hinzman - Parkersburg South  DEC Ty McGeary….……………West Allegheny


170 - Tino Kusic - Bridgeport DEC Dante Flati.…………..…..West Allegheny


182 - Anthony Carman - John Marshall  Fall Bryson Miller…..…………………..Freedom


195 - Garrett Cook - Weirton Madonna  DEC Dante Presutti……….…….….……Montour


220 - Dylan Wood - Wheeling Park  DEC Connor Forrest……….………………Hopewell


285 - Louden Haga - Parkersburg South DEC Nathan Hoaglund………………….Mt. Lebo


Coaches : Jayson Stephen (Barnesville) and staff

Coaches: Aaron McKinney (West Allegheny) and Staff


3/12/19 Tuesday night at 7pm at West Allegheny High school


Practices are  Sunday 5-6:30PM

Young Guns Wrestling Established @ Wheeling Jesuit

Young Guns are lead by Jody Strittmatter

Make sure you follow the links above!





Congratulations to the 15 Ohio OVAC State Placers!!!


First Place Final

126: Davin Rhoads, Louisville dec. Cole McComas, Lisbon Beaver 3-2


Third Place Finals

126: Peyton Blasko, Steubenville dec. Isaiah Wortham, Day. Chaminade Julienne 10-8

132: Elijah Hunter, Sandusky dec. Tyler Muldrew, Steubenville 7-6


132: Brian Palmer, Rayland Buckeye Local pin Trent Duvall, Rootstown 4:59

138: Jacson Muldrew, Steubenville dec. Antwaun Burns, London 3-2

152: Anthony Rice, Steubenville dec. Jax Leonard, Louisville 7-4

160: Mason Kuneff, Bridgeport dec. T.J. Rhamy, Hamler Patrick Henry 3-2

182: Hunter Johns, Day. Chaminade Julienne dec. David Tuttle, Steubenville 5-2

182: Brylan Clouse, Barnesville pin Chris Langguth, Rootstown 2:31

Fifth Place Finals

120: Payton Burgdorf, Oberlin Firelands over Logan Ours, Lisbon Beaver default

145: Jacob Potok, Akron St. Vin.-St. Mary pin Skyler Lasure, Lisbon Beaver 2:24

160: Zach Dunn, Goshen pin Ethan Pappas, Steubenville 0:46

195: Drake Dobson, Martins Ferry pin Garrett Neth, Harrod Allen East 1:56

220: Skylor Wooley, East Liverpool pin Nathaniel Armstrong, Kett. Arch. Alter 1:59

Seventh Place Finals

126: Peyten Kellar, Vincent Warren pin Jack Gorman, Aurora 2:32



OHSAA Saturday Night Finals LIVE!!!





OHSAA State by the numbers

More OHSAA stats

If you like stats click above


2019 Individual State Tournaments
2019 OHSAA Individual State Tournament
Pairings  Participants  Brackets  Results

OHSAA State tournament information


Division II 1st round matches to watch


Congratulations to the 37 Ohio OVAC State qualifiers!!!


Division II


HE-4 Mark Emmerling Jr., Lisbon Beaver, (9), 38-12



HE-2 Koen Kish, St. Clairsville, (10), 44-5

HE-1 Logan Ours, Lisbon Beaver, (9), 32-4



HE-1 Peyten Kellar, Vincent Warren, (10), 45-3 (18:II-106-5th)

HE-2 Peyton Blasko, Steubenville, (12), 38-4 (18:II-113-7th)

HE-3 Cole McComas, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 40-7 (18:II-113-2nd, 17:II-106-2nd)



HE-1 Tyler Muldrew, Steubenville, (10), 29-3

HE-3 Caden Stout, St. Clairsville, (9), 41-14



HE-2 Jacson Muldrew, Steubenville, (12), 37-6 (18:II-132-7th, 17:III-120-5th)



 HE-2 Skyler Lasure, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 34-6 (18:II-132-4th, 17:II-120-7th)



HE-3 Logan Krulik, Lisbon Beaver, (10), 41-9

HE-1 Anthony Rice, Steubenville, (12), 41-3 (18:II-138-7th, 17:II-138-4th)



HE-4 Ethan Pappas, Steubenville, (10), 39-8



HE-4 Beau Smith, Lisbon Beaver, (12), 42-9 (18:II-145-4th)



HE-3 David Tuttle, Steubenville, (11), 41-5 (18:II-170-8th)



HE-2 Keith Bodnar, Steubenville, (11), 41-9



HE-4 Justice McCamick, St. Clairsville, (12), 43-13

HE-2 Skylor Wooley, East Liverpool, (11), 40-8

HE-3 Garrett Givens, Lisbon Beaver, (12), 34-8



HE-3 Daniel Wirth, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 36-8


Division III


BL-1 Griffen Stephen, Barnesville, (9), 36-8

BL-2 Alex Overly, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (10), 35-5



BL-2 Marshal Niswonger, Caldwell, (12), 37-8



BL-2 Joseph Bonfini, Bellaire, (12), 35-8



BL-2 Brian Palmer, Rayland Buckeye Local, (10), 43-4 (18:III-120-6th)

 BL-3 Collin Wiley, Caldwell, (11), 44-9

GH-4 Trey Wonner, Columbiana Crestview, (12), 36-11



BL-4 Garrett Dozier, Toronto, (10), 44-11



BL-1 Mason Kuneff, Bridgeport, (12), 43-5

BL-2 Cody Albaugh, Bellaire, (11), 34-15



BL-4 Kameron Hughes, Martins Ferry, (10), 30-16

BL-3 Santino Kusic, Bridgeport, (12), 41-2 (18:III-160-4th)



BL-1 Brylan Clouse, Barnesville, (12), 31-2

BL-4 Richard McFarland, Martins Ferry, (11), 30-16



BL-1 Drake Dobson, Martins Ferry, (12), 38-4



BL-4 Dalton Rice, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (12), 44-9



BL-4 Easton Hitchens, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (11), 40-10



OAC Jr High State Brackets



OAC Grade School & Jr High Divisional Championship


Times Leader


EL Review






OAC Jr High State Seed Report



Seeking a 4th State bid!

138: Jacson Muldrew (Steubenville)

170: Beau Smith (Beaver Local)

170: Santino Kusic (Bridgeport)


Division III top 10 first round matches

Div II top 10 first round matches




Division II
Dist. Tournament: Division II - Heath (3/1/19-3/2/19)
Division III
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Buckeye Local (3/1/19-3/2/19)

Dist. Tournament: Division III - Garfield Heights (3/1/19-3/2/19)


2019 Boro Fan Almanac


Intermat Ohio State Tournament Rankings

Congrats to Logan Ours & Cole McComas Beaver Local for being ranked 1st!


Max's Garfield Heights rankings


Max's Buckeye Local Rankings



2018-19 OVAC Master Schedule




OAC Jr High Dual Meet Championships



WV State Tournament brackets / scores AAA and AA/A 

2019 WV State OW's


Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Claymont (2/23/19)
Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Steubenville (2/23/19)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Barnesville (2/23/19)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Sandy Valley (2/23/19)

Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Rootstown (2/23/19)


2019 Boro Fan Almanac


Intermat Ohio State Tournament Rankings

Congrats to Logan Ours & Cole McComas Beaver Local for being ranked 1st!


Max's Garfield Heights rankings

CV & Well

Max's Buckeye Local Rankings


WV Pairings for State Wrestling Tournament AAA and AA/A 


2019 Steubenville Sectional Information


2018-19 Duals  Camb



Buckeye 8 @ UL Live


2019 Steubenville Sectional Information



WV Pairings for State Wrestling Tournament AAA and AA/A 




Intermat Ohio State Tournament Rankings

Congrats to Logan Ours & Cole McComas Beaver Local for being ranked 1st!


2018-19 Duals IC, HC, BvL, Steub & Cald


2019 Steubenville Sectional Information



WV Pairings for State Wrestling Tournament AAA and AA/A 


OAC Grade School District Registration

2-17-19 @ Steubenville High School

Live updates!


Morning Session
9:30 AM Start
Mat #1 – All Division 1
Mats 2,3 – Division 3 55,60,65,68

Mats 4,5,6
Div3 71,75,80,85,95,110,130,160

Afternoon Session
1:30 PM Start
Mats 1,2,3 – All Division 2
Mats 4,5,6 – All Division 4





2019 Steubenville Sectional Information



WV Pairings for State Wrestling Tournament AAA and AA/A 


OAC Jr High Registration

2-10-19 @ Steubenville High School

Click for live updates!

Mat Assigments

Session I
Mats 1 - 3 =74,84,90,96,102
Mats 4 - 6 =78,108,114,120
Session II
Mats 1 - 3 =126,132,138,154
Mats 4 – 6= 146,164,176,209,249




State Dual Team Tournaments
2019 Bracket & Individual Match Results
Archived State Dual Team Tournament Results



2018-19 Duals Cald Dual Tourney


OHSAA State Team Duals Write up


Panther Classic @ Buckeye Local

MVP: Peyten Keller- Warren Local 126



AAA Region IV Tournament

AAA Region I Tournament

AA/A Region I Tournament





Heath District Rankings by Max




Panther Classic @ Buckeye Local



AAA Region IV AT Parkersburg High School BRACKETS
Weigh-ins 9 AM, wrestling starts 11AM




2018-19 Duals Steub, Shen, Cald, BvL, Bpt, MF & StC






Buckeye Local District Rankings by Max




Beaver Local 2019 Ohio Regional 12 Team Champions!




Lisbon Beaver 51 - Louisville 21
106 Jaymin Salsberry 9 (Lis. Beaver) pin Lacy Harvey 9 (Louisville) 0:33 6
113 Mark Emmerling Jr. 9 (Lis. Beaver) pin Charlie Simpson 10 (Louisville) 0:32 6
120 Logan Ours 9 (Lis. Beaver) pin Garett Lautzenheiser 10 (Louisville) 1:10 6
126 Cole McComas 11 (Lis. Beaver) pin Davin Rhoads 10 (Louisville) 3:43 6
132 Jonathan Potts 10 (Lis. Beaver) dec. Logan Vanicek 11 (Louisville) md16-5 4
138 Jared Wright 12 (Lis. Beaver) dec. Carter Mickley 11 (Louisville) Dec 8-3 3
145 Skyler Lasure 11 (Lis. Beaver) dec. Daniel Kennedy 10 (Louisville) md12-4 4
152 Jax Leonard 11 (Louisville) dec. Devon Salsberry 10 (Lis. Beaver) Dec 7-3 3
160 Logan Krulik 10 (Lis. Beaver) pin Austin Stauffer 10 (Louisville) 0:32 6
170 Brenden Severs 9 (Lis. Beaver) pin Justice Bolyard 9 (Louisville) 4:00 6
182 Beau Smith 12 (Lis. Beaver) dec. Noah Peterson 9 (Louisville) md14-5 4
195 Brent Paulus 11 (Louisville) forfeit Nicholas Wukotich 11 (Lis. Beaver) Forfeit 6
220 Blake Robbins 11 (Louisville) forfeit Garrett Givens 12 (Lis. Beaver) Forfeit 6
285 Riley Brendle 12 (Louisville) forfeit Daniel Wirth 11 (Lis. Beaver) Forfeit 6


St Clairsville 2019 Ohio Regional 13 Team Runner Up!



Indian Valley 54 - St. Clairsville 20
106 Tyler Beckley 9 (Indian Valley) pin Gannon Kazmirski 9 (St. Clairsville) 1:46 6
113 Trevor Myers 9 (Indian Valley) pin Josh Denoble 10 (St. Clairsville) 0:29 6
120 Koen Kish 10 (St. Clairsville) dec. Ashton Sell 10 (Indian Valley) tf15-0 5
126 Roger Naylor 10 (Indian Valley) pin Mason McCort 9 (St. Clairsville) 0:50 6
132 Brady O'Connor 12 (Indian Valley) dec. Caden Stout 9 (St. Clairsville) Dec 8-4 3
138 Dalton Burcher 12 (Indian Valley) pin Austin DaRe 10 (St. Clairsville) 1:25 6
145 Brock O'Connor 9 (Indian Valley) forfeit (St. Clairsville) Forfeit 6
152 Adam Lenhoff 12 (Indian Valley) pin Corey Naylor 11 (St. Clairsville) 0:52 6
160 Caden Keathley 11 (Indian Valley) forfeit (St. Clairsville) Forfeit 6
170 Reese Skaggs 10 (St. Clairsville) disq. Zach Love 11 (Indian Valley) Disq 6
182 Jacob Armstrong 11 (Indian Valley) pin James Dobbs 11 (St. Clairsville) 3:30 6
195 Derek Witsberger 11 (St. Clairsville) dec. Brodey Parsons 12 (Indian Valley) Dec 9-5 3
220 Justice McCamick 12 (St. Clairsville) forfeit (Indian Valley) Forfeit 6
285 Kerion O'Connor 12 (Indian Valley) dec. Trey Delguzzo 12 (St. Clairsville) Dec 2-0 3


Ohio Regional Team Dual Tournaments
2018 Regional Dual Team Tournament Information
2018 Baumspage Live Brackets & Match Results 
Archived Regional Tournament - Individual Match Results

Region 12 - Louisville, Beaver Local, Canfield, Steubenville, West Branch
Region 13 - Indian Valley, St. Clairsville, Sheridan, Vincent Warren, New Lexington, Claymont

Region 22 - Shenandoah, Barnesville, Bishop Hartley, Nelsonville-York, Bidwell River Valley, West Muskingum


PAC 8 Results 2019



2018-19 Duals JM, Weir, Mag, PC & PS




2019 Bill Hindgardner Wrestling Dual Meet Championships are Cancelled!!!

By rule all number one Seeds are dual meet champions




 Due to the wind chill advisory for today and tomorrow, we are rescheduling the Dual Meet Championships for all divisions, which were originally scheduled for today and tomorrow, for this Friday, February 1. Weigh ins will begin at 3:00 and Round 1 will begin at 4:00 p.m. Round 2 will follow after Round 1.


Date and Time change!!!

Below are the teams that qualified for the 2019 Bill Hindgardner Wrestling Dual Meet Championships.

The 5A and 3A classes will compete on , Friday  February 1st at John Marshall Field House in Moundsville . Weigh ins will be at 3:00 and Round 1 will begin at 4:00 with Round 2 immediately following.

Class 5A: Round 1: #1 Wheeling Park vs. #4 Indian Creek #2 Steubenville vs. #3 John Marshall

Class 3A: Round 1: #1 Shenandoah vs. #4 Linsly #2 Barnesville vs. #3 Magnolia

The 4A and 1A/2A classes will compete on Friday  February 1st at Brooke HS in Wellsburg. Weigh ins will begin at 3:00 and Round 1 will begin at 4:00 with Round 2 immediately following.

Class 4A: Round 1: #1 St. Clairsville vs. #4 Martins Ferry  #2 Oak Glen vs. #3 East Liverpool

Class 1A/2A: Round 1: #1 Bridgeport vs. #4 Caldwell # 2 Toronto vs. #3 Weirton Madonna



West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / wvmat.com INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT CLASS RANKINGS -- AAA AND AA/A 




WV High School Academic All State and Academic Honor Roll updated. Also, Middle School Academic All State and Honor Roll updated. 



 West Virginia "A" Challenge


2019 OVAC All Conference


Jimmy Woods @ New Lex






Ohio Regional Team Dual Tournaments
2018 Regional Dual Team Tournament Information
2018 Baumspage Live Brackets & Match Results 
Archived Regional Tournament - Individual Match Results

Region 12 - Louisville, Beaver Local, Canfield, Steubenville, West Branch
Region 13 - Indian Valley, St. Clairsville, Sheridan, Vincent Warren, New Lexington, Claymont

Region 22 - Shenandoah, Barnesville, Bishop Hartley, Nelsonville-York, Bidwell River Valley, West Muskingum


2019 Brooke Classic Seeds Info

Brooke Classic Results



2018-19 Duals BvL & Steub


West Virginia High School Wrestling Team Polls

West Virginia Middle School Wrestling Team Polls

Middle School Academic All-State and Academic Honor Roll


2019 OVC @ Union Local

Most Outstanding Wrestler
116 Eric Williams East Liverpool

Brackets now up


Above is the link for the tournament website which will be updated all weekend you have to click on Ohio
then find Ohio Valley Championships in the list then click reports on top right



2019 Buck Bailey @ Wellsville

Weight will be scratch plus 3





2018-19 Duals BL, Steub, Barn, PS, Cam & Lin


2019 OVC @ Union Local

Brackets now up


Above is the link for the tournament website which will be updated all weekend you have to click on Ohio
then find Ohio Valley Championships in the list then click reports on top right


2019 Buck Bailey @ Wellsville




2019 Marquee match up Finals by Jenny Hannan & Sean Grinch




2019 OVAC Official of the year Rick Crosier!


Jenny Hannan Unsung Hero!!


Pix of the 14 Champions!


2019 Over All Team Champions Beaver Local



OVAC "Ron Mauck" Wrestling Championships

Brackets & Team score will be updated more often, click link above



OVAC Brackets AP Results etc.....

Click link above for more info, updated after each round


2019 OVAC Officials


Miller Makes History

When Parkersburg South’s Samantha Miller pinned St. Clairsville’s Gannon Kazmirski in their 106-pound second round match Friday afternoon, she became the first female to reach the championship quarterfinals in the tournament’s 66-year existence.

However, her dream of placing as a Junior was not to be as she was eliminated Friday night.

Like Father, Like Son

Mark Emmerling was a 4-time OVAC Tournament champion during his prep days in East Liverpool. He never lost in the Wheeling Civic Center, now WesBanco Arena.

His son, Mark Jr., is continuing that family tradition as he picked up a pair of victories before being sent to the consolation bracket Friday afternoon. He did, however, bounce back and will stand on the podium later tonight.

“I like watching him wrestle,” the older Emmerling said. “He’s a really good wrestler.”

It marked the first time a 4-time OVAC Tournament champion has had his son/daughter wrestle in the event.

2018 Coaches of Year

Prior to the start of the tournament on Thursday, plaques were presented to the 2018 Coaches of the Year.

Receiving the honors were Parkersburg South’s Sean Smith (Class 5A); Steubenville’s Mike Blackburn (Class 4A); Barnesville’s Jayson Stephen (Class 3A; and Madonna’s Jamie Lesho (Class 1A/2A).

Former OVAC Champion Honored

Jerad Patterson was named the OVAC Assistant Coach of the Year.

He is a 2013 graduate of Meadowbrook High School where he was an OVAC Tournament champion his senior season at 120 pounds.



106 Championship 4 Carl Cochran (9), John Marshall 25- 8 2 Jaymin Salsberry (9), Beaver Local 17- 7

113 Championship 1 Howard Williams (10), East Liverpool 21- 4 3 Shawn Moore (12), Oak Glen 24- 3

120 Championship 1 Logan Ours (9), Beaver Local 15- 3 3 Terry Gatrell (12), Meadowbrook 24- 2

126 Championship 1 Cole McComas (11), Beaver Local 23- 4 2 Peyton Blasko (12), Steubenville 24- 2

132 Championship 1 Jacob Simpson (12), University 35- 2 3 Jonathan Potts (10), Beaver Local 22- 2

138 Championship 1 Peyton Hall (11), Oak Glen 32- 2 2 Jacson Muldrew (12), Steubenville 25- 3

145 Championship 1 Brayden Roberts (11), Parkersburg South 34- 4 3 Skyler Lasure (11), Beaver Local 19- 3

152 Championship 1 Anthony Rice (12), Steubenville 29- 2 2 Logan Krulik (10), Beaver Local 22- 3

160 Championship 4 Ethan Pappas (10), Steubenville 26- 4 2 Brenden Severs (9), Beaver Local 26- 5

170 Championship 1 Beau Smith (12), Beaver Local 27- 6 2 Santino Kusic (12), Bridgeport 27- 0

182 Championship 1 Anthony Carman (12), John Marshall 34- 2 2 David Tuttle (11), Steubenville 27- 2

195 Championship 1 Garrett Cook (12), Madonna 37- 0 2 Donavan Kirby (12), Weir 14- 2

220 Championship 1 Braxton Amos (11), Parkersburg South 38- 0 3 Dylan Wood (12), Wheeling Park 29- 1

285 Championship 1 Louden Haga (12), Parkersburg South 33- 5 2 Daniel Wirth (11), Beaver Local 22- 5


2019 Hercules Award Logan Ours Beaver Local 5 Falls in 10:31


2019  Bierkortte Award (MVP) Peyton Blasko Steubenville



2019 Mr. Mat John Grinch Shadyside





2019 Marquee Match by Jenny Hannan & Sean Grinch


Head to Head with top 4 teams


Beaver Local  (10/2)
Parkersburg South (8/1)
Steubenville  (7/3)
Wheeling Park  (4/6)

Semi Finals

Winners in Bold

729 1 Alex Overly (SHEN) vs. 4 Carl Cochran (JM)
730 6 Griffen Stephen (BARN) vs. 2 Jaymin Salsberry (BVL)
731 1 Howard Williams (EL) vs. 5 Marshal Niswonger (CALD)
732 3 Shawn Moore (OG) vs. 2 Jace Stockett (UNIV)
733 1 Logan Ours (BVL) vs. 4 Brayden Johnson (PS)
734 3 Terry Gatrell (MEAD) vs. 2 Koen Kish (STC)
735 1 Cole McComas (BVL) vs. 4 Tucker Windland (PS)
736 3 Jake Staud (UNIV) vs. 2 Peyton Blasko (STEUB)
737 1 Jacob Simpson (UNIV) vs. 4 Brian Palmer Jr. (BL)
738 3 Jonathan Potts (BVL) vs. 2 Tyler Muldrew (STEUB)
739 1 Peyton Hall (OG) vs. 4 Gavin Quiocho (PS)
740 3 Jared Wright (BVL) vs. 2 Jacson Muldrew (STEUB)
741 1 Brayden Roberts (PS) vs. 4 Andrew Shelek (WP)
742 3 Skyler Lasure (BVL) vs. 2 Alec Cook (MAD)
743 1 Anthony Rice (STEUB) vs. 4 Mikey Shamblin (PS)
744 3 Billy Gooch (WP) vs. 2 Logan Krulik (BVL)
745 1 Zane Hinzman (PS) vs. 4 Ethan Pappas (STEUB)
746 3 Mason Kuneff (BPT) vs. 2 Brenden Severs (BVL)
747 1 Beau Smith (BVL) vs. 5 Jeremiah Timberlake (WP)
748 6 Jacob Berisford (JM) vs. 2 Santino Kusic (BPT)
749 1 Anthony Carman (JM) vs. 12 Blayne Erwin (HC)
750 3 Brylan Clouse (BARN) vs. 2 David Tuttle (STEUB)
751 1 Garrett Cook (MAD) vs. 5 Drake Dobson (MF)
752 3 Keith Bodnar (STEUB) vs. 2 Donavan Kirby (WEIR)
753 1 Braxton Amos (PS) vs. 5 Justice McCamick (STC)
754 3 Dylan Wood (WP) vs. 2 Bradlee Clark (JM)
755 1 Louden Haga (PS) vs. 5 Easton Hitchens (SHEN)
756 11 Mikey Hamrick (MAG) vs. 2 Daniel Wirth (BVL)



Kim North Article







OVAC Tournament Wrestling Officials

OVAC Wrestling Past Champions 25 Years

OVAC Wrestling Tournament Schedule

OVAC Wrestling Information

OVAC Wrestling Weigh In Schedule


Article on OVAC, WTOV 9   Article  & WTRF 7




2019 OVC @ Union Local

The seed meeting is going to be moved up to 5:00pm on Sunday 1/20/2019 and please have rosters submitted by 5:00 Saturday 1/19/2019



West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / wvmat.com INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT CLASS RANKINGS -- AAA AND AA/A 


On Saturday, January 19, the free wrestling clinic will be held on the OVAC championship mats of WesBanco Arena from 8:30-10:00am. Registration will begin at 8:30am that morning. The clinic will be led by Branden Lee Hinkle, former National Champion NCAA Wrestler, US National Freestyle All-American and MMA participant. The clinicians will teach the basic fundamentals of wrestling and help build the kids’ self-esteem. The clinic is free and open to boys and girls ages 5-13.

Parents are required to have insurance and be present the day of the clinics to sign a waiver form. For more information visit www.OVAC.org, email: Beth@SSMllc.com or phone 304.220.4858.

The free clinic is made possible thanks to www.SmittysFloors.com, and OVAC Corporate Partners: Health Management Solutions and Paramount Preferred Solutions, AM 1600 WKKX, Wheeling Hospital, Bordas & Bordas and the ‘Family Talk About Drinking’ initiative.


2018-19 Rankings

Rankings are updated 01-13-19



2019 Barnesville Jr High Tourney


Winner Choice results updated. Video links added 


 St Marys Blue Devil Alumni Tournament




BMC Jr High @ OG


Winners Choice Day ONE Team Scores -- Brackets

Morg & Univ


2018-19 Duals JM & Brk


Borofan write up for EOWL


EOWL Seeds


EOWL Tourney 2019

BvL, CV & Well

News Article

Video of the finals @ EOWL



Virginia Duals



Burgettstown Tourney

Steub & WM




2018-19 Duals BL, Cam, Steub, JM, Barn, Univ, Mag, Riv, HC & Brk


West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / wvmat.com INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT CLASS RANKINGS -- AAA AND AA/A 




Last Man Standing (Shad)

Kim North WP wins last man standing @ Shad



Jackson Milton Tourney




Best of the Midwest (Philo)


Best of the Midwest (Philo) Mow Ethan Waggoner Harding



Cameron Tourney 2019

Intell article JM wins Cameron Tourney



South Classic Duals Results 2019



Indian Creek Jr High Tourney 2019


Nelsonville York Tourney



JC Gorman Tourney

Camb, & EL


WV National Guard Tourney



2018-19 Duals Univ & Brk






2018-19 Duals Mag, Shen & Steub



2018-19 Duals BvL & Morg




2018-19 Duals Mag & PC


Coshocton Tourney







Wheeling Park Duals (Pools)



St Clairsville ABV Inn Tournament

West Jefferson Invitational



Zanesville Devils Dungeon Invitational

Barn & WL


Powerade Tournament

Powerade Seeds



1 St. Edward-OH 196

2 Oak Park River Forest 170

3 Parkersburg South-WV 136

4 Kiski Area 134

5 Hempfield 121

6 Reynolds 119

7 Erie Prep 114

8 Seneca Valley 111

9 Chestnut Ridge 107

10 Stroudsburg 105.5

Parkersburg South:

106 Samantha Miller, 1-2

113 Devin Easton, 1-2

120 Brayden Johnson, 2-2

126 Tucker Windland, 0-2

132 Jude Childers, 0-2

138 Gavin Quiocho, 4-3, 8th Place

145 Brayden Roberts, 6-1, 3rd Place

152 Mikey Shamblin, 2-2

160 Zane Hinzman, 3-2

170 Wyatt Linder, 1-2

182 Dalton Fullerton, 3-2

195 Noah Buckalew, 0-2

220 Braxton Amos, 6-0, Champion

285 Louden Haga, 4-1, Runner-Up



Brecksville Invitational

BvL & Bpt


Medina Invitational



2018 Cambridge Jr High Tournament







Write ups by Bororfan:


Wheeling Park Duals


Brecksville Holiday Classic



Medina Invitational



St Clairsville ABV Inn Tourney





2018-19 Duals EL, CV & Weir






 Belpre Invitational 


2018 Harrison Central Jr High





2018 Jr High Winter Classic @ BL





2018-19 Duals Tor, Morg, Riv, BvL, PS, StC, Mag, EL, IC, Cam, WM, Well, Bpt & Shen


2018 Jr High Winter Classic @ BL




OVAC Dual Meet Standings


Wheeling Park Duals (Pools)




Wheeling Park Duals (Pools)


2018-19 Duals Weir


Larry Ritchie Memorial


University Tournament


Hoppel Invitational



North Canton Live

Steub, JM, StC & WP


Liberty Classic



Big Dawg Invitational



D3 Classic

Bpt, CV, Tor & Well



New Record:

220 Braxton Amos (PS) p. Tariq Baker, 1:44

Congratulations to Braxton Amos for setting a new school record for consecutive individual wins at 61! Braxton breaks the record of 60 set by 2-time state champion Dave Miller nearly 34 years ago!

If your school sets a record email it to me.

(recording history is important)


2018-19 Duals PS, Camb & OG


Write ups by BoroFan!

North Canton

Steub, StC, WP & JM


D3 Classic

Bpt, CV, Tor & Well


Liberty Classic



Canfield Duals



Washington Court House Pools



Big Dawg Invitational



Hoppel Invitational






2018-19 Duals IC, Lin, Weir, SL, Barn, Bpt, Steub, BL, Shen, Morg & WP


WV TEAM POLLS - High School and Middle School 




2018-19 Duals Brk




2018 Ironman Live Video!


2018 Ironman on Trackwrestling


Day 2

Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Braxton Amos of Parkersburg South, WV
2nd Place - Owen Trephan of Blair Academy
3rd Place - Jake Kaminski of Wyoming Seminary, PA
4th Place - Andy Smith of Christiansburg
6th Place - Kade Carlson of Corner Canyon
6th Place - Matthias Ervin of Union County, KY
7th Place - Tyler Stein of Canfield
8th Place - Jarin Curtis of Perry (Massillon) H.S., OH

Amos is a 2 Time Ironaman Champion!!


Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Cohlton Schultz of Ponderosa, CO
2nd Place - Jonathan Birchmeier of Broad Run
3rd Place - NICHOLAS VILLARREAL of Gilroy HS (CA)
4th Place - Louden Haga of Parkersburg South, WV
5th Place - Johnny Shafer of Graham HS, OH
6th Place - Max Millin of Perry (Massillon) H.S., OH
7th Place - Andrew Johnson of Poway HS (CA)
8th Place - Caden Hill of Crestview


Guaranteed Places
1st Place - Joshua Saunders of Christian Brothers College
2nd Place - Chris Rivera of Lake Highland Prep School
3rd Place - CHASE SALDATE of Gilroy HS (CA)
4th Place - Trent Dooley of Allen
5th Place - Matt Lackman of Bethlehem Catholic
6th Place - Jackson Dean of Caesar Rodney
7th Place - Peyton Hall of Oak Glen, WV
8th Place - Jaden le of Rancho Bernardo, CA

Hall is a 2 time Ironman Placer



Parkersburg South was the top scoring public school at 7th!!!

Team Season Team Abbr Count Points
1   Blair Academy, NJ  Blair Academy, NJ (GET) BLAIR 14 276.5
2   Wyoming Seminary, PA, PA  Wyoming Seminary, PA (GET) SEM 14 176.5
3   Bethlehem Catholic, PA  Bethlehem Catholic Hs, PA (GET) Beca 13 90.0
3   La Salle, OH, OH  La Salle, OH (GET) LASALLE 11 90.0
5   Lake Highland Prep School, FL  Lake Highland Prep School, FL (GET) LHP 12 82.5
6   St. Edward, OH, OH  St Edward, OH (GET) StEd 14 81.0
7   Parkersburg South, WV, WV  Parkersburg South, WV (GET) PBSO 11 73.5
8   Montini Catholic, IL  Lombard (Montini), IL (GET) Montini 12 73.0
8   St John Bosco, CA, CA  St John Bosco, CA (GET) SJB 11 73.0
10   Elyria, OH  Elyria, OH (GET) ELYR 9 71.0
10   Gilroy HS (CA), CA  Gilroy, CA (GET) Gilr 7 71.0
10   Selma, CA, CA  Selma, CA (GET) Selm 5 71.0


Day 1

Parkersburg South in the top 10!!!!

Team Season Team Abbr Count Points
1   Blair Academy, NJ  Blair Academy, NJ (GET) BLAIR 14 162.5
2   Wyoming Seminary, PA, PA  Wyoming Seminary, PA (GET) SEM 14 101.5
3   Lake Highland Prep School, FL  Lake Highland Prep School, FL (GET) LHP 12 68.5
4   St. Edward, OH, OH  St Edward, OH (GET) StEd 14 67.0
5   La Salle, OH, OH  La Salle, OH (GET) LASALLE 11 64.5
6   Bethlehem Catholic, PA  Bethlehem Catholic Hs, PA (GET) Beca 13 62.0
7   Montini Catholic, IL  Lombard (Montini), IL (GET) Montini 12 57.0
8   Chicago (Mt. Carmel), IL, IL  Chicago (Mt. Carmel), IL (GET) CMtC 14 53.0
9   Parkersburg South, WV, WV  Parkersburg South, WV (GET) PBSO 11 52.0



Barnesville Doan Ford Invitational Live!


2018 Weir High Powerhouse Classic


2018-19 Duals Greg's Market Duals @ JM & Morg, BvL


2018 OG Jr High Tourney.


Cameron Middle School Dragon Invitational 



2018-19 Duals WP PS JV & Morg


2018-19 Duals

Steub, Shad, BL, Tor, IC, PS, SCC, StC, Bpt, Cald  & JM

 Braxton Amos registered a 5-second pin!!



 Claymont v. Harrison Central match tonight. The match is scheduled to start around 7:00.

You can listen at 1540 AM WBTC or online at www.wbtclive.com.


2018 Ironman!

Ironman PreSeeds

138 pounds
1. Joshua Saunders (Christian Brothers College, Mo.)
2. Luke Baughman (Wadsworth, Ohio)
3. Chase Saldate (Gilroy, Calif.)
4. Peyton Hall (Oak Glen, W.Va.)
5. Bryce Hepner (St. Edward, Ohio)
6. Chris Rivera (Lake Highland Prep, Fla.)
7. Jackson Dean (Caesar Rodney, Del.)
8. Shannon Hanna (Lake Gibson, Fla.)
9. Mike Madara (Blair Academy, N.J.)
10. Jake Niffenegger(Cincinnati LaSalle, Ohio)
11. Elijah Blake (Del Oro, Calif.)
12. Matt Lackman (Bethlehem Catholic, Pa.)
13. Alek Martin (St. Paris Graham, Ohio)
14. Joshua Swan (South Dade, Fla.)
15. Dustin Morgillo (Genoa, Ohio)
16. Trent Dooley (Allen, Texas)

160 pounds
1. Connor Brady (Olentangy Liberty, Ohio)
2. Domonic Mata (Blair Academy, N.J.)
3. Jace Luchau (Selma, Calif.)
4. Thayne Lawrence (Frazier, Pa.)
5. James Limongi (Genoa, Ohio)
6. Kyle Mosher (South Side, N.Y.)
7. Kai Bele (Lake Highland Prep, Fla.)
8. Noah Blake (Del Oro, Calif.)
9. Todd Perry (South Dade, Fla.)
10. Luca Frinzi (Bethlehem Catholic, Pa.)
11. Tyler Stoltzfus (St. Joseph's Academy, Pa.)
12. Peter Ferraro (Marmion Academy, Ill.)
13. Eric Two Lance (Arlington Martin, Texas)
14. Brenden Severs (Beaver Local, Ohio)
15. Will McGhee (Aurora, Ohio)
16. Will Edgar (Christian Brothers College, Mo.)

170 pounds
1. Carson Kharchla (Olentangy Liberty, Ohio)
2. Julian Ramirez (Blair Academy, N.J.)
3. Nevan Snodgrass (Kettering Fairmont, Ohio)
4. Jake Stefanowicz (Wyoming Seminary, Pa.)
5. Christian Rodriguez (Selma, Calif.)
6. Ashton Habeil (Lake Gibson, Fla.)
7. Blake Hopson (Park Hill, Mo.)
8. David Cumberledge (Ashtabula St. John, Ohio)
9. Micah Ervin (Union County, Ky.)
10. Jake Evans (Elyria, Ohio)
11. Nathan Warden (Christiansburg, Va.)
12. Beau Smith (Beaver Local, Ohio)
13. Michael Garcar (St. Edward, Ohio)
14. Patrick Daum (Marmion Academy, Ill.)
15. Dom Loparo (Wadsworth, Ohio)
16. Isaiah DeJesus (Notre Dame (Green Pond), Pa.)

220 pounds
1. Braxon Amos (Parkersburg South, W.Va.)
2. Owen Trephan (Blair Academy, N.J.)
3. Jacob Kaminski (Wyoming Seminary, Pa.)
4. Andy Smith (Christiansburg, Va.)
5. Garrett Kappes (McDonogh, Md.)
6. Tyler Stein (Canfield, Ohio)
7. Kade Carlson (Corner Canyon, Utah)
8. Matthias Ervin (Union County, Ky.)
9. Kenneth Crouse (South Dade, Fla.)
10. Wyatt Owen (Reynolds, Pa.)
11. Simon Tesfamarian (Park Hill, Mo.)
12. Jarin Curtis (Massillon Perry, Ohio)

285 pounds
1. Cohlton Schultz (Ponderosa, Colo.)
2. Jonathan Birchmeier (Broad Run, Va.)
3. Nicholas Villarreal (Gilroy, Calif.)
4. Isaac Righter (Mt. St. Joseph's, Md.)
5. Louden Haga (Parkersburg South, W.Va.)
6. Johnny Shafer (St. Paris Graham, Ohio)
7. Noah Koch (Genoa, Ohio)
8. Kevin Hudson (Caesar Rodney, Del.)
9. Mike McNicholas (Montini Catholic, Ill.)
10. Max Millin (Massillon Perry, Ohio)
11. Andrew Johnson (Poway, Calif.)
12. Jase Crouse (Bethlehem Catholic, Pa.)


2018 Coach Bubba Jr. High Tourney @ MF Results


2018 Barnesville Info





Congratulations to Parkersburg South's Braxton Amos, Cliff Keen Preseason High School All-Americans First Team 


2018-19 Duals OG, PS JV & PS


Harding wins Martins Ferry's Tourney


2018 Cambridge Possible seeds!


2018 Cambridge write up!


Cambridge Invitational Live!


2018 Rick Link @ UL write up!


Union Local Rick Link Invitational -  Live!





Open Tournament @ Wellsville Dec 29th


Samantha Miller PS 1st female wrestler to start varsity for PS

Could she be the 1st female OVAC placer?


Magnolia HS JV Tournament February 2, 2019 


Weir Powerhouse Classic 2-8-19


2018 Cambridge write up!


2018 Rick Link @ UL write up!





Anthony Carman JM Signs Div I @ WVU!!!

This is the 3rd Div I recruit from the senior class Congrats!!!


2018 Cambridge write up!





Wheeling News-Register: OVAC Award named for Dr. Bill Welker 



Louden Haga PS signs with Lehigh!





WJU Wrestling opens the season Tomorrow

All high school teams can get in free with a school roster.



Garrett Cook WM Commits to West Liberty University


Alec Cook WM Commits Clarion University!


Beau Smith BvL Commits to Edinboro!


Two Division 1 Commits in one week!!!!


New OVAC coaches are welcomed




Article about the website!

Thanks Rick Thorp, well written article!





Marlin, North, Pernell !!!! WOW


Take a look at what these 3 guys did for the Ohio Valley!!!





Barnesville Tournament


Super 32 Preview!


Super 32 Hub



October 27-28
Greensboro Coliseum

Super 32 takes place this weekend in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is considered the most prestigious preseason tournament in the country. Below is an entry list of all the OVAC wrestlers currently entered, along with their current ranking (wrestlers are listed in no particular order). Wrestling begins at 8 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

Special Thanks to BoroFan



Braxton is a 2 time Super 32 Champion!

Braxton Amos (Wv) DEC Konner Doucet (Ok), 5-0


5th Place:

Peyton Hall (Wv) DEC Wyatt Henson (Mo), 6-4





D1 #1 Cole Skinner (LaSalle)

D1 #3 Mikey Lewarchick (Wadsworth)

D1 #9 Johnny Novak (St. Ignatius)

D2 #6 Nolan Gessler (Graham)

D3 #6 Alec Homan (Milan Edison)

D3 #10 Matt Ellis (Legacy Christian)

D3 #14 (113) Logan Attisano (Legacy Christian)

D1 NR Mason Brugh (Wadsworth)

D3 #15 Gavin Owens (Eastwood)


D1 #1 Dustin Norris (LaSalle)

D1 #2 Logan Agin (Lancaster)

D1 #3 Jacob Moon (Oregon Clay)

D1 #7 Pacey Najdusak (Mason)

D2 #3 Garett Lautzenheiser (Louisville)

D3 #2 Casey Barnett (Milan Edison)

D3 #3 Lucian Brink (Coshocton)

D1 #10 Colin Roberts (Austintown-Fitch)

D1 #12 Nate Burnett (Elyria)

D3 #12 Troy Kennedy (Troy Christian)

D2 NR Daniel Adams (Poland Seminary)


D1 #1 Lucas Byrd (LaSalle)

D3 #1 Oscar Sanchez (Genoa)

D1 #5 Jacob Sherman (Olentangy)

D1 #11 Lucas Uliano (Olentangy Liberty)

D3 #2 Ray Adams (Milan Edison)

D1 #17 Damion Ryan (Centerville)

D1 NR Bryce Allison (Elyria)


D1 #3 Logan Heil (Brunswick)

D2 #1 Cole McComas (Beaver Local)

D3 #1 Ethan Turner (Troy Christian)

D1 #5 Antoine Allen (LaSalle)

D2 #4 Davin Rhoads (Louisville)

D3 #3 Gavin Brown (Legacy Christian

D2 #5 (132) Logan Ours (Beaver Local)

D2 #5 Brady O’Connor (Indian Valley)

D2 NR Joseph Goldberg (Warren Howland)

D2 NR Kody Beal (New Lexington)


D3 #1 (138) Dylan D'Emilio (Genoa)

D1 #1 Mick Burnett (Elyria)

D3 #1 Julian Sanchez (Genoa)

D2 #3 (126) Peyten Kellar (Vincent Warren)

D1 #2 Casey Wiles (LaSalle)

D1 #11 (138) Sam Glassco (Mason)

D3 #9 Nicolas Alvarez (Legacy Christian)

D1 NR Tim Smith (Colerain)

D1 NR Conner Sands (LaSalle)

D1 NR Zach Richards (Austintown-Fitch)


D1 #2 (145) Jordan Crace (Elyria)

D1 #2 Luke Baughman (Wadsworth)

D2 #1 Alek Martin (Graham)

D1 #4 Matt Zuckerman (Elyria)

D1 #5 Micah Norwood (LaSalle)

D1 #6 Blake Saito (Olentangy Liberty)

D3 #2 John Keegan (Milan Edison)

D2 #2 Wade Monebrake (Eaton)

D1 #7 Gus Sutton (Austintown-Fitch)

D1 #11 Derek Fields (Brunswick)

D1 #12 Doug Huff (St. Ignatius)

D1 #12 (132) Patrick McGraw (St. Ignatius)

D3 NR Jonathon Day (Legacy Christian)


D1 #2 (152) Chris Donathan (Mason)

D1 #3 (145) Michael North (Wadsworth)

D3 #2 Dusty Morgillo (Genoa)

D2 #3 Skyler Lasure (Beaver Local)

D3 #7 Ryan Whitten (Troy Christian)

D3 #10 Shadrick Slone (Milan Edison)

D2 #13 (138) Ethan Mueller (Minerva)

D3 NR Haden Offenberger (Waterford)

D1 NR Bradley Staron (Medina Highland)


D1 #1 (160) Connor Brady (Olentangy Liberty)

D2 #1 Jax Leonard (Louisville)

D3 #2 Kevin Contos (Genoa)

D1 #5 Daniel Segura (Dublin Scioto)

D1 #8 Gavin Bell (Beavercreek)

D1 #10 Enrique Munguia (Elyria)

D3 #5 (160) Hayden Pummel (Indian Lake)

D3 #8 Noah Inboden (Nelsonville-York)

D1 NR Ronald Dimmerling (GlenOak)


D1 #2 Jacob Lagoa (Ashtabula Lakeside)

D2 #1 Ben Pasiuk (Carrollton)

D1 #5 Farouq Muhammed (Elyria)

D2 #14 Brenden Severs (Beaver Local)

D1 NR Noah Ratliff (Reynoldsburg)


D1 #7 (160) Brett McIntosh (Harrison)

D1 #8 Seth Shumate (Dublin Coffman)

D1 #12 Kamal Adewumi (Mason)

D1 #13 Jaden Hardrick (Huber Hts. Wayne)

D2 #13 (160) Liam Kellar (Vincent Warren)


D1 #3 Mitch Potterf (Westerville North)

D1 #4 Trey Sizemore (LaSalle)

D1 #8 Jon List (Wadsworth)

D1 #9 Jacob Meek (Oregon Clay)

D1 #14 Toby Amburgy (Mason)


D2 #1 Matthew Cover (Bay)

D2 #6 Brent Paulus (Louisville)


D1 #14 Jake Noon (Findlay)

D1 #18 Riley Ucker (Dublin Coffman)

D3 NR Cason Holmes (Milan Edison)


D3 #1 Noah Koch (Genoa)

D2 #11 Alex Coleman (Hamilton Ross)




Name Wt State HS St Place S32 Place Division

Alec Cook 145 WV Madonna High School 1(138) A/AA

Braxton Amos 220 WV Parkersburg South High School 1(220) 1 AAA

JAKE STAUD 126 WV University High School 1(120) AAA

Brayden Roberts 145 WV Parkersburg South High school 1(126) AAA

Preston Hinzman 152 WV Parkersburg South High School 1(160) AAA

Gavin quiocho 138 WV Parkersburg South High School 1(132) AAA

Anthony Carman 170 WV John Marshall High School 2(160) AAA

Matthew Simpson 120 WV University HS 2(106)/2017 AAA

Louden Haga 285 WV Parkersburg South High School 2(285) AAA

Brayden Johnson 120 WV Parkersburg South High School 3(113) AAA

Jacob Simpson 126 WV University High School 3(126) AAA

Jude Childers 132 WV Parkersburg south High school AAA








December 8th Weir Powerhouse Tourney




December 7-8, Cameron Middle School Dragon Invitational December 8, Cameron High School Invitational



Jr. High Tournaments 2018-19 Bubba Coleman @ Martins Ferry


2019 Indian Creek Jr High Tourney Info




Stozl goes into National Wrestling HOF

Congrats to Marion!!!



Barnesville Tournament

Info & Wrestlers Returning




2018 National Wrestling Hall of Fame -- West Virginia Chapter

This year we are honoring...
John Geary
Jim Issac
Mike Litton
Ray Marling
Kim North
Ray Pernell
Gary Porter
Chuck Satterfield
John Staggers II

Past Hall of Fame Winners!



Three very well deserving guys! It is a life long accomplishment to say the least!





Wilson ranked number 1 in ACC!!!





Looks strong!

2019 Frank Ferguson Brooke Classic teams set

2019 Brooke Classic Teams

Brecksville, OH
Licking Valley, OH
Mayfield, OH
St Clairsville, OH
Thomas Worthington, OH
Blue Mountain, PA
Erie Cathedral Prep, PA
Hampton, PA
Mars, PA
Penn Hills, PA
Seneca Valley, PA
John Marshall
Oak Glen
Spring Mills
Wheeling Park




August 17th 10AM-12AM Smittys Wrestling Camp Featuring Brandon Hinkle




Congratulations to Brayden Robert PS





Parkersburg South's Louden Haga a Folkstyle (NHSCA), Freestyle (Fargo), and Greco (Fargo) All American has verbally committed to Lehigh University.
Congratulations to Louden!


2018 Fargo!

Send in your team results:

Beaver Local Fargo results:

Cole Mccomas-jr 132 was 2-2
Brenden Severs-Cadet 152 was 0-2

Cole Mccomas-jr 132 was 3-2
Logan Krulik- Cadet 170 was 1-2
Skyler Lasure- jr 145 was 2-2
Beau Smith-jr 160 was 2-2

South Wrestlers' Results at Fargo:

Cadet Freestyle
138 Brayden Roberts, 3-2
152 Gavin Quiocho, 1-2

Junior Freestyle
120 Tucker Windland, 0-2
160 Zane Hinzman, 3-2

Junior Women's Freestyle
100 Samantha Miller 2-2

Cadet Greco
138 Brayden Roberts, 6-0, CHAMPION
152 Gavin Quiocho, 3-2

Junior Greco
126 Tucker Windland 0-2


Junior Results
Caleb Rea 4-1
Zane Hinzman 3-1
Anthony Carman 2-2
Andrew Shelek 2-2
Tucker Windland 0-2
Jake Staud 1-2
Canon Welker 0-2
Liam Lusher 0-2

138 LBS

 Bryer Hall Indiana Brayden Roberts West Virginia

 Jackson Dean New Jersey VSU Brayden Roberts West Virginia 13-3

   Brayden Roberts West Virginia VCAJames Hogan Pennsylvania

 Brayden Roberts West Virginia 8-0 VFA Nick Hamilton Nebraska

Brayden Roberts West Virginia 6-0 VFA Andrew Adams Georgia


152 LBS
 Hunter Meinzen Montana VPO 16-4 Gavin Quiocho West Virginia

 Nathaniel Fly Virginia VSU 10-0 Gavin Quiocho West Virginia

 Gavin Quiocho West Virginia VSU 10-0 Elise Brown ton Texas


152 LBS

Maxwell Hayes Indiana d Brenden Severs Ohio 10-7
 Charles Darracott Georgia SUV Brenden Severs Ohio 10-0


120 LBS
 Peyten Kellar Ohio VPO John Richardson Texas 18-7
 Carter Stephenson Colorado VSU Peyten Kellar Ohio12-2

 Peyten Kellar Ohio VSU John Wiley Oklahoma 10-0

 Peyten Kellar Ohio VSU Averee Abben Iowa 10-0





Cadet world team trails

Brayden Roberts loses by fall and finishes 6th in the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 65 kg weight class.


Louden Haga wins 13-2 and places 5th in the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 110 kg weight class. Congratulations, Louden!!

Braxton Amos loses by a 12-10 decision and finishes 4th in the UWW Cadet Greco-Roman 92 kg weight class. Congratulations, Braxton!




7 break out stars in Greco (Louden Haga)


Uncommitted Cadets at world team trails ( Braxton Amos)







2018 Ohio Greco Team!!




The wrestling community has lost a legend RIP Nick "Big Bully' Busick!










Wheeling Central is back & David Doyle is the head coach!



Buy admission tickets for the ViperPit


Victory in the Viperpit DUALS (Wheeling, WV)


Victory in the Viperpit OPEN (Wheeling, WV)


Flo Arena for the results to the ViperPit







Flo Reno Nationals


T Guntrum Team None 2nd

Congrats T!!!!!


2018 Flo Nationals


Jace Stockett University High Morgantown WV
Peyten Kellar Warren High School Vincent Ohio Cutler OH 5th place

Koen Kish Quest Saint Clairsville OH
Shawn Moore Golden Bears Chester WV

Brian Palmer Jr. BUCKEYE LOCAL Adena OH
Calvin Matthews University High Morgantown WV


6th time the have wrestled each other this year!

Rea and Hall split their 6 head to head matches this school year (3-3)

Caleb Rea Young Guns Wrestling Club Weirton WV 5th place
Peyton Hall Gladiators Chester WV 6th place
Steven Mitchell Wheeling Wresting Cub Wheeling WV

Alec Cook Gladiators Weirton WV
Andrew Shelek Wheeling Wresting Cub Wheeling WV
Devon Salsberry Choices East Liverpool OH
Skyler Lasure Choices Wellsville OH

Cameron Woods Unattached Barnesville OH

Beau Smith Choices East Palestine OH
Brenden Severs Choices Negley OH
Jared Wright Choices East Liverpool OH

Brylan Clouse Unattached Barnesville OH
Logan Krulik Choices Negley OH
Anthony Rice Steubenville OH





Anthony Rice Steubenville verbals to NC State!!!




OAC All Time State Placers


2018 OAC Grade School States!!!


2017-18 OAC State Placers

40.1 Rukus Springer EL 2nd

55.1 Bentley Stephen Barn 3rd

55.1 Ryder King Barn 4th

55.2 Colton Nixon MF 5th

68.3 Owen Edwards Camb 4th

75.3 Jake Hughes BvL 4th

95.3 Ford Hines Barn 5th

75.4 Reese Stephen Barn 3rd

75.4 Brody Saccoccia Steub 4th

80.4 Skyler King Barn 6th

85.4 Cal Beadling Steub  6th

95.4 Blake Hinkle Camb  7th

110.4 Brennan Stout STC Champion





Parkersburg South 100 win club for 2017-18


Josh Humphreys 168-7

Luke Martin 150-20

Drew Dunbar 108-30

Louden Haga 103-37

Zane Hinzman 101-30




1st Dalton Hoover (OH) DEC Joey Daniel (CA), 5-2
3rd Javier Salvador (TN) DEC Mason Lancaster (OK), 5-2
5th Cole Haile (SC) DEC Porter Fox (UT), 7-2
7th Cortez Woods (MO) M FOR Cordel Duhart (KS), 0-0 0:00

Congratulations on your national championship Dalton Hoover!!!



1st Jayden Gomez (CA) DEC Koen Kish (OH), 7-6
3rd Patrick Edmondson (PA) DEC Colton Washleski (NJ), 10-3
5th Benjamin Alanis (AZ) F Jesse Brochu (NH), 3:48
7th Noah Ozuna (CA) DEC Jude Camacho (TX), 6-4


1st Ethen Miller (MO) DEC Caden Mccrary (GA), 6-3
3rd Henry Porter (CA) DEC Cooper Pontelandolfo (NJ), 9-7 SV
5th Victor Jacinto (CA) DEC Cade Lucio (CA), 5-1
7th Nicholas Fine (RI) DEC Tyler Muldrew (OH), 11-4


1st Landon Foor (NC) DEC Dominic Falcone (PA), 8-7 UTB
3rd Tyson Meyer (MN) DEC Kaden Krouse (WA), 5-2
5th Ethan Pappas (OH) DEC Clayton Lundy (IN), 6-0
7th Aiden Hanning (NH) DEC Remington Winmill (ID), 7-1

1st Malyke Hines (FL) DEC Shannon Hanna (FL), 7-0
3rd Colton Camacho (PA) DEC Jackson Currier (MT), 4-1
5th Brayden Palmer (TN) M FOR Nathan Bonham (CO), 0-0 0:00
7th Jacson Muldrew (OH) MD Reece Witcraft (OK), 14-3


1st Jack Delgarbino (OH) DEC Louden Haga (WV), 8-6
3rd Michael Kramer (TN) F Elijah Baisden (MD), 5:21
5th Christian Bryant (MD) DEC Levi Malcolm (MT), 3-1
7th Jervey Sistrunk (NJ) F John Oxce (NC), 1:54


1st Chase Saldate (CA) DEC William Mcdougald (NY), 10-8
3rd Ed Scott (PA) DEC Jonathan Miers (PA), 3-1 SV
5th Luke Odom (IL) F Peyton Hall (WV), 3:27
7th Brayden Roberts (WV) FOR Stockton Obrien (UT)

Congratulations to the OVAC All-Americans!!!




Samantha Miller Parkersburg South is an All American!!!




2018 NHSCA Flo Arena


2018 OAC Grade School States!!!




Wilson finishes 3rd as a red shirt Freshman!


2018 OAC Jr High State Results

Congratulations to the 2 State Champions from Beaver Local!


0164.0 Brenden Severs-8 BLWC TechFall Logan Shephard-8 FRL 13-0

0120.0 Logan Ours-8 AWC Dec Ismael Ayoub-8 MIR 6-0


5th Place

0108.0 Mark Emmerling Jr.-8 BLWC Pin1:58 Jt Chance-7 LBS 9-1


If anyone else placed please email me!



 WVYWA State Championship




Congratulations to Josh Humphreys, Parkersburg South, 2018 Dutton Award Winner 



Tariq Wilson with a 1st round upset of the 3rd seed!!


Steubenville Grad to compete at NCAA Div I Tournament in Cleveland



2018 OVAC vs Mac All Star

MAC 40, OVAC 22

113–Bonura (M) d. Reynolds, 3-1; 120–Pemberton (O) d. Giovengo, 13-6; 126–Newell (M) tf. Moore, 16-0; 132–Rea (O) d. Reinsfelder, 10-3; 138–Hornfeck (M) tf. Mazik, 15-0; 145–Menor (M) d. Zeiders, 9-5; 145–Acuna (M) d. Hardenbrook, 9-4; 152–Komara (M) p. Starkey, 3:12; 152–Marsico (M) d. Loy, 10-4; 160–Baird (O) p. Muron, 5:05; 170–Simpkins (O) d. Clements, 6-1; 182–Sequette (M) p. Mecum, 5:22; 195–Hoover (O) md. Zayullaev, 10-1; 220–Edenfield (M) p. Cuervo, 3:07; 285–Bodkin (O) d. McCoy, 5-4 SV


 Steubenville’s Jashon Hubbard  Received Bill Welker OVAC Ohio Wrestler of the Year award.

Kim North's Write up





2018 OHSAA State Wrestling Tournament


Congratulations to the  36 Ohio OVAC State Qualifiers:



CL-1 Peyten Kellar, Vincent Warren, (9), 48-3

5th Place

106: Peyten Kellar, Vincent Warren dec. Payton Burgdorf, Oberlin Firelands 7-5


CL-3 Howard Williams, East Liverpool, (9), 42-3


HE-4 Alex Overly, Sarahsville Shenandoah, (9), 34-11



CL-2 Peyton Blasko, Steubenville, (11), 44-6

7th Place

113: Peyton Blasko, Steubenville dec. Jake Hamulak, Chardon 4-2SV


CL-1 Cole McComas, Lisbon Beaver, (10), 42-3 (17:II-106-2nd)

2nd Place

113: Tanner Jordan, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Cole McComas, Lisbon Beaver 5-3SV


HE-2 Marshal Niswonger, Caldwell, (11), 39-7


HE-3 Brayden Reynolds, Barnesville, (12), 36-8



CL-3 Tyler Muldrew, Steubenville, (9), 35-6


HE-4 Hayden Johnson, Richmond Edison, (10), 25-11


HE-3 Brian Palmer Jr., Rayland Buckeye Local, (9), 38-9

6th Place

120: Carter Wolf, Marion Pleasant dec. Brian Palmer, Rayland Buckeye Local 5-2



CL-4 Parker Mazik, Wintersville Indian Creek, (12), 29-11


CL-1 Jacson Muldrew, Steubenville, (11), 13-1 (17:III-120-5th)

7th Place

132: Jacson Muldrew, Steubenville pin Isaiah Stickley, St. Paris Graham Local 2:01


CL-2 Skyler Lasure, Lisbon Beaver, (10), 36-7 (17:II-120-7th)

4th Place

132: Hunter Yackee, Wauseon dec. Skyler Lasure, Lisbon Beaver 5-1


HE-4 Elliott Dean, Bridgeport, (12), 32-14



CL-1 Anthony Rice, Steubenville, (11), 41-3 (17:II-138-4th)

7th Place

138: Anthony Rice, Steubenville maj. dec. Mauricio Barajas, Wauseon 10-1


HE-3 Collin Wiley, Caldwell, (10), 39-10



CL-4 Beau Smith, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 37-10

4th Place

145: Jax Leonard, Louisville pin Beau Smith, Lisbon Beaver 2:47


GH-3 Andrew Hardenbrook, Columbiana Crestview, (12), 31-5

6th Place

145: Joey Caprella, Lima Central Cath. pin Andrew Hardenbrook, Columbiana Crestview 4:27


HE-3 Mason Kuneff, Bridgeport, (11), 31-6



CL-1 Jashon Hubbard, Steubenville, (12), 50-1 (17:II-145-3rd, 16:II-132-4th, 15:II-106-3rd)

2nd Place

152: Joey Sanchez, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Jashon Hubbard, Steubenville 9-4


CL-4 Jared Wright, Lisbon Beaver, (11), 34-13


HE-4 Seth Cade, Richmond Edison, (12), 32-9



CL-4 Brady Oberdier, Vincent Warren, (10), 46-10


HE-3 Santino Kusic, Bridgeport, (11), 42-7

4th Place

160: James Limongi, Genoa Area dec. Santino Kusic, Bridgeport 2-0



CL-4 David Tuttle, Steubenville, (10), 42-11

8th Place

170: John Mark Williams, Cin. Indian Hill dec. David Tuttle, Steubenville 9-6


HE-4 Richard McFarland, Martins Ferry, (10), 28-15


HE-3 Ethan Pappas, Richmond Edison, (9), 31-5



HE-1 Drake Dobson, Martins Ferry, (11), 35-7



HE-3 Dalton Hoover, Martins Ferry, (12), 39-2 (17:III-195-3rd, 16:III-195-2nd)

3rd Place

195: Dalton Hoover, Martins Ferry dec. Deandre Nassar, Bluffton 6-1


HE-4 Trevor Hayes, Caldwell, (12), 25-18


GH-4 Landon Talbert, Columbiana Crestview, (12), 35-5



CL-2 Jud Ramage, Byesville Meadowbrook, (12), 35-1 (17:II-195-5th)



CL-1 Tyler Ely, Steubenville, (12), 44-4

 2nd Place

285: Jack DelGarbino, Girard pin Tyler Ely, Steubenville 0:38


HE-2 Kade Clark, Belmont Union Local, (12), 35-11


HE-4 Josh Robinson, Shadyside, (12), 31-9


HE-1 Hunter Bodkin, Martins Ferry, (12), 44-3 (16:III-220-8th)

 2nd Place

285: Brian Stears, Williamsburg dec. Hunter Bodkin, Martins Ferry 3-2TB


2018 OHSAA Stats:

BoroFan 1st round match to watch at State!!

State Stats:

Peyton Kellar Warren is the first freshman from Warren High and the first freshman from his county (Washington County) to ever qualify for the Ohio State Tournament!






This is a go fund me account for The Mason Boyd Memorial Wrestling Scholarship

Mason is the grandson of Steve Kish


Reese Stephen Barnesville to travel the country for Ohio All Stars!

Donations are accepted


State Tournament results buffed up -- AAA and AA Thanks to Jenny Hannan 


Dist. Tournament: Division II - Claymont (3/2/18-3/3/18)


Dist. Tournament: Division III - Garfield Heights (3/2/18-3/3/18)


Dist. Tournament: Division III - Heath (3/2/18-3/3/18)


2017-18 OVAC Master Schedule


Caleb Rea Final Stats: 163-13 88 pins


Class A MOW Alec Cook WM

Class AA MOW Peyton Hull OG

Class AAAA MOW Josh Humphreys PS


Class A Coach of the year Jamie Lesho WM

Class AAAA Coacgh of the year Shaun Smith PS


Parkersburg South State Records

Team State Championships, All Divisions - 22

Team State Championships, AAA - 22

State Tournament Team Points Scored - 288

Largest Margin of Victory for AAA School - 152

Consecutive Team Titles - 4 (South is the only team to 4-peat 3 times)

First Wrestler to Win a Title at 3 Different Schools - Josh Humphreys

Career State Tournament Pins by a 4X State Champion - Josh Humphreys, 13

Career First-Period State Tournament Pins by a 4X State Champion - Josh Humphreys, 13 (Note: 2 of his state tournament wins were by forfeit)

Career First-Period State Tournament Pins, All Wrestlers - Josh Humphreys, 13 (unconfirmed)

First Coach to Win a State Title in First 3 Years as Head Coach - Shaun Smith

Schools with Most 4-Time State Champions - Spencer, Parkersburg South, 3

Schools with Most 3-Time State Champions - Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, 7

Most Team Points Scored in a Quad - 243 (December 5, 2017)

Consecutive Team Shutouts - 4 (December 5, 2017 - December 16, 2017)

School Records

Single Season Takedowns - Luke Martin, 175

Career Takedowns - Luke Martin, 415

Match Points - Luke Martin, 488 (unconfirmed)

First South Wrestler to Not Allow a Single Offensive Point - Braxton Amos

This is a CRAZY stat!


CONGRATULATIONS to Luke Martin Parkersburg South for HIS 150TH career WINS!



CONGRATULATIONS to Seth Cade Edison & Zane Hinzman Parkersburg South for their 100th wins!!!


Congratulations to Weirton Madonna for their 1st Team State Title!!!



Congratulations to Parkersburg South on winning the State Tournament again!!!




2018 Jr High OAC Dual Meet Championships


Dist. Tournament: Division II - Claymont (3/2/18-3/3/18)


Dist. Tournament: Division III - Garfield Heights (3/2/18-3/3/18)
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Heath (3/2/18-3/3/18)


Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Claymont (2/24/18)
Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Steubenville (2/24/18)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Barnesville (2/24/18)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Sandy Valley (2/24/18)

Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Rootstown (2/24/18)


2018 OHSAA Sectional Tournament @ Steubenville

Beaver Local.
East Liverpool.
Harrison Central.
Indian Creek.
New Philadelphia.
River View.

WV State High School Wrestling Tournament - First Round Pairings - AAA and AA/A 

Good luck!

WV A/AA & AAA Results


2018 OYWA State Tournament Results

Finished 2nd as a team, 7 kids and 7 placers.

76 - Reese Stephen 2X OYWA State Champ from Barnesville

79 - Skyler King 2nd (Barnesville)
105 - Ayden King 4th (Barnesville)

82 - Dakota King 3rd Place (Cambridge)

67 - Owen Edawards 6th Place (John Glenn)
70 - Dominic Bates 5th Place (John Glenn)

110 - Cohen Bunting 2nd Place (Zanesville)


Coral Springs High School in Florida hosted the district wrestling tournament a few days ago. An employee of Coral Springs reached out to my dad and requested for him to pass along some words to the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School team who had lost their head wrestling coach, Coach Hixon in the school shooting on Feb. 14th.
My dad has a history of overcoming adversity. This video did not need a script and it was only shot once.
The video was played in front of everyone in the gym before the meet started.
Since we all come face to face with adversity, I wanted to share it so maybe this will help motivate you too.



OVAC Duals: Camb, Steub & IC


2018 OAC Jr. High District Qualifier @ Steubenville



2018 OHSAA Sectional Tournament @ Steubenville

Beaver Local.
East Liverpool.
Harrison Central.
Indian Creek.
New Philadelphia.
River View.

WV State High School Wrestling Tournament - First Round Pairings - AAA and AA/A 

Good luck!


2018 OAC Grade School District Qualifier @ Steubenville





2018 Buckeye 8 Conference Tournament Feb 10 @ Edison


Regional Tournaments This Weekend

February 9-10 AA/A Region I - Fairmont Sr. High School 
   AA/A Region I Information
   AA/A Region I Brackets



February 10 AAA Region I - Brooke High School
   AAA Region I Information
   AAA Region I Brackets



BMC @ Linsly rescheduled for the Feb 10th





OVAC Duals: Steub




2018 Buckeye Local Panther Classic

 Final results

Caleb Rea Weir MVP and he beat nationally ranked #3 Teasdale!!!

MVP Match at Panther Classic


2018 Westfall Invitational


BMC @ Linsly rescheduled for the Feb 10th


2018 Wellsville Jr High Duals


2018 Buckeye 8 Conference Tournament Feb 10



OVAC Duals: JM & OG


2018 PAC 8


Washington Court House Tourney


2018 EOWL


Casey Recrosio Weirton Madonna signs with Div I Franklin and-Marshall-College





Bill Hinegardner OVAC Dual Meet Championship


1st Parkersburg South

2nd Wheeling Park

3rd John Marshall

4th Brooke


1st Barnesville

2nd Bellaire

3rd Magnolia

Round 1

Parkersburg South 84

Brooke 0

Wheeling Park 41

John Marshall 33

Barnesville 61

Magnolia 15

Round 2

Parkersburg South 68

Wheeling Park 9

John Marshall 58

Brooke 22

Barnesville 41

Bellaire 23

2018 EOWL


2018 OVAC AAAA Champion Steubenville & OVAC A/AA Champions Shenandoah


2018 Buckeye Local Panther Classic

Seeds & pools are up


2018 Barnesville Invitational Video!

Nice work Clint Abbott


2018 OHSAA Team Dual Results

Congratulations to Buckeye Local for their 1st trip to the region finals in school history.


OVAC Duals: Mag, Bpt, Weir, PS & Lin




2018 Bob Zide Tourney



2018 OHSAA Sectional Team Seeds


2018 West Holmes Tourney



2018 WV "A" Challenge


2018 Brooke Classic

Outstanding Wrestler
Nate Keaton-Circleville

01/27/2018 Frank Ferguson Brooke Classic - Upper Bracket
01/27/2018 Frank Ferguson Brooke Classic - Lower Bracket


OVAC Duals: PS, Univ, Bell, Steub & Mag


2018 Buck Bailey @ Wellsville



2018 New Lexington Tourney


2018 Regional 13 Div II

2018 Regional 12 Div II

2018 Regional 20 Div III

2018 Regional 21 Div III


Claymont District Rankings


2018 OVC Tourney




OVAC Rankings

Rankings change daily!


2017 Subway Youth Wrestling Camp:

Presented by Branden Lee Hinkle, Jan 20th



2018 Hercules Award Braxton Amos Parkersburg South 4 pins in 1:17


2018  Bierkortte Award (MVP) Josh Humphreys Parkersburg South



2018 OVAC "Ron Mauck" Wrestling Championships


2018 Semi Final & Final Marquee Match ups OVAC Seeds, Brackets & Team Scores by Division

Day 3 Brackets updated: final


2018 Brackets & More

This will be updated after each round.




2018 OVC @ UL Info.






2018 Top Gun Live


2018 Top Gun Seeds


2018 winner choice


2018 Barnesville Jr High



OVAC Duals: Camb & Steub, HC, Barn, PS, OG, Lin, Shen, MF, Bell


2018 BMC @ Linsly



2018 Buckeye 8 @ Edison

Rescheduled for 2/10/18





Best of the Midwest


2018 Cameron Tourney


OVAC Duals: Parkersburg South Classic Duals


2018 Shadyside Tourney


2018 Nelsonville York Tourney


2018 Sheridan Tourney


Indian Creek Jr. High Invite






OVAC Duals: EL, Weir, ED, BvL, MF, HC, Univ, Mag & Steub


2017 Indian Creek Jr High Tourney

Tourney will run on time as usual, plus 3 pounds



2017 St Clairsville ABVI Tourney


2017 Gallia Tourney


2017 Powerade Tournament


Flo coverage of the Powerade live


Parkersburg South finished third in the PowerAde Wrestling Tournament held in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania this weekend. 152-Pounder Josh Humphreys and unbeaten 220-Pounder Braxton Amos each claimed an individual championship. Other Patriot placers were:

126 Brayden Roberts, 6th Place

138 Luke Martin, 5th Place

160 Zane Hinzman, 6th Place

285 Louden Haga, 3rd Place


2017 Brecksville Tournament

Video of Brecksville


1st Place - Dalton Hoover of Martins Ferry

1st Place - Hunter Bodkin of Martins Ferry

Mason Kuneff, Bpt 7th


2017 Wheeling Park Duals Final Results

2017 Park Duals Individual Results

You can buy tickets here or at the door.



2017 Cambridge Jr High Tournament


OVAC Duals: Cald, Mag, Well, Cam & PC


 2017 Medina Tournament

Cole McComas (17-3) placed 4th

Skyler Lasure (16-3) placed 4th

Logan Krulik (11-5) placed 6th


2017 Zanesville Invitational


2017 West Jefferson Invitational


BoroFan Break Down of the week:


100 win Alec Cook WM!!!!


2017 OVAC Dual Meet Standings (Christmas Edition!)


West Virginia Wrestling Coaches / WV-Mat High School Team Polls 




Cambridge Open Dec 26th


OVAC Duals: EL, PS, Weir, Univ, Mead, Bell, WM, Mag, Cam & Steub


2017 Buckeye Local Jr. High Tournament

MVP Eric Williams EL




2017 Buckeye Local Jr. High Tournament


Ohio Div II District write up by McClearn


OVAC Duals: Tor & BvL, Bell, WP, Cald, HC, WL, Shen, Camb, Barn, EL


2017 OVAC Dual Meet Standings


2017 Harrison Central Jr. High




JV Tournament Canceled at Edison.


Jackson County Invitational (Bell)


2017 Larry Ritchie Tournament


2017 University Tournament


OVAC Duals: PS


2017 Hoppel Invitational

Peyton Hall OG MVP


OVAC Rankings


2017 North Canton Tournament


2017 University Tournament



 Congratulations to Braxton Amos – Parkersburg South for winning the Ironman!!






OVAC Rankings


OVAC Team Rankings


Parkersburg South Ranked 47th in the Nation by Intermat!


OVAC Duals: SL, Weir, Steub, BvL, Bell, Brk, Barn, WP, EL, Shen, Mag, Camb, HC, & Weir


2017 Hoppel Invitational

Peyton Hall OG MVP


University youth open tourney Dec 17th


2017 Division III Classic


2017 North Canton Tournament


2017 University Tournament


BoroFan Breakdown of Ohio Tourneys:



OVAC Duals: Weir


2017 Warren Local Tournament


2017 Cameron Jr High Tournament


2017 Barnesville Invitational Video!


2017 John Marshall Duals

OVAC Rankings


2017 Columbiana Tournament


UHS wins Amityville (NY) tournament!
5 champions...
113-Jace Stockett
120-Jacob Simpson
126-Jake Staud
145-Braeden Pauley
152-Owen Zeiders


2017 Barnesville Invitational (Brackets & Results)


BoroFan: Write up on Barnesville Invitational


Ironman Live 


Ironman Quarter Final Match ups


Awesome article on Braxton Amos done by Flowrestling


Ironman Preview 106-145


Ironman Preview 152-285


OVAC Duals: BvL



2017 Ironman Seeds

106 10. Peyten Kellar – Warren, OH (0-2)

126 7. Peyton Hall – Oak Glen, WV (4-2) (7th Place)

132 14. Luke Martin – Parkersburg South, WV (3-2)

132 16. Caleb Rea – Weir, WV (3-2)

152 5. Josh Humphreys – Parkersburg South, WV (4-2) (5th Place)

152 8. Jashon Hubbard – Steubenville, OH (INJ)

160 13. Zane Hinzman – Parkersburg South, WV (1-2)

220 1. Braxton Amos – Parkersburg South, WV (4-0) (Champion)

285 6. Louden Haga – Parkersburg South, WV (2-2)




BoroFan: Write up on Barnesville Invitational


OVAC Duals: PS & Brk, HC, Bell, IC, PC, Lin, Camb, StC, Cam, WP


 Jesuit vs Ohio Valley University Friday night at home. It's youth wrestler night. All youth wrestlers get in free.


JV Tourney at Edison Dec. 30


OVAC Duals: PS


2017 Ironman Seeds

106 10. Peyten Kellar – Warren, OH

126 7. Peyton Hall – Oak Glen, WV

132 14. Luke Martin – Parkersburg South, WV

132 16. Caleb Rea – Weir, WV

152 5. Josh Humphreys – Parkersburg South, WV

152 8. Jashon Hubbard – Steubenville, OH

160 13. Zane Hinzman – Parkersburg South, WV

220 1. Braxton Amos – Parkersburg South, WV

285 6. Louden Haga – Parkersburg South, WV


2018 Winter Classic @ BL 


2017 Jr High Bubba Invitational @ MF


Larry Richie Memorial Pools Tournament, December 16, Tyler Consolidated High School 





Congratulations to Parkersburg South for their 800th dual meet victory!!!


OVAC Duals: Brk, PS, WL, EL & OG


2017 Rick Link Invitational Results

Kuneff (Bpt) MVP

2017 Cambridge Invitational Results

Lasure (BvL) MVP





WLU vs WJ Live 6:45


2017 Rick Link Invitational


BoroFan: Breakdown of the Cambridge Invitational


Cambridge Youth Starts Strong!




Check out the 2017-18 American Family Insurance ALL-USA Preseason Wrestling Team.

Congratulations to Braxton Amos on being selected to the ALL-USA Preseason Wrestling Team.


Happy Thanksgiving from University!

What a neat idea!


Rankings will be out today !


Edison is hosting a round robin JV wrestling tournament on Saturday, December 30. Weigh-ins will be at 8am. If you are interested please contact Jim Benson at 614-499-0659.

JV events are hard to find!




2017 Barnesville returning wrestlers

Looks like a strong early season tourney!




Nationally Ranked Wrestlers @ Ironman


Braxton Amos PS is a Super 32 Champion!!!!


Josh Humphreys PS  6th place


Jr High

157 Brenden Severs OH 2nd place

120 Logan Ours OH 4th place


Super 32 Brackets


106: No. 7 Cullan Schriever (IA) DEC No. 11 Richard Figueroa II (CA) 4-2
113: Ryan Crookham (PA) DEC No. 13 Eric Barnett (WI) 2-0
120: No. 3 Adam Busiello (NY) DEC No. 16 Travis Ford-Melton (IL) 4-2
126: No. 8 Jakob Camacho (CT) DEC No 9 Beau Bartlett (PA) 6-4  
132: No. 1 Joseph Silva (FL) DEC No. 7 Jesse Vasquez (CA) 3-2
138: No. 6 (132) Ryan Anderson (PA) DEC No. 16 Jaden Abas (CA) 3-2 OT2
145: No. 7 Mason Phillips (WA) MAJ Quincy Monday (NC) 13-4
152: No. 17 Brevin Balmeceda (FL) DEC No. 13 Joshua Kim (CA) 4-0
160: No. 12 Ryan Thomas (OH) DEC No. 18 Dustin Plott (OK) 8-7 OT2
170: No. 7 Patrick Kennedy (MN) DEC No. 6 Christopher Foca (NJ) 10-6
182: No. 3 (195) Cody Mulligan (PA) DEC Josh Stillings (PA) 4-3  
195: No. 8 Jared Ball (OH) DEC No. 6 Lucas Davison (IN) 5-1
220: No. 2 Braxton Amos (WV) DEC No. 12 Peter Acciardi (NJ) 3-1
285: No. 4 Anthony Cassioppi (IL) DEC No. 10 Max Darrah (MO) 8-0





Semifinal Match Ups
106: No. 4 Jeremiah Reno (Mo) vs No. 11 Richard Figueroa ii (Ca)
106: Jakason Burks (Ne) vs No. 7 Cullan Schriever (Ia)

113: No. 13 Eric Barnett (Wi) vs No. 12 Noah Surtin (Il)
113: No. 10 Greg Diakomihalis (Ny) vs Ryan Crookham (Pa)

120: No. 3 Adam Busiello (Ny) vs Malyke Hines (Fl)
120: No. 16 Travis Ford-Melton (Il) vs Kyle Gollhofer (Ga)

126: No 9 Beau Bartlett (Pa) vs Sam Hillegas (Pa)
126: No. 13 (132) Connor Mcgonagle (Nh) vs No. 8 Jakob Camacho (Ct)

132: No. 1 Joseph Silva (Fl) vs No. 12 Quinn Kinner (Nj)
132: No. 7 Jesse Vasquez (Ca) vs No. 6 (126) Joshua Saunders (Mo)

138: No. 2 Mitch Moore (Oh) vs No. 16 Jaden Abas (Ca)
138: No. 6 (132) Ryan Anderson (Pa) vs No. 10 Marshall Keller (Va)

145: No. 7 Mason Phillips (Wa) vs No. 11 Alex Facundo (Mi)
145: No. 6 Jake Silverstein (Ny) vs Quincy Monday (Nc)

152: No. 11 Cameron Amine (Mi) vs No. 13 Joshua Kim (Ca)
152: No. 17 Brevin Balmeceda (Fl) vs
Joshua Humphreys (Wv)

160: Danny Braunagel (Il) vs No. 18 Dustin Plott (Ok)
160: Layne Malczewski (Mi) vs No. 12 Ryan Thomas (Oh)

170: No. 1 Trent Hidlay (Pa) vs No. 7 Patrick Kennedy (Mn)
170: No. 15 Michael O'Malley (Nj) vs No. 6 Christopher Foca (Nj)

182: No. 6 Anthony Montalvo (Ca) vs Josh Stillings (Pa)
182: No. 5 Jared Krattiger (Wi) vs No. 3 (195) Cody Mulligan (Pa)

195: No. 8 Jared Ball (Oh) vs Thomas Penola (In)
195: Tyrie Houghton (Nc) vs No. 6 Lucas Davison (In)

No. 2 Braxton Amos (Wv) vs Lewis Fernandes (Nj)
220: No. 13 Benjamin Goldin (Fl) vs No. 12 Peter Acciardi (Nj)

285: No. 4 Anthony Cassioppi (Il) vs No. 19 Michael Kramer (Tn)
285: No. 10 Max Darrah (Mo) vs Jorden Pryor (Md)


120 Cole Mccomas Oh 5-2

126 Jonathan Potts Oh 0-2

106 Peyten Kellar Oh 1-2

152 Anthony Carman Wv 1-2

220 Braxton Amos Wv 3-0 **

126 Brayden Roberts Wv 1-2

132 Canon Welker Wv 0-2

152 Joshua Humphreys Wv 5-0 **

182 Kaleb Simpkins Wv 0-2

285 Louden Haga Wv 2-1 *

132 Luke Martin Wv 5-2

113 Matthew Simpson Wv 1-2

126 Peyton Hall Wv 5-1 *

Jacob Simpson Wv 0-2



Jr High

157 Brenden Severs OH 2nd place

120 Logan Ours OH 4th place


Super 32 info and more







30 team Jr High Duals Dec 29-30th @ Blennerhassett Middle (PS)


Oak Glen JV Tourney Dec 2nd





Indian Creek Jr High Tourney Info.


Gladiators Duals Nov 19th


Ohio High School State Rankings




November 5th East Liverpool Open


Ohio open tourneys




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Wheeling Jesuit University Page updated. 2018 Schedule added...
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FLO High School Rankings

Parkersburg South with 2 wrestlers ranked in the top 20 in country!

Braxton Amos 3rd & Louden Haga 20th





WLU Wrestling News!!!

1. Video production of all the newly renovated WLU wrestling facilities


2. Press release on our 2017 recruiting class





University is still accepting teams for the Superior Photo Scholarship Tournament at University HS on December 16, 2017.
See this link for more info...


Contact Coach Maisel for more info - ksmaisel@comcast.net

University High School in Morgantown has an opening for assistant coach. If interested contact Coach Maisel at ksmaisel@comcast.net





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