2016-2017 OVAC


Amos Greco-Roman Champion with a 10-0 47 second tech fall, and was the OW also!!!!



120 lbs.
1st Phillip Moomey (Nebraska) dec. Fabian Lopez (Illinois), 13-9
3rd Cameron Picklo (Oklahoma) dec. Brayden Roberts Mineral (West Virginia), 17-8
5th Aidan Nutter (Wisconsin) dec. Austin Almaguer (Washington), 3-1
7th Reese Durlacher (Illinois) won by forfeit Luke Odom (Illinois)


220 lbs.
1st Braxton Amos (West Virginia) tech. fall Luke Luffman (Illinois), 10-0 
3rd Jacob Kaminski (Illinois) tech. fall Thomas Mukai (Virginia), 10-0 
5th Tarik Sutkovic (Arizona) tech. fall Lewis Fernandes (New Jersey), 13-1 
7th Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania) fall Nathaniel Deasey (Arizona), 1:24

285 lbs.
1st Eli Pokorney (Indiana) dec. Logan Zschernitz (Wisconsin), 14-7
3rd Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) tech. fall Nicholas Pierce (Minnesota), 16-5 
5th Louden Haga (Ohio) tech. fall Justin Ramos (California), 10-0 
7th Colby Whitehill (Pennsylvania) fall Carlos Sanchez (Texas), 14-2




Amos is a finalist in Greco-Roman @ Fargo



Dr. Bill Welker retires and will be missed!





It might be Greco-Roman but same results Amos and Haga in quarter Finals at Fargo! Roberts joins the fun too!


120 lbs.
Brayden Roberts (West Virginia) vs. Fabian Lopez (Illinois)
Cameron Picklo (Oklahoma) vs. Luke Odom (Illinois)
Aidan Nutter (Wisconsin) vs. Regan Schrempp (Minnesota)
Austin Almaguer (Washington) vs. Phillip Moomey (Nebraska)

220 lbs.
Braxton Amos (West Virginia) vs. Jacob Bullock (Illinois) 
Nathaniel Deasey (Arizona) vs. Jacob Kaminski (Illinois) 
Tarik Sutkovic (Arizona) vs. Lewis Fernandes (New Jersey) 
Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania) vs. Luke Luffman (Illinois)

285 lbs. 
Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) vs. Justin Ramos (California) 
William Taylor (Tennessee) vs. Eli Pokorney (Indiana) 
Louden Haga (Ohio) vs. Logan Zschernitz (Wisconsin) 
Nicholas Pierce (Minnesota) vs. Chase Dockter (North Dakota)


Amos repeats as National Champion at Fargo! Haga takes second!

220 pounds
1st – Braxton Amos (West Virginia) dec. Luke Luffman (Illinois), 10-2
3rd – Jacob Kaminski (Illinois) fall Victor Jaquez Jr. (California), 2:24
5th – Jacob Bullock (Illinois) dec. Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania), 10-9
7th – Lewis Fernandes (New Jersey) tech. fall Tarik Sutkovic (Arizona), 11-1

285 pounds
1st – Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) tech. fall Louden Haga (Ohio), 19-8
3rd – Eli Pokorney (Indiana) tech. fall Chase Dockter (North Dakota), 10-0
5th – Logan Zschernitz (Wisconsin) tech. fall Nicholas Pierce (Minnesota), 14-13
7th – Colby Whitehill (Pennsylvania) tech. fall Carlos Sanchez (Texas), 11-0


Amos and Haga advance to the semifinals! (Both AA)

220 pounds
Braxton Amos (West Virginia) vs. Jacob Kaminski (Illinois)
Victor Jaquez Jr. (California) vs. Luke Luffman (Illinois)

286 pounds
Eli Pokorney (Indiana) vs. Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota)
Chase Dockter (North Dakota) vs. Louden Haga (Ohio)



220 pounds
Braxton Amos (West Virginia) vs. Erich Osteen (California)
Jacob Kaminski (Illinois) vs. Jacob Bullock (Illinois) 
Victor Jaquez Jr. (California) vs. Kade Carlson (Utah)
Hunter Catka (Pennsylvania) vs. Luke Luffman (Illinois) 

286 pounds
Eli Pokorney (Indiana) vs. Colby Whitehill (Pennsylvania) 
Logan Zschernitz (Wisconsin) vs. Nash Hutmacher (South Dakota) 
Chase Dockter (North Dakota) vs. Carlos Sanchez (Texas) 
Louden Haga (Ohio) vs. Andrew Snyder (Iowa)



Amos in quarterfinals at Fargo!

Returning Cadet National double champion Braxton Amos of West Virginia (195) had three straight technical falls on Saturday, putting away Colby Beer of Kansas, Jason Edwards of Alaska and Julian Stone of Oregon. His quarterfinals matchup is Erich Osteen of California. Amos competed for Team Ohio last year


Nice article on Amos!


220 pound FLO Rankings:

Braxton Amos 3rd @ 220!!!

Congrats Braxton!!


2017 Fargo!


Junior Freestyle
132 – Jackson Henson
138 – Jared Donahue
170 – Leslie Campbell
220 – Aaron Davis

Junior Greco-Roman
170 – Leslie Campbell
220 – Aaron Davis

Cadet Freestyle
106 – Garret Donahue
113 – Matthew Simpson
120 – Wyatt Henson, Brayden Roberts, Jacob Simpson
126 – John Martin Best
220 – Braxton Amos

Cadet Greco-Roman
113 – Matthew Simpson
120 – Brayden Roberts, Jacob Simpson
126 – Martin Best
220 – Braxton Amos

New FloRankings: Braxton Amos (No. 3 at 220)


Team Ohio
Men Cadet 285 Louden Haga PSHS
Women's Cadet 94 Samantha Miller PSHS


2017 NHSCA Duals


ValleyElite Wrestling Camp June 8-10th @ Indian Creek Featuring Dave Habat



Zion Clark Inspirational story with a hometown connection!


Hilltop Wrestling Club


Cambridge Camp June 26-27 Featuring Josh Malave

EAST LIVERPOOL — East Liverpool Junior High is looking for wrestling coaches and volunteers. If interested, call coach Scott Hiemstra at (330) 853-5845.


East Liverpool Wrestling Camp

EAST LIVERPOOL — East Liverpool Wrestling Camp for middle and high school wrestlers will be held June 23-25.

It will run from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and noon to 2 p.m. daily with open mats from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Gladiators coach Justin Waters will be the instructor.

Cost is $60 for three days or $25 each day, which includes lunch.

For more information, call David Spencer at (330) 383-1830 or Scott Hiemstra at (330) 853-5845.





Jordyn Spencer fundraising Softball Tournament April 30th


2016-17 OVAC Master Schedule


2017 ViperPit Open


2017 US Open Jr. Freestyle Results


60 KG
1st Mitchell Mckee Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota Storm) PP Vitali Arujau (Finger Lakes), 13-10
3rd Montorie Bridges Laramie, WY (Wyoming Wrestling RTC) PP Tariq Wilson Raleigh, NC (Wolfpack Wrestling Club), 13-6
5th Nick Farro Bethlehem, PA (Lehigh University) PP Jacob Silzer Tinley Park, IL (IRTC), 10-10
7th Paul Glynn Iowa City, IA (University of Iowa) PP Jackson Henson Scottsdale, AZ (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 8-5



Hunter DeLong (PS) to WVU!!!




2017 Intelligencer All Ohio Valley Team



2017 Wrestle Against Autism!


2017 Mt Union Freestyle Qualifier


2017 Mt Union Greco Qualifier









2017 Flo Nationals


High School


Gregory Quinn Shadyside Roar OH (7-2) FLO AA 7th place

Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) DEC Austin Hernandez Cypress, TX (Cypress Ranch), 8-2
 Antonio Mininno Woodbury, NJ (Gateway) MD Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar), 10-1
Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) DEC Zack Witmer Bellefonte, PA (Bison Legend), 4-2

Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) MD Timothy Decatur Goldsboro, NC (The Crew), 12-3

 Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) DEC Matthew Wilde Boyertown, PA (Boyertown), 2-1

Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) F Jack Prendergast Woodstown, NJ (Seagulls), 5:38

Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) MD Dalton Rohrbaugh Spring Grove, PA (Team Nauman), 9-1

Ed Scott DuBois, PA (Young guns) TF Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar), 18-3 2:52

 Gregory Quinn OH (Shadyside Roar) F Joey Thomas Mount Airy, MD (South Carroll), 1:05


Cole McComas Beaver Local OH (1-2)

Jacob Brasseur Lexington, SC (Lexington) DEC Cole Mccomas East Liverpool, OH (Beaver Local), 7-4
113 Cole Mccomas East Liverpool, OH (Beaver Local) DEC Brock Peele Portage, IN (Portage Wrestling Club), 5-3
113 Keegan O`toole Hartland, WI (Askren Wrestling Academy) MD Cole Mccomas East Liverpool, OH (Beaver Local), 16-3

Wyatt Henson Sunkist Kids Morgantown WV (3-2)

Wyatt Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids) DEC Darius Grant Bethlehem, PA (Dark Knights), 3-0
120 Jakob Camacho Danbury, CT (Iowa Style Wrestling) F Wyatt Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids), 3:41
120 Wyatt Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids) DEC Nathan Gainey Odenton, MD (Blue Claw Wrestling), 4-3

Wyatt Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids) DEC Tyler Dilley Saint Marys, PA (Saint Marys), 6-2

Michael Mars Westland, MI (Fury Wrestling Factory) F Wyatt Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids), 2:16


Peyton Hall Gladiators Wrestling Chester WV (3-2)

Peyton Hall Chester, WV (Gladiators Wrestling) DEC Andrew Ischo Greenville, PA (Reynolds), 8-2
120 Peyton Hall Chester, WV (Gladiators Wrestling) F Justin Rodriguez Columbus, OH (Unattached), 5:03

Julian Chlebove Northampton, PA (Dark Knights) F Peyton Hall Chester, WV (Gladiators Wrestling), 5:58

Peyton Hall Chester, WV (Gladiators Wrestling) F Justin Kempf Weyauwega, WI (Fox Valley Elite), 3:40

Michael Mars Westland, MI (Fury Wrestling Factory) DEC Peyton Hall Chester, WV (Gladiators Wrestling), 6-0



Luke Martin Patriot wrestling club Washington WV (3-2) FLO AA 8th place

Luke Martin Washington, WV (Patriot wrestling club) DEC Jack Medley New Baltimore, MI (Marysville wrestling club), 7-3

Luke Martin Washington, WV (Patriot wrestling club) DEC Michael Mars Westland, MI (Fury Wrestling Factory), 6-4

 Julian Chlebove Northampton, PA (Dark Knights) F Luke Martin Washington, WV (Patriot wrestling club), 4:46

Luke Martin Washington, WV (Patriot wrestling club) DEC Brock Whorton Fairmont, WV (East Fairmont High School), 1-0

James Mcclain El Paso, TX (Takedown Elite) TF Luke Martin Washington, WV (Patriot wrestling club), 17-0 2:00


Caleb Rea Weirton WV (0-2)

Matthew Caccamise Macedon, NY (APEX NY) DEC Caleb Rea Weirton, WV (Unattached), 5-2

Justin Rivera Fort Myers, FL (FORT MYERS WC) DEC Caleb Rea Weirton, WV (Unattached), 3-1


Skyler Lasure JWC Wellsville OH (2-2)

Skyler Lasure Wellsville, OH (JWC) DEC Tanner Astrauskas Pierson, MI (Tri County Vikings), 7-2
 Skyler Lasure Wellsville, OH (JWC) DEC Benjamin Derose Raleigh, NC (The Crew), 12-8

 Orion Anderson Schuylerville, NY (Schuylerville High School) F Skyler Lasure Wellsville, OH (JWC), 3:29

Justin Rivera Fort Myers, FL (FORT MYERS WC) DEC Skyler Lasure Wellsville, OH (JWC), 7-3


Jackson Henson Sunkist Kids Morgantown WV (3-2) FLO AA 4th Place

Jackson Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids) F Dillan Jeffrey New Kensington, PA (Mat Factory), 2:49
Jackson Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids) MD Jeffrey Boyd Erie, PA (Golden Knight Wrestling Club), 12-4

Jackson Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids) DEC Caleb Morris Waynesburg, PA (Waynesburg), 7-0

Cole Manley Altoona, PA (Young guns) DEC Jackson Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids), 5-2

Kj Fenstermacher Northampton, PA (Dark Knights) DEC Jackson Henson Morgantown, WV (Sunkist Kids), 5-3


Jared Wright JWC East Liverpool OH (0-2)

Alexander Escudero Los Gatos, CA (Los Gatos Wrestling Club) DEC Jared Wright East Liverpool, OH (JWC), 11-4

Carson Licastri Easton, CT (Iowa Style Wrestling) DEC Jared Wright East Liverpool, OH (JWC), 2-0


Beau Smith JWC East Palestine OH (1-2)

 Beau Smith East Palestine, OH (JWC) MD Micah Hoffman Dillsburg, PA (Northern York), 14-6

Jamar Williams Sykesville, MD (South Carroll) DEC Beau Smith East Palestine, OH (JWC), 7-4

Noah North Lugoff, SC (Darkhorse) F Beau Smith East Palestine, OH (JWC), 2:34


Anthony Rice Steubenville OH (2-2)

 Brock Wilson Bethlehem, PA (Dark Knights) DEC Anthony Rice (Steubenville), 8-3

Anthony Rice (Steubenville) F Tristan Tadeo Plano, TX (Rockstar), 4:31

Anthony Rice (Steubenville) MD Dillan Palaszewski Galway, NY (Journeymen), 9-1

Xander Gore Delaware, OH (Beast Mode) DEC Anthony Rice (Steubenville), 4-3


Brylan Clouse Barnesville Shamrocks Barnesville OH (2-2)

Brylan Clouse Barnesville, OH (Barnesville Shamrocks) DEC Timmy Ward Roaring Branch, PA (Bison Legend), 5-4

Robert Patrick Ligonier, PA (Ligonier) TF Brylan Clouse Barnesville, OH (Barnesville Shamrocks), 20-3 1:50

Brylan Clouse Barnesville, OH (Barnesville Shamrocks) DEC Cole Sossong Portage, PA (Young guns), 3-1

 Cam Jenkins Westerville, OH (Beast Mode) DEC Brylan Clouse Barnesville, OH (Barnesville Shamrocks), 5-1


John Nash Wheeling Wrestling Club Triadelphia WV (2-2)

Cornell Beachem Hamilton, OH (Winton Woods) DEC John Nash Triadelphia, WV (WHEELING WRESTLING CLUB), 5-3
160 John Nash Triadelphia, WV (WHEELING WRESTLING CLUB) DEC Tanner Weaver Loganton, PA (Central Mountain), 4-2

John Nash Triadelphia, WV (WHEELING WRESTLING CLUB) DEC Connor Charping Trenton, MI (Trenton), 4-2

Brad Kata Windermere, FL (Seagulls) DEC John Nash Triadelphia, WV (WHEELING WRESTLING CLUB), 7-2


Adam Frisco Next Level Morgantown WV (1-2)

Adam Frisco Morgantown, WV (Next Level) F Chris Allen Louisville, KY (Horsepower Wrestling Club), 1:26

 Trent Hidlay Lewistown, PA (Bison Legend) TF Adam Frisco Morgantown, WV (Next Level), 19-4 5:15

Nick Giantonio Troutville, VA (va elite) F Adam Frisco Morgantown, WV (Next Level), 0:59


Louden Haga Patriot wrestling club Mineral Wells WV (1-2)

Louden Haga Mineral Wells, WV (Patriot wrestling club) DEC Mike Mccowan Grundy, VA (Grundy), 4-0

 Brendan Furman Canonsburg, PA (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) TF Louden Haga Mineral Wells, WV (Patriot wrestling club), 20-2 2:42

Max Bishop Caledonia, MI (Flat River Wrestling) F Louden Haga Mineral Wells, WV (Patriot wrestling club), 3:36

8th Grade


Nathan Shelek Wheeling Wresting Cub Wheeling WV


Steven Mitchell Wheeling Wresting Club Bellaire OH


5th Grade

Clay Wood TKO Wellsburg WV

Jameson Maynard Wheeling Wrestling Club Wheeling WV


3rd Grade

Brock Humphrey Wheeling Wresting Cub Wheeling WV

Isaac Martin Wheeling Wrestling Club Wheeling WV








2017 NHSCA Nationals

120 Champion  Peyton Hall (Oak Glen) WV d C. Saldate CA 5-0

Good Luck Peyton!!!!


OAC Grade School State Live Brackets & Bout Board

OAC Grade School State Live Video on Flowrestling

40.1 Rukus Springer EL 8th

45.1 Jayce Nixon MF 6th

75.1 Colt Gamble HC 2nd

65.2 Jake Hughes BvL Champion

85.2 Nolan Blackburn Steub 2nd

85.2 Hines Ford Barn 7th

55.3 Tristan Eckles EL 8th

71.3 Brody Saccoccia Steub 3rd

95.3 Kamdon Morrison Camb 4th

160.3 Axle Saling Camb 5th

80.4 Eric Williams EL Champion

120.4 Ethan Waggoner Tor 5th

140.4 Elijah Llewellyn HC 3rd

 180.4 Lucas Thomas HC 7th





Year End Stats: (Email yours in!)



Logan Ball Cambridge 161 wins ( New School Leader)
Tommy Moore Cambridge 121 wins

Tommy Moore Cambridge will be going to The University of Mount Union to wrestle and further his education


Harrison Central

1.) Brenton Stull finished his high school career with 106 wins

 Harrison Central Wrestling Team finished as State Runner-up's in Division III at the 2017 OAC Grades School State Wrestling Championships yesterday!! We had 8 State Qualifiers with 3 State Placers.

Div. 1 60lbs. Cael Bryant 1-2
Div. 1 75lbs. Colt Gamble 3-1 State Runner-up
Div. 2 50lbs. Hunter Fulton 2-2
Div. 2 61lbs. Trenton Allison 2-2
Div. 3 95lbs. Ethan Llewellyn 2-2
Div. 3 110lbs. Landen Thomas 2-2
Div. 4 140lbs. Elijah Llewellyn 5-1 3rd place
Div. 4 180lbs. Lucas Thomas 4-2 7th place




2017 OAC Jr High Brackets and Results

84 Eric Williams EL 4th

96 Howard Williams EL 3rd

102 Logan Ours DMT (BvL) 2nd

102 Aaron Ferguson NL (Steub) 3rd

126 Devon Salsberry BvL 5th

146 Brenden Severs BvL 6th

176 Sam Lowe BvL 4th



OVAC all stars beat the MAC all stars 41-22

2017 OVAC All Stars!!!




Parkersburg South won their 21st state wrestling title, tying the record held by Parkersburg High. South finished with 256.5, 100 points ahead of runner-up Parkersburg.

South Head Coach Shaun Smith was a co-winner of the Rod Oldham AAA Coach of the Year (sharing the award with University’s Ken Maisel).

Complete list of team scores can be found at http://wvmat.com/temp/aaasecond2.htm.

Brackets can be found at http://wvmat.com/temp/aaasecond2.pdf.




OVAC All Star

3/15 Banquet 

Scaffidi's Restaurant
350 S. Hollywood Blvd
Steubenville, OH 43952
Weigh-ins start at 5:30PM
Banquet starts at 6:00PM

3/16 All-Star Match

Moon High School
8353 University Boulevard
Moon, PA 15108

Match starts at 7:00PM
Adults $6
Student $4


OVAC All-Star Lineup



106 Ty Logston Oak Glen High School

5th OVAC – 4th West Virginia State Tournament

113 Tim Young Steubenville High School

OVAC Champion – 6th Ohio State Tournament

120 Greg Quinn Shadyside High School

OVAC Runner-up – Ohio State Runner-up

126 Riley Nice Magnolia High School

5th OVAC – 4th West Virginia State Tournament

132 Josh Kahl Shadyside High School

OVAC Runner-up – 7th Ohio State Tournament

138 Robert Bozek Oak Glen High School

OVAC Champion – West Virginia State Champion

145 Miles Mazik Indian Creek High School

OVAC Runner-up

152 Nick Scott Steubenville High School

7th OVAC – Ohio State Alternate

160 Adam Frisco University High School

3rd OVAC – 6th West Virginia State Tournament

160 Michael Starcher Cameron High School

5th OVAC – West Virginia State Qualifier

170 Stevie Coole Oak Glen High School

5th OVAC – West Virginia State Qualifier

182 Nick Valachovic University High School

OVAC Runner-up – West Virginia State Runner-up

195 Brandon Keys Tyler Consolidated

8th OVAC

220 Alex Edgell Brooke High School

OVAC Champion – 5th West Virginia State Tournament

285 Dom Wallace Martins Ferry High School

3rd OVAC – 3rd Ohio State Tournament

285 Nathan Simmons John Marshall High School

5th OVAC – West Virginia State Qualifier




Aidan Pasiuk wins 1st State title in Wrestling for Carrollton!




Ohio State Placers

First Place Final
106: Jacob Decatur, Cuy. Falls CVCA dec. Cole McComas, Lisbon Beaver 12-6
113: Nate Keaton, Circleville dec. Dominic Carone, Streetsboro 1-0
120: Jordan Crace, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Lukus Stricker, Akron Arch. Hoban 4-1
126: Jordan Decatur, Cuy. Falls CVCA dec. Hunter Kosco, Canal Fulton Northwest 7-6
132: Mitch Moore, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Ben Pasiuk, Carrollton 2-0
138: J.D. Stickley, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Timothy Gage Grunden, Defiance 8-1
145: Kevon Freeman, Mentor Lake Cath. dec. Sandro Ramirez, Wauseon 7-0
152: Rocky Jordan, St. Paris Graham Local maj. dec. Sid Ohl, Ashland 8-0
160: Ryan Thomas, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Georgio Poullas, Canfield 6-4SV
170: David Crawford, Canfield dec. Dimitri Williams, New Lexington 3-1SV
182: Aidan Pasiuk, Carrollton dec. Gage Braun, St. Paris Graham Local 2-1
195: Kavan Sarver, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Stone Day, Germantown Valley View 3-2UTB
220: Landon Hall, Wapakoneta dec. Brandon Phillips, Maumee 6-4
285: Ian Sharp, Beloit W. Branch dec. Mason Giordano, Canfield 1-0

Third Place Finals
106: Tanner Jordan, St. Paris Graham Local maj. dec. Payton Burgdorf, Oberlin Firelan 15-2
113: Matthew Cardello, Cuy. Falls CVCA dec. Brandon Lucas, Mt. Orab Western Brown 4-2SV
120: Caleb Brooks, Circleville maj. dec. Hunter Ryan, Mentor Lake Cath. 14-2
126: Jeffrey Thomas, St. Paris Graham Local dec. Matthew Taylor, Ashland 3-0
132: Hunter Yackee, Wauseon dec. Luke Wymer, Akron St. Vin.-St. Mary 5-1
138: Jake Martinez, Newark Licking Valley dec. Anthony Rice, Steubenville 5-3
145: Jashon Hubbard, Steubenville dec. Joey Sanchez, St. Paris Graham Local 4-2

152: Quinton Kelley, Akron Arch. Hoban dec. Anthony D'Alesio, Canfield 6-2
160: Ashton Eyler, Uhrichsville Claymont tech. fall Khord Moore, Canton South 20-3
170: David Heath, Akron St. Vin.-St. Mary dec. Evan Schenk, Perry 5-3SV
182: Duce Johnson, Alliance dec. Robbie Bowers, Defiance 8-6
195: Tony Banister, Wauseon dec. Pete Abraham, Parma Padua Franciscan 7-2
220: Abdullah Silmi, Norwalk dec. Jack DelGarbino, Girard 8-6SV
285: Devin Williams, Shelby pin Brandon Matlock, Warren Howland 2:38

Fifth Place Finals
106: Christian Wayt, Beloit W. Branch dec. Jedidiah Marlow, Mt. Orab Western Brown 5-2
113: Conor McCrone, Mentor Lake Cath. dec. Tim Young, Steubenville 7-2
120: Eric Bartos, Medina Buckeye tech. fall Jarrett Bischoff, Wauseon 17-1
126: Addison Fogle, Newark Licking Valley dec. David Massey, Peninsula Woodridge 3-1
132: Jayden Hefner, Wapakoneta dec. Coby Hughes, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace 8-1
138: Justin Shaw, Carrollton over Carson Speelman, Mansfield Mad. Comp. default 
145: Adam Shaw, Carrollton dec. Alex Kowal, Mid. Bishop Fenwick 8-6
152: Nick Vespucci, Mantua Crestwood dec. Caleb Cass, Lodi Cloverleaf 10-4
160: Michael McIntire, Akron St. Vin.-St. Mary pin Andrew Bailey, Wauseon 2:23
170: Keysean Amison, Sandusky Perkins dec. Tre Terry, Lima Bath 9-5
182: Dominic Cooper, Canfield dec. Mathieu Holt, Granville 10-4
195: Jud Ramage, Byesville Meadowbrook pin Jerrell Martin, Alliance 4:50
220: Zach Baker, Marengo Highland pin Austin Norris, Jefferson Area 0:41
285: Jamez Young, Sandusky pin Sam Mitchell, Warsaw River View 0:45

Seventh Place Finals
106: Edward Suber, Tallmadge dec. Trey Finnearty, Circleville 2-1
113: Jake Gentry, Hamilton Ross dec. Cael Woods, Millersburg W. Holmes 4-2
120: Skyler Lasure, Lisbon Beaver dec. Joe Wright, Akron Coventry 1-0
126: Danny Assaf, Defiance dec. Caden Blust, Tiffin Columbian 7-4
132: Josh Smith, Canal Fulton Northwest dec. Drew Crabtree, Sandusky Perkins 4-0
138: Bret Baker, Norton dec. Dakota Bunting, Uhrichsville Claymont 3-2
145: Trenten Scott, Franklin dec. Kaleb Crisenbery, Gallipolis Gallia Acad. 7-3TB
152: Jake Henderson, Mt. Orab Western Brown maj. dec. Garrett Coe, LaGrange Keystone 10-0
160: Brahm Ginter, Shelby dec. Ben Davenport, Chill. Unioto 9-5
170: Josh Barr, Bay Village Bay over Alex Andrews, Napoleon default 
182: Baden Pinson, Reading pin R.J. Tolliver, Wilmington 2:42
195: Josh Bever, Ashland dec. Jared Fenner, Wash. C.H. Miami Trace 6-2TB
220: Johnny Shafer, St. Paris Graham Local maj. dec. Drone Moore, Steubenville 9-1
285: Demarko Craig, Tol. Central Cath. dec. Noah Meeker, Elida 2-1

First Place Final
106: Oscar Sanchez, Genoa Area maj. dec. Wyatt Riddle, Legacy Christian Academy 14-2
113: Dylan D'Emilio, Genoa Area pin Greg Quinn, Shadyside 5:52
120: Tommy Hoskins, Legacy Christian Academy dec. Julian Sanchez, Genoa Area 8-3
126: Drew Mattin, Delta pin Bruce Hrynciw, Oak Harbor 3:39
132: Alex Rhine, Mechanicsburg dec. Alex Isbrandt, Casstown Miami East 8-6SV
138: Brady Barnett, Milan Edison dec. Noah Mattin, Archbold 7-1
145: Tanner Smith, Mechanicsburg dec. Stan Bleich, Elyria Cath. 5-1
152: Jacob Lagoa, Ashtabula St. John dec. Colt Yinger, Mechanicsburg 6-3
160: James Limongi, Genoa Area dec. Lance Miller, Covington 1-0
170: Kaleb Romero, Mechanicsburg pin Brett Vonderwell, Delphos St. John's 0:52
182: Zach Steiner, Creston Norwayne dec. James Handwerk, Rocky River Lutheran W. 3-1SV
195: Gaige Willis, And. Pymatuning Val. dec. Logan Hall, Massillon Tuslaw 3-1
220: Dylan Thorp, Oak Harbor dec. Ben Sullivan, New Paris National Trail 7-3
285: Francesco Borsellino, Magnolia Sandy Valley pin Derek Smith, Defiance Tinora 2:42

Third Place Finals
106: Ethan Turner, Troy Christian dec. Collin Yinger, Nelsonville-York 6-0
113: Jacob Edwards, Troy Christian dec. Dylan Burns, Milan Edison 6-2
120: Graham Shore, Casstown Miami East maj. dec. Dalton Leightner, Rootstown 9-1
126: Tyler Wetzel, Mechanicsburg dec. A.J. Warner, Legacy Christian Academy 8-1
132: Logan Kissell, Garrettsville Garfield dec. Isaac Elliott, Massillon Tuslaw 7-2
138: Gavin Stika, Creston Norwayne dec. Brian Persinger, Wooster Triway 3-2
145: Derek Gross, Norwalk St. Paul dec. Cody Rhoads, Orwell Grand Valley 7-2
152: Jake Huston, Oak Harbor dec. Riley Smucker, Smithville 2-1SV
160: Luke Sorboro, Rootstown dec. Josh Doherty, W. Jefferson 8-6
170: Logan Stanley, Apple Creek Waynedale dec. Cole Draper, Sycamore Mohawk 5-3
182: Jace Grossman, Bloomdale Elmwood dec. Madison Jaso, Gibsonburg 4-3
195: Dalton Hoover, Martins Ferry dec. Daniel Beemer, Ottawa-Glandorf 3-2
220: Caide Bunfill, Barnesville dec. Ryan Boyle, Rootstown 4-2
285: Dom Wallace, Martins Ferry dec. Brian Stears, Williamsburg 3-1SV

Fifth Place Finals
106: Colton Bethel, W. Lafayette Ridgewood dec. Devan Hendricks, Jamestown Greeneview 6-1
113: Camron Neal, Camden Preble Shawnee dec. Zach Larue, Akron Manchester 7-3
120: Jacson Muldrew, Shadyside dec. Cole Mattin, Delta 4-1
126: Niko Chilson, Rootstown over Ruger Goeltzenleuchter, Haviland Wayne Trace default 
132: Schuyler Caprella, Harrod Allen East dec. Brad Trescott, Rootstown 4-2SV
138: Jared Ford, Troy Christian dec. Conan Becker, Galion Northmor 9-3
145: Alex Neuberger, Milan Edison dec. Dylan Mansor, Oak Harbor 7-4
152: Forest Belli, Johnstown Northridge dec. Hugo Villarreal, Gibsonburg 9-4
160: Steele Strout, Johnstown Northridge dec. Tyler Speelman, Nelsonville-York 9-5
170: Brad Mendoza, Gibsonburg dec. Chris Langguth, Rootstown 6-5
182: Kian Thompson, Oak Harbor dec. Tanner May, Carey 7-2
195: Hudson Jump, Grandview Hts. dec. John Kelbly, Smithville 3-1
220: Reece Human, Carlisle dec. Kent Petersen, Hamler Patrick Henry 1-0
285: Tanner Kunz, Chil. Zane Trace pin Cameron Coffman, New Lebanon Dixie 5:30SV

Seventh Place Finals
106: Ray Adams, Milan Edison pin Jacob Kuhlins, Massillon Tuslaw 2:16
113: Cameron Dickman, Oak Harbor dec. Klay Reeves, Johnstown Northridge 3-1
120: Carter Wolf, Marion Pleasant dec. Kalib Patterson, Ridgedale 4-3
126: Josh Kahl, Shadyside pin Noah Inboden, Nelsonville-York 2:16
132: Michael Yacapraro, Wooster Triway dec. Gavin Grime, Archbold 5-2
138: J.D. McNett, Tontogany Otsego over Chase Sumner, Ada default 
145: Chase Moore, Swanton pin Dawson Hoselton, Chil. Zane Trace 4:11
152: Bailey Slattman, Defiance Tinora dec. Wyatt Lefker, Williamsburg 2-0
160: Jonah Brown, Edgerton dec. Elvis Conkle, Massillon Tuslaw 8-4
170: Manny Garza, Rittman dec. Brett Posey, Chil. Zane Trace 7-2
182: Jerome Bey, Versailles dec. Tom McKale, Newbury 5-2
195: Sam Stoll, Milan Edison over Jake Burns, W. Jefferson default 
220: Kade Marker, Newbury pin Paul Skye, Mogadore 2:04
285: Seth Douglas, Troy Christian dec. Brayden Phillips, Massillon Tuslaw 1-0





2017 OAC Jr. High State Brackets



2017 Brian Brakeman Write Up!!!


2017 OVAC All Conference Team



2017 OHSAA State Brackets!


Congratulations to the 25 Ohio OVAC State Qualifiers:

106 Pound Placers
1st Cole McComas 9, Beaver (44-1)

4th Peyton Blasko 10, Steubenville (46-6)

113 Pound Placers
1st Tim Young 12, Steubenville (33-0) 
1st Greg Quinn 12, Shadyside (47-1)

120 Pound Placers
1st Jacson Muldrew 10, Shadyside (44-5)
2nd Skyler Lasure 9, Beaver (38-11)

126 Pound Placers
 1st Josh Kahl 12, Shadyside (38-5)
2nd Quinton Bookman 12, Beaver (37-8)

138 Pound Placers
3rd Anthony Rice 10, Steubenville (50-5)
3rd Mason Kuneff 10, Bridgeport (37-8)

145 Pound Placers
1st Jashon Hubbard 11, Steubenville (39-1) 
3rd Devin Crum 12, Union Local (42-9)

152 Pound Placers
3rd Santino Kusic 10, Bridgeport (48-5)
3rd Beau Smith 10, Beaver (45-7) 

182 Pound Placers

2nd Garett Duncan 11, Bridgeport (10-5)

195 Pound Placers
1st Jud Ramage 11, Meadowbrook (38-3) 
1st Dalton Hoover 11, Martins Ferry (28-1)

220 Pound Placers
1st Caide Bunfill 12, Barnesville (41-4) 
3rd Hunter Bodkin 11, Martins Ferry (37-7)
2nd Tommy Moore 12, Cambridge (38-11)
3rd Drone Moore 12, Steubenville (34-11) 

285 Pound Placers
2nd Tyler Ely 11, Steubenville (40-4)
3rd Sam Robinson 12, Indian Creek (29-16)
2nd Brenton Stull 12, Harrison Central (37-9)
3rd Dom Wallace 12, Martins Ferry (40-5)


Jashon Hubbard Steubenville verbal to tOSU!!!


Hinkle vs Clark March 4th @ Tough Man Contest!


Dist. Tournament: Division II - Heath (3/3/17-3/4/17)

Dist. Tournament: Division III - Coshocton (3/3/17-3/4/17)
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Garfield Heights (3/3/17-3/4/17)



2018 Wellsville Jr High Tourney Feb 3rd 2018 (Looking for teams)





Congratulations to the OVAC WV State Champions:

 Luke Martin, Parkersburg South Jr 29- 5

Mikey Shamblin, Parkersburg South So 39- 13

Hunter DeLong, Parkersburg South Sr 33- 4

Justin Allman, Parkersburg South Sr 28- 2

Peyton Hall, Oak Glen (AA) Fr 43- 3

Caleb Rea, Weir (AA) Jr 43- 1

Robert Bozek, Oak Glen (AA) Sr 42- 8

Caleb Nice, Magnolia (A) Sr 44- 3

Class A Outstanding Wrestler Award: Caleb Nice, Magnolia


106 Brandon Holt, St Albans Dec Matthew Simpson, University, 3-0
113 Joey Miller, Musselman M-Dec Jake Staud, University, 9-1
120 John Martin Best, Parkersburg Dec Brayden Roberts, Parkersburg South, 4-1
126 Luke Martin, Parkersburg South M-Dec Steven Slack, Riverside, 15-5
132 Mikey Shamblin, Parkersburg South Dec Kaleb Creamer, Spring Valley, 14-7
138 Caleb Haynes, St Albans Dec Jared Donahue, Parkersburg, 5-4
160 Cameron Pine, Washington Dec Michael Milam, St Albans, 4-3
182 Hunter DeLong, Parkersburg South M-Dec Nick Valachovic, University, 17-5
195 Justin Allman, Parkersburg South Fall Austin Loew, Wheeling Park, 5:06
220 Owen Porter, Spring Valley Dec Brice Pomeroy, Riverside, 4-2
285 Chaston Holley, Cabell Midland Dec Louden Haga, Parkersburg South, 3-0

3rd Place

106 Garret Donahue, Parkersburg Fall Londan Bowen, Huntington, 4:20
113 Hunter Ackerman, Parkersburg Dec Ian Irizarry, Parkersburg South, 8-5
120 Tristan Adkins, Huntington Dec Jordan Wood, John Marshall, 8-2
126 Jack Lorea, George Washington Dec Austin Love, John Marshall, 3-2
132 Hunter Burdette, Ripley M-Dec Bo Moler, Parkersburg, 12-1
138 Will Jeffers, Huntington Dec Austin Rohrbough, University, 7-2
160 John Nash, Wheeling Park Dec Drew Dunbar, Parkersburg South, 8-2
182 Chance Morgan, Ripley Dec Mason Fischer, Cabell Midland, 8-3
195 Dustin Swishier, Hampshire Fall Cody Stanley, Spring Valley, 3:56
220 Dylan Wood, Wheeling Park Dec B.J. Haynes, Ripley, 4-2
285 Darrell Holstein, Riverside Dec Tyree Swafford, Woodrow Wilson, 1-0

5th Place
106 Tucker Windland, Parkersburg South Dec Ethan Gray, John Marshall, 3-1
113 Josh Sinclair, Ripley Dec Canon Welker, Wheeling Park, 11-7
120 Austin McCartney, Buckhannon-Upshur M-Dec Jacob Simpson, University, 10-1
126 Tyler Cutright, Buckhannon-Upshur Dec Eric Dreyer, Washington, 7-3
132 Braeden Pauley, University Dec Jacob Smithson, Buckhannon-Upshur, 5-1
138 Zac Odom, Hampshire Dec Logan Evans, Greenbrier East, 4-1
160 Logan Nay, Parkersburg M-Dec Adam Frisco, University, 10-2
182 Richie Stanley, Hampshire M-Dec Brandon Durrah, John Marshall, 12-3
195 Jacob Biller, Jefferson Dec Austin Henderson, Woodrow Wilson, 5-0
220 Alex Edgell, Brooke Dec Cameron Payne, Buckhannon-Upshur, 3-2
285 Fabain Perrett, Musselman Dec Jordan Lear, Hampshire, 9-4



Dist. Tournament: Division II - Heath (3/3/17-3/4/17)


Dist. Tournament: Division III - Coshocton (3/3/17-3/4/17)
Dist. Tournament: Division III - Garfield Heights (3/3/17-3/4/17)



Beaver Local Wrestling

Congratulations to the BLMS Wrestling team, OAC dual meet STATE Champs.



Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Licking Valley (2/25/17)

Sect. Tournament: Div. II - Claymont (2/24/17-2/25/17)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Barnesville (2/24/17-2/25/17)
Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Sandy Valley (2/24/17-2/25/17)

Sect. Tournament: Div. III - Rootstown (2/25/17)




Three weight classes will have to wait for there chance at a state title in AAA!




WV State Results




74 OVAC wrestlers qualify for WV States




Double OAC District Champion Eric Williams East Liverpool


Congratulations to Reese Stephen Barnesville 70lbs OYWA State Champion!!!

Click for Picture

2017 Cambridge @ OYWA


Congratulations Justin Allman PS is the third 4X regional champion in WV History!

 4X WV state qualifiers from OVAC schools:

Michael Starcher

Phillip Good

Riley Nice
Caleb Nice

Oak Glen
Robert Bozek

Parkersburg South
T. J. Lambiotte
Hunter DeLong
Justin Allman

Wheeling Park
James Parsons


WV Regions

WV State Tournament Pairings - AAA || AA/A


AA/A Region 1 results 

AA/A Region 2 results 

AA/A Region 3 results 

AA/A Region 4 results 

AAA Region 1 results 

AAA Region 2 results

AAA Region 3 results

AAA Region 4 results

2016-17 Rankings


2017 OAC Grade School Results


2017 OAC Grade School Registration


2017 OAC Pre Seeds

Morning Session
Mat #1 – All Division 1
Mats 3,4,5 – 60.3 ,65.3 ,68.3 ,71.3,75.3
Mats 2,6 – 55.3 , 80.3 and Up

Afternoon Session
Mats 1,3 – 45.2, 58.2,61.2, 65.2, 65.4,70.2,70.4,75.2,85.2
Mats 5 – 50.2, 55.2
Mats 2,4,6 –75.4, 80.4, 85.4, 90.4, 95.4, 100.4, 110.4,
120.4, 130.4, 140.4, 180.4

2017 OAC New Rules



February 18, 2017
WV Regional Tournaments
AAA 1 - Wheeling Park
AAA 2 - Musselman 
AAA 3- Woodrow Wilson 
AAA 4 - Parkersburg South 
Detail, Brackets, Seeds



OVAC Duals: Steub


2017 OAC Grade School Registration

2017 OAC Pre Seeds


2017 OAC New Rules

Ohio Valley Open Mats

Wednesday 6Pm -730 Steubenville High School Wrestling room

We have multiple OAC Grade School and Jr. high State placers attending!

Contact info Tommy Goff:
740 457 6200


2017 OAC Jr. High Results


2017 OAC Jr. High Registration

2017 OAC Jr High Pre Seeds

 Mat Assignments:
Session I (9:30)
Mats 1 - 3 

Mats 4 - 6

Session II (Aproximately1PM)

Mats 1 - 3 

Mats 4 - 6



OVAC Duals: OG


2017 OVAC “Bill Hinegardner” Wrestling Dual Meet Championships
Class 5A
John Marshall 43, Indian Creek 20
Wheeling Park 50, Brooke 30
John Marshall 44, Wheeling Park 25
Indian Creek 49, Brooke 24

Class 4A
Steubenville 70, St. Clairsville 0
Weir 58, Harrison Central 24
Steubenville 53, Weir 16
St. Clairsville 34, Harrison Central 27

Class 3A
Linsly 42, Barnesville 37
Magnolia 53, Bellaire 15
Linsly 41, Magnolia 38
Barnesville 39, Bellaire 30

Class 1A/2A
Shadyside 36, Madonna 33
Caldwell 37, Bridgeport 36
Shadyside 58, Caldwell 18
Madonna 45, Bridgeport 12


We are down to final four! That is, the wrestling final four in each division of the OVAC. The 2017 Bill Hindgardner Wrestling Dual Meet Championships will take place this week on two separate evenings. The 3A and 5A teams will compete on Wednesday in the John Marshall Field House. On Thursday evening, the 1A/2A and 4A teams will compete at Brooke High School. Both events are scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm, and the final round will immediately follow the first round.

 Admission at either event is Adults $6.00 and students $4.00.


Travis Light BL to make a full recovery!




OVAC Duals: Weir, PS, StC, SL, PS, Camb & BvL



OVAC Duals: SL


LKC Tourney (TC)





2017 ECOL (Camb & Mead)


2017 PAC 8 (Jr High)


2017 EOWL (BvL & CV)


2017 Ohio Team Championship (Shad)


2017 Panther Classic BL (Seeds & Pools)


2017 Panther Classic Main Link

OW Devon Crumm UL
Fastest Pin Logan Kmatz Edison

OVAC Duals:  Cald, JM, OG, Steub & Shen


2017 Heath Rankings by Max




2017 Brooke Classic

Final Results

2017 Jimmy Wood Invitational (MF, Barn & Mead)


2017 Watkins Memorial (Camb)


2017 Hamilton Township Tourney (WL)


OVAC Duals: OG, StC, Bell, Cam & Univ


2017 OVC Final Brackets & Team Scores

2017 OVC Champions Beaver Local


2017 Wellsville Tourney

Final Results


West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls 

West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls Individual Weight Class Rankings: AAA || AA/A 


Division II
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 09 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 10 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 11 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 12 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 13 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 14 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 15 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division II - Region 16 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
Division III
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 17 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 18 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 19 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 20 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 21 (1/25/17-2/1/17)

Congrats to Shadyside Region Champions!

Congrats to Crestview, Shadyside, & Barnesville Quarter Final Champions!

OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 22 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 23 (1/25/17-2/1/17)
OHSAA Team Tournament - Division III - Region 24 (1/25/17-2/1/17)





2017 OVC Brackets and more....


Great Read!




Morning Journal write up


Herald Star write up


Herald Star Steubenville write up


Intelligencer write up



2017 OVAC Final Marquee Match ups!

Special Thanks to Jenny Hannan for the write up!


2017 OVAC Brackets Updated


2017 OVAC Brackets & Scores etc.....


2017 OVAC Team Scores


2017 OVAC Scores by Division


2017 OVAC Semi Final Marquee Match ups!

Special Thanks to Jenny Hannan for the write up!




2017 OVAC Brackets & More

OVAC Wrestling Tournament Schedule
OVAC Wrestling Past Champions 25 Years
OVAC Tournament Wrestling Officials


2017 OVC Info


2017 WV All State Rankings




St. Marys Tourney

OVAC Duals: Jr High Results Stc

Winners Choice Tourney



2016-17 Rankings


2017 BMC @ SCC


2017 Buckeye 8


OVAC Duals: Bpt & CV



OVAC Duals: Bell, Steub, Shen, UL, Lin, Univ, JM, Barn, OG & Bpt


West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls 

West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls Individual Weight Class Rankings: AAA || AA/A 



OVAC Duals: PS, Brk


2017 Wellsville Tourney Info


2017 Buckeye Local Tourney




2017 Cameron Tourney


2017 Shadyside Tourney


Jackson Milton Tourney Live video (CV)


WV Army National Duals (WM)


JC Gorman (Camb)


2017 WV Duals


Sheridan Tourney (WL)


MOW 80-122: Nic Willigham - Walsh Jesuit
MOW 128-245: Padraig Gallagher - Wresting Factory

2017 Philo



2017 Indian Creek Jr. High Tournament

+4 pounds


2017 Barnesville Jr. High Tournament


OVAC Duals: Steub, PS & EL


2017 Heath Div II District by MAX



West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls 

West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls Individual Weight Class Rankings: AAA || AA/A 




2017 IC Jr High Tourney

2016-17 Rankings (Team Rankings updated)




2016 Wheeling Park Duals


2016 Cambridge Jr High Results


2016 St Clairsville America Best Value Inn

Indian Valley 378
Tallmadge 276
North Canton 231.5
St. Clairsville 220.5


2016 Medina (BvL) 

 Cole McComas BvL (19-1) placed 3rd

Skyler Lasure BvL (15-5) placed 8th

 Beau Smith BvL (18-4) placed 8th


2016 Brecksville (Shad & MF)


Greg Quinn (Shadyside) 17-0, Sr. over Jordan Rosselli (Olentangy Liberty) 20-4, Jr. (Dec 4-3).


Hunter Bodkin (Martins Ferry) 12-2, Jr. over Bubba Arslianian (Aurora) 14-3, Sr. (For.).


Domenique Wallace (Martins Ferry) 11-2, Sr. over Tyler Connolly (Marysville) 14-3, So. (MD 10-0)


West Jefferson (HC)


Ohio Coaches Association State Team Rankings


Zanesville Tourney (Barn & WL)


Powerade Tourney (Univ)


Coaches Corner Classic (Cald)



West Virginia Wrestling Coaches Association / WV-Mat Team Polls 

Middle School Coaches Poll 


 OVAC Duals: Camb, BvL, WP, Shad, StC, Cam, Lin, WL, Shen, HC, Well, Steub & UL


OVAC Dual Meet Standings





East Liverpool Potter Tri State Classic

Add one extra pound for weigh ins


2016 Hoppel Invitational


Larry Richie Memorial Tournament


 OVAC Duals: OG, Brk, WM & JM


North Canton Tournament (WP & Steub)


Liberty Classic (PS) 


Waterloo Div 3 Classic (StC)


Jackson County Tourney (Bell)




2016 Winter Classic @ BL




Wheeling Intelligencer: WP v JM || Park's Nash || Cameron v Linsly 


Morgantown Dominion Post: Morg || Univ at Amityville 







OVAC Duals: Steub, Cald, Bell, IC, BvL, SL, Weir, WP, Cam, WM, Morg, CV & ED


2016 Rankings


OVAC Dual Meet Standings




2016 Rankings


OVAC Duals: Weir, OG, BvL, JM, TC, Morg & EL


2016 Barnesville Tournament


2016 Warren Local Tournament


Tami Pearl Invitational @ Columbiana


Titled Kilt (Camb)


University High - Amityville NY Tourney 


2016 John Marshall Invitational Duals - Summary 



Ironman Tournament 

Walsh Ironman
December 9-10, 2016
Walsh Jesuit High School
South finishes 64th with 11 points

South sent a partial team to the Ironman. 

Individual Summaries:

106 Tucker Windland, 0-2
Lost by dec. to Gavin Sampsei (Massillon Perry), 9-4
Lost by pin to Michael Jaffe (Marmion Academy), 0:46

126 Luke Martin, 1-2
Lost by dec. to Matthew Fields (Walsh Jesuit), 6-0
Won by dec. over Nolan Wochna (Brecksville), 6-4 OT
Lost by dec. to Jack Davis (Wyoming Seminary), 10-8

170 T. J. Lambiotte, 1-2
Lost by pin to Gavin Wilkerson (Reynolds), 0:40
Won by dec. over Tyler Surges (Marmion Academy), 4-1
Loat by maj. dec. to Michael Baker (La Salle), 14-4

182 Hunter DeLong, 1-2
Lost by pin to Joel Leise (Reynolds), 3:30
Won by dec. over Tariq Thurman (Oak Park & River Forest), 7-2
Lost by dec. to Gage Braun (St. Paris Graham), 10-4

220 Garret Wolfe, 1-2
Lost by pin to Ben Goldin (Lake Highland Prep), 3:38
Won by pin over Wyatt Owen (Reynolds), 3:00
Lost by pin to Sam Aguilar (Sultana), 0:24

285 Louden Haga, 1-2
Lost by pin to Jordan Earnest (Wadsworth), 5:02
Won by pin over Kraig Correll (Blair Academy), 2:21
Lost by pin to Austin Gilham (Sultana), 3:44






OVAC Duals: PS, & PS (JV)


2016 University Tournament 


2016 Union Local Tournament


2016 Cambridge Tournament





2016 Ironman Rankings

2nd annual Martin Ferry Pee Wee Tournament Dec 18th




2016 WV State Tournament Underclassmen: AAA || AA/A 

2016 Returning OHSAA State Placers




WTOV 9 Steubenville Preview




Tournament of Champions Wild Card!





Team Gladiators (PA) looking for the following weighs: 100,105,110,120,132 & HWV The team will compete this weekend in Wdasworth, OH. If interested call Smitty 740 278 8016


Boys Volleyball Tourney Dec 3rd Wellsville





2016 Ohio Valley Showcase @ Wheeling Jesuit 11-10-16, starts at 6PM.

Line up:

155 Beau Smith BvL dec
155 Mike Vannest StC

140 Josh Kahl Shad dec
140 Donte Vincenzo StC

120 Steve Mitchell Bell dec
120 Tyler Muldrew Shad

120 Canon Welker WP dec
120 Ryan Clendaniel CM

115 Koen Kish StC Fall
115 Zack Smalley Bell

140 Andrew Shelek WP dec
140 Mason Kuneff Bpt

90 Nathan Shelek WP Fall
90 Thayne Mahaffey Clay

155 Beau Smith BvL dec
155 Devin Crum UL


West Virginia Chapter, National Wrestling Hall of Fame: 2016 WV HOF Banquet 

Congrats Dan and Dick!

Mike Blackburn name Ohio Chairperson for National Wrestling Coaches association!




Havoc on the Hill East Liverpool Nov 5th


Ohio Valley Open Wrestling Showcase sponsored by Wheeling Jesuit Wrestling!

If you think you got what it takes sign up today!


Beaver Dome" Duals Tournament:
Team Champions-Gladiators (Pa.)
Runner-up- Valley Venom (Ohio)
3rd place- #CHOICES- Red (Beaver Local)
4th place- Funky Monkeys (MI)
5th place- JWC (Ohio)
6th place- #CHOICES-White (Beaver Local)




Awesome article on Robert Bozek OG



Super 32 Live!

Congratulations to 145 Brenden Severs (BvL) and 180 Ethan Pappas (ED)

 Super 32, 4th Place finisher's in the Middle School Division.


160 Casey Parsons OH (WL)

Canon Welker 113 Wheeling Park WV 9th

Braxton Amos 195 South WV 9th Team Miron

Luke Martin 120 South WV 11th  Patriots

Anthony Carman 132 John Marshall WV 10th  Quest

Drew Dunbar 160 South WV 11th

Jacob Simpson 113 University HS WV 10th

Louden Haga 285 South WV 10th  Patriots

Matthew Simpson 106 university WV 10th university wrestling club

Brayden Roberts 120 south WV 9th

TJ Lambiotte 170 South WV  2016

Tucker Windland 106 South WV 10th






NEW FOR 2017 
Junior High & Grade School District/State Weigh-Ins

Weigh-In Attempts 
To prohibit extreme weight loss, the OAC has made changes to the 2017 Season.
During Grade School and Junior High District and State weigh-ins, wrestlers will get two tries on the first scale, then two try on each additional scale in their assigned area. At Districts, the wrestler not making weight during the early weigh-in may attempt to make weight during the day of weigh-ins.
No exercise, no dehydrating, no rehydrating or leaving the scale area to come back for extra tries is permitted at the weigh-in. Those in violation of this rule will be disqualified from the tournament and potentially for the season and not refunded.

Junior High & Grade School District/State Weigh-Outs
There are weigh-outs for Division IV wrestlers at Grade School State & Junior High State on Sunday during a specified 1 hour period (prior to placement round). There will not be weigh-outs for Division I, II or III . If the wrestler does not make the weigh out during specified time the wrestler will forfeit their remaining matches. There will not be weigh-outs on Saturday. The weights outs will be an additional pound. For example, the weight is 80 lbs at Districts, State weigh-ins will be 82 lbs. Weigh-outs will be 83 lbs.

District Late Fee Added
Early Registration for districts will remain $35 entry. Early Registration is 1 week prior to the tournament start.
Late Registration for Districts will be $40. Late Registration is less than 1 week prior to the tournament start.
District Registration closes approximately 36 hours prior to tournament start time.

Grade School Technical-Fall 
Technical-Fall is declared and the match ended when a wrestler gains a 12-point advantage. For Grade School only. Junior High is 15 point advantage.

Uniform Change-Two Piece Uniform Allowed 
A Head Official Approved 2-piece wrestling uniform. Compression short sleeve t-shirt and performance (MMA) shorts are legal for competition




December 16th Winter Classic @ Buckeye Local

February 4th Panther Classic






Oak Glen Middle School Tournament Dec 10th

The Oak Glen Middle School wrestling team will be hosting a tournament on December 10th. It’s the second year for the tournament and it was very successful in its first year with over 12 teams competing. If you would like to compete or have any questions read the attached flyer and contact Patrick McGillian at pmcgillian@k12.wv.usor (304) 479-2058. 





Battle at the Beaver Dome Oct 29th (Team Duals)

Teams so far: Beaver Local, Steubenville, Gladiators (Pa), Honeybadgers, Jameson Wrestling, and Funky Monkeys (MI)




IC Jr High Tourney Info




Union Local is looking for a head wrestling coach, anyone interested to contact Nick Nardo.  740-827-3706


Havoc on the Hill East Liverpool Nov 5th



The wrestling community has lose one of it's greatest promoters of the sport, not to mention a great man!

RIP Roger Shaw





Congrats to Dr. Dan & Dick!!!


2016 National Wrestling Hall of Fame -- West Virginia Chapter
Banquet and Induction Ceremonies -- Sunday October 30, 2016 -- Embassy Suites, Charleston West Virginia

2016 Banquet Registration Form West Virginia Chapter Main Page Directions to Embassy Suites, Charleston WV

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame, West Virginia Chapter, cordially invites you to attend the 14th Annual "Hall of Fame Day" banquet Sunday, October 30th, 2016, at Embassy Suites, Charleston, West Virginia. The banquet will begin at 1:00 pm with a social hour and memorabilia display. Dinner will be served at 2:00 pm with the award presentation following. The purpose of this banquet is to honor and recognize people for their years of commitment as positive role models to our student athletes. 

This year we are honoring...

Mike Contic, Coach, Preston County
Joann Cullen, Coach, Point Pleasant
Dr. Dan Doyle, Wrestler and Coach, Wheeling area
Richard "Dick" Edge, Coach, St Clairsville

Dale Slack, Coach, Official, Hurricane
Aristotle Svingos, Medal of Courage, Huntington

These individuals have given countless hours of their time instilling in young people the skills needed to succeed in all areas of life. They will be permanently recognized at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, Stillwater, Oklahoma. 

This is an opportunity for you to honor these great individuals and promote the positive aspects of our oldest and greatest sport ' "Wrestling!" 

We are looking forward to October 30th. A great day for West Virginia's outstanding individuals and the sport of wrestling. West Virginia can be proud of these deserving honorees! 


  Make Plans Now To Attend!! 
Ticket information and registration form AT THIS LINK


2016-17 Wrestling Rules Changes

At its April 6-8 meeting in Indianapolis, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Wrestling Rules Committee added another maneuver to the list of potentially dangerous holds in high school wrestling. 

The new potentially dangerous hold occurs when a wrestler, from a standing position, is placed in a body lock with one or both arms trapped and then is lifted and is unable to use his arm(s) to break the fall. 

“The rear standing position with a trapped arm should be considered potentially dangerous and should be monitored very closely by the referee,” said Elliot Hopkins, NFHS director of sports and student services and liaison to the Wrestling Rules Committee. “Coaches, officials and competitors should be aware of the potential for injury in this situation if the defensive wrestler is returned to the mat and has no arm available to break the fall.” 

The committee also approved a change in Rule 5-11-2 that will award penalty point(s) to the offensive wrestler in situations where the defensive wrestler exhibits inappropriate behavior in order to avoid being pinned. 

Rule 5-11-2(i) will now read, “. . . when a defensive wrestler commits a technical violation, applies an illegal hold/maneuver, commits unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike act during an imminent or near fall situation, the offensive wrestler shall be awarded a penalty point(s) in addition to the near fall points in accordance with (subarticles) f-h at the next stoppage.” 

“The committee felt that when the defensive wrestler uses unethical techniques to avoid being pinned, the offensive wrestler should not only be awarded the near fall or fall points, but should be awarded the appropriate penalty point(s) for that transgression at the next stoppage of the match,’ Hopkins said. 

These rules changes recommended by the Wrestling Rules Committee were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. 



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