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Here we go with the 19th year of my rankings. The OVAC has  39 over all placers returning counting the last three years, 31 placers returning this year!





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Davis Logan OG 10th      
2 White Noah WP 9th      
3 Simms Mason Well 11th      
4 Pettit Slaton Cam 9th      
5 Rossiter Tristan Shen 10th      
6 Simpson Justin HC 12th      
7 Dentz Aiden BL 9th      
8 Eckles Tristan EL 9th      
9 Emery Brodie Univ 10th      
10 Ward Zander JM 9th      
11 Huntsman Johnathan Barn 10th      
12 Claudio Mackiah PS 10th      
13 Rae Joey Brk 9th      
14 Lodge Dylan StC 10th      
15 Hostuttler Wyatt Weir 9th      

Pre season results

Eckles EL d Huntsman Barn


106 Logan Davis OG fall Hostuttler Weir

106: Dylan Lodge (St. C.) FALL W. Hostuttlor (Weir)

Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) 6-0, So. over Jonathan Huntsman (Barnesville) 7-2, So. (Fall 1:06)

Noah White (WP) Major Decision over Brodie Emery (UHS)

106: Slaton Pettit (Cameron) pin Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) 4:05 (Pettit 3rd @ Barn)

Slaton Pettit (Cameron) pin Zander Ward (John Marshall) 0:34

Zander Ward (John Marshall) pin Johnathan Huntsman (Barnesville) 4:59

Slaton Pettit (Cameron) pin* Tristian Eckles (East Liverpool) 2:50

Tristen Rossiter (Shenandoah) pin* Zander Ward (John Marshall) 1:14

 Noah White-9 Wheeling Park Dec Owen Nelson-11 C.V.C.A 2-0 (White Champion @ North Canton)

White (WP) pinned Ward (JM)  1:20

106: Ward (JM) pin over B. Emery (UHS)

Rossiter (Shen) MD Simpson (HC) 12-0

106 Aiden Dentz (BL) decision over Tristan Eckles (EL) 9-4

106 Davis (OG) p. Emery (Univ)
106 Emery (Univ) dec. Z. Ward (JM) 6-2
106 White (WP) p. Emery (Univ)

Simms (Well) dec Hunter Newell (South Range) (Ranked 8th in State Div 3)

Noah White Wheeling park pinned Lacy Harvy  Louisville  ranked 6 in D2  & dec Owen Nelson for CVCA ranked 9th in D2 Ohio.

Davis dec Pettit 3-1 @ Cam




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Carman Adam WP 10th      
2 Cook Ethan JM 11th   6th 106  
3 Kazmirski Gannon StC 12th      
4 Gomez-Sanchez Christian Dov 10th      
5 Ward Dylan MF 11th      
6 Lamb Hayden OG 9th      
7 Bowersock Brodi BvL 9th      
8 Wolfe Dane Univ 9th      
9 Roe Jack Mar 11th      
10 Kelley Reese PS 9th      
11 Shaffer Luke Barn 11th      
12 Stimpert Ethan Steub 10th      
13 Snyder Hayley WL 11th      
14 Driscoll Seth BL 9th      


113: Gannon Kazmirski (St. C.) FALL B. Rose (Camb)

Ethan Stimpert (Steubenville) 8-4, So. over Seth Driscoll (Buckeye Local) 7-2, Fr. (Fall 3:22)

Carter Lucas (WP) Major Decision over Dane Wolfe (UHS)

Brady Fisher (London) dec. Ethan Cook (John Marshall) 1-0; (Cook 2nd @ Barn)

1st- Jacob Ferguson (Austintown-Fitch) dec. Christian Gomez-Sanchez (Dover) 13-8 (Gomez-Sanchez 2nd @ BvL)

Christian Gomez-Sanchez (Dover) pin Aiden Anderson (Oak Glen) 4:24

Christian Gomez-Sanchez (Dover) pin Brodi Bowersock (Beaver) 5:19

Gannon Kazmirski-12 St.Clairsville Dec Connor Norris-10 Minerva 8-2 ( Kazmirski 5th @ North Canton)

Levi Carpenter (East Fairmont) 3-0, Jr. over Dane Wolfe (University ) 2-1, Fr. (Dec 7-0) (Wolfe 2nd @ Univ)

Carman, Adam (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Cook, Ethan (John Marshall) === {Decision 7-4}

1st Dylan Ward MF (11) 6- 0 (Ward Champion @ Waterloo)

113: Cook (JM) pin over Martin (UHS)

113 A. Carman (WP) dec. Gomez, (Dov) 9-6
113 Cook (Univ) p. Wolfe (JM)
113 C. Lucas (WP) dec. Wolfe (Univ) 5-0

113 - Hayden Lamb (OG) dec. Brodi Bowersock (BL) 7-0



Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Stephen Reese Barn 10th      
2 Bosley Brent PS 11th      
3 Saccoccia Brody Steub 9th      
4 Osborn Jack Dov 12th      
5 Pauley Carter Univ 9th      
6 Spohn Garrett Morg 11th      
7 Street Evan StC 12th      
8 Sipes Tyler IC 12th      
9 Lucas Carter WP 11th      
10 Harding Kaden JM 9th      
11 Eltringham Xzander Brk 11th      
12 Dentz Logan BL 11th      

Pre season results

Stephen Reese Barn d Bosley Brent PS 6-2


120 Hayden Lamb (OG) Maj. Dec Spohn (M) 10-0

120 Carman, Adam (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Cook, Ethan (John Marshall) === {Decision 7-4}

120-Brody Saccoccia (S) winner by fall over Jack Osborn (D)

120- Sam Mockbee (B) fall Aiden Dentz 3:46

Reese Stephen (Barnesville) 10-0, So. over Brody Saccoccia (Steubenville) 10-1, Fr. (Dec 4-3)

Adam Carman (WP) Dec over Carter Pauley (UHS)

120: Reese Stephen (Barnesville) pin Robert Whelan (Mountain View) 1:50 (Stephen Champion @ Barn)

Luke Shaffer (Barn) pin Kaden Harding (John Marshall) 0:36

120: Reese Stephen (Barnesville) pin Kaden Harding (John Marshall) 1:46

1st-Maliki Mason (Alliance) dec. Hayden Lamb (Oak Glen) 12-6 (Lamb 2nd @ BvL)

Jonathan Campbell-10 Walsh Dec Brody Saccoccia-9 Steubenville 7-4 (Saccoccia 4th @ North Canton)

Breyden Whorton (LaRue County) 14-0, So. over Carter Pauley (University ) 2-1, Fr. (MD 14-5) (Carter 2nd @ Univ)

Carter Pauley (University ) 2-1 won by fall over Garrett Spohn (Morgantown) 8-3 (Fall 2:21)

Evan Street (StC) 3rd @ Stc

120 Sipes (IC) p. Harding (JM)

120 Saccoccia, Brody (Steubenville) defeated Lamb, Hayden (Oak Glen) === {Fall 1:03}

120 Osborn (Dov) p. Lucas (WP)
120 Lamb (OG) dec. C. Pauley (Univ) 2-0
120 C. Pauley (Univ) dec. Harding (JM) 2-0
120 A. Carman (WP) maj. dec. C. Pauley (Univ) 9-0




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Roberts Brady PS 11th   1st 106  
2 King Dakota Barn 10th      
3 Beadling Cal Steub 10th      
4 Lowe Jack WP 9th      
5 Perez Nathan Dov 11th      
6 Oxley Grant Univ 12th      
7 Bobby Kaydon BvL 11th      
8 Berg Jacob War 10th      
9 McKeever Zach StC 11th      
10 Adkins Carter JM 9th      
11 Zombotti Lucas Mag 11th      
12 Hoge Ashton Cam 10th      
INJ Herbert Trevor BL 12th      


126-Cal Beadling (Steub) winner by fall over Nathan Perez (Dov)

126: Grant Oxley (UHS) Pin over Cody Walsh (WP)

126: Dakota King (Barnesville) pin Ben Meinert (Mountain View) 1:08; (King Champion @ Barn)

1st- Tim Cafrelli (South Side) pin Nathan Perez*DOV  5:32 (Perez 2nd @ BvL)

Grant Oxley (University ) 3-0, Sr. over Conner Reszkowski (Cranberry) 7-2, Fr. (Fall 3:27) (Oxley champion @ Univ)

Zombotti Mag dec  Spragg (Paden City) 5-4

I had two champions at the Coshocton Classic Mason Aberts at 132, and Peyton Pyle at 150. (Mason Aberts won by Decision against Bender of Caldwell 2-0). Peyton Pyle beat Brody Myers ranked 14th of UL again, but he did it twice at that tournament.

126: Oxley (UHS) decision over Adkins (JM)

126 Lowe (WP) dec. Perez (Dov) 5-0
126 Oxley (Univ) dec. Duty (OG) 4-2
126 Oxley (Univ) dec. Eltringham (Brk) 7-1
126 Oxley (Univ) p. Adkins (JM)
126 Lowe (WP) dec. Oxley (Univ) 4-1

1st Place Match - Kaden Jett (BRECKSVILLE-BROADVIEW HTS) 17-2 won by decision over Dakota King (BARNESVILLE) 15-2 (Dec 1-0) 
(King 2nd @ Ashland)





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Shelek Nate WP 12th   2nd 120 3rd 113
2 Stephen Griffen Barn 12th   3rd 113 3rd 106
3 Salsberry Jaymin BvL 12th     1st 106
4 Garcia Pedro Dov 11th      
5 Kanyuch Jr. Drake Shen 11th      
6 Cochran Carl JM 12th   4th 113 2nd 106
7 Martin Ryan PS 11th      
8 Minella Kaiden Steub 11th      
9 McKenzie Jay Univ 10th      
10 Aberts Mason Bpt 11th      
11 Kazmirski Harrison StC 10th      
12 Bender Cale Cald 10th      
13 Kernik Griffen Lin 9th      
14 Pipo Tommy Weir 12th      



132 Pipo Weir Dec Glenn Adams OG 10-5

132: Griffen Kernik (Lin) over Thomas Pipo (WEIR) (Fall 5:30)

 T. Pipo (Weir) decision over Braylon Leiffer (St. C.) 10-6

132 Shelek, Nate (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Cochran, Carl (John Marshall) === {Maj Dec 15-4}

Mason Aberts (132/138) went 4-1 at the Rick Link (Beating OVAC wrestlers Williams from UL by fall 1:15, Waggoner from Edison by fall 1:01, Lingle from Meadowbrook by fall in :44)

Nate Shelek (WP) Pin over Jay McKenzie (UHS)

132: Griffen Stephen (Barnesville) pin Elijah Parrish (Claymont) 0:11 (Stephen champion @ Barn)

132: Drake Kanyuch (Shenandoah) pin Carl Cochran (John Marshall) 4:57

132: Griffen Stephen (Barnesville) maj. dec. Ashton Hoge (Cameron) md9-1

1st- Authur Croom (Austintown-Fitch) dec. Pedro Garcia (Dover) 9-7 (Garcia 2nd @ BvL)

Pedro Garcia (Dover) pin Aiden Spahlinger (Southern Local) 1:26

Aiden Spahlinger (Southern Local) dec. Isiaah Henderson (Beaver) 7-4

Nate Shelek-12 Wheeling Park MajDec Thomas Cassetty-12 Lake 10-0 (Shelek 3rd @ North Canton)

Connor Metcalf (LaRue County) 12-2, So. over Jay Mckenzie (University ) 6-1, So. (Dec 7-5) (McKenzie 2nd @ univ)

132: Mason Aberts (Bridgeport) dec. Cale Bender (Caldwell) 2-0 (Aberts Champion @ Coshocton)

132: Cochran (JM) pin over J. McKenzie (UHS)

Kanyuch (Shen) Fall Aberts (BpT)

Aberts (Bpt) d Kazmirski (StC)

132 Minella, Kaiden (Steubenville) defeated Pipo, Thomas (Weir) === {Maj Dec 10-0}

132 Shelek (WP) tech. fall Garcia (Dov) 16-0
132 Shelek (WP) p. J. McKenzie (Univ)
5th Place Match - Chase Pluhar (BRECKSVILLE-BROADVIEW HTS) 12-4 won by decision over Griffen Stephen (BARNESVILLE) 16-2 (Dec 6-3) (Griffen 6th @ Ashland)





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Emmerling Jr. Mark BvL 12th   1st 120 5th 113
2 Jones Trent PS 11th   4th 126  
3 King Skyler Barn 10th      
4 DiFazio Egidio Dov 11th      
5 Lucas Bradyn WP 11th      
6 Pauley Mason Univ 12th      
7 Nelly Payton Cam 11th      
8 Ward Ryan JM 11th      
9 Antill Cole Steub 12th      
10 Marbais Gabe HC 12th      
11 Kazmirski Harrison StC 10th      
12 Powell Austin FF 11th      


138 Funari, Chance (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Thomas, Sean (John Marshall) === {Decision 6-3

 Skyler King, Barn, Fall   Kanyuch, Shen 3:31

Bradyn Lucas (WP) Dec over Mason Pauley (UHS)

138: Skyler King (Barnesville) pin Andrew Huck (River Valley) 5:39 (King champion @ Barn)

1st- Egidio DiFazio (Dover) Default Jaymin Salsberry (Beaver) Default (DiFazio champion @ BvL)

Bradyn Lucas-11 Wheeling Park Dec Dylan Strouse-12 Westholmes 3-2 (Lucas 5th @ North Canton)

Payton Neely of Cameron bumped up to 145 and beat Ryan ward of John Marshall 6-5

Dane Wenner (Cranberry) 9-0, Fr. over Mason Pauley (University ) 3-1, Sr. (Dec 1-0) (Pauley 2nd @ Univ)

138: M. Pauley (UHS) pin over Ward (JM)

Gabe Marbais (HC) 1st @ StC

138 DiFazio (Dov) dec. Lucas (WP) 7-0
138 M. Pauley (Univ) tech. fall R. Ward (JM), 20-2
138 B. Lucas (WP) dec. M. Pauley (Univ) 4-2
3rd Place Match - Ismael Ayoub (DUBLIN COFFMAN) 21-3 won by decision over Skyler King (BARNESVILLE) 13-3 (Dec 7-1) (King 4th @ Ashland)




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Felix Luca Univ 10th      
2 Taggart Cody WP 12th   1st 113 6th 106
3 Spencer CJ IC 11th   5th 132  
4 King Ayden Barn 9th      
5 Bruer Tyler Shen 12th      
6 Simmons Kail Steub 9th      
7 Wheeler Kyle PS 11th      
8 Jackson Dorian BvL 12th      
9 Gibson Nathaniel UL 12th      
10 Regis Trey MF 11th      
11 Thompson Trentin Morg 12th      
12 Pyle Peyton Bpt 11th      
13 Davis Jordan Mag 11th      
INJ Witsberger Nate StC 11th      


145 Taggart, Cody (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Ward, Ryan (John Marshall) === {Maj Dec 12-4}

144-Egidio DiFazio (Dov) winner by dec. over Cole Antill (Steub)

Ayden King, Barn, 8-2, 9 Fall Cole Antill, Steub, 8-3, 12 5:15

Luca Felix (UHS) Pin over Cody Taggart (WP)

144: C.J. Spencer (Indian Creek) pin Ayden King (Barnesville) 3:37 (Spencer champion @ Barn)

1st- Mark Emmerling (Beaver) dec. David Shannon (Austintown-Fitch) 10-6 (Emmerling champion @ BvL)

Cody Taggart-12 Wheeling Park Dec Gino Perrine-10 Nordonia 5-0 (Taggart 7th @ North Canton)

Luca Felix (University ) 4-0, So. over Connor Konya (East Fairmont) 3-1, Sr. (Fall 1:39) (Felix champion @ Univ)

144: Isaiah Armstrong (Tri-Valley) maj. dec. Nathaniel Gibson (Union Local) md11-1 (Gibson 2nd @ Coshocton)

152: Felix (UHS) major decision over Orndorff (JM)

144 Trey Regis (MF) MD Davis (Mag) 9-0
145 Felix (Univ) p. Taggart (WP)
5th Place Match - Ayden King (BARNESVILLE) 15-4 won by fall over Wyatt Brock (LA SALLE) 6-6 (Fall 3:48) (King 5th @ Ashland)





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Stout Caden StC 12th   2nd 138 6th 132
2 Paterra Dom IC 11th    5th 138  
3 Childers Jude PS 12th      
4 Velas Quinton WP 11th   4th 103  
5 Tague Logan Barn 11th   5th 126  
6 Dlugoplski Braxton OG 11th   8th 113  
7 Faulks Savior Steub 10th      
8 Gibbs Charlie NP 12th      
9 Jordan Luke Univ 11th      
10 Orndorff Mason JM 12th      
11 Moore Gavin Brk 10th      
12 Bitinger Hunter HC 10th      
13 Langley Colby Cald 11th      
14 Wooley Chance SL 12th      
15 Myers Brody UL 11th      
16 Osman Andrew Shad 10th      
17 Dixon Stone FF 11th      
INJ Waggoner Ethan ED 11th      


152 Velas, Quinton (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Orndorff, Mason (John Marshall) === {Maj Dec 9-0}

Tyler Bruer (Shenandoah) 6-1, Sr. over Kail Simmons (Steubenville) 8-4, Fr. (Inj. 0:00)

Quinton Velas (WP) Dec over Dom Parker (UHS)

150: Dominic Paterra (Indian Creek) dec. Logan Tague (Barnesville) 7-1 (Paterra champion @ Barn)

1st- Will Stieber (St. Paul) dec. Braxton Dlugopolski (Oak Glen) 7-0 (Dlugoposki 2nd @ BvL)

Quinton Velas-11 Wheeling Park MajDec Adam Ryder-12 Wadsworth1 8-0 (Velas 3rd @ North Canton)

Peyton Pyle (Bridgeport) dec. Brody Myers (Union Local) 4-2

Brody Myers (Union Local) dec. Andrew Osman (Shadyside) 8-1

Bruer (Shen) 1st @ StC

152 Paterra (IC) p. Orndorff (JM)

152 Dlugopolski (OG) p. Jordan (Univ)
152 Velas (WP) p. Jordan (Univ)




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Ours Logan BvL 12th   1st 132 1st 120
2 Carman Gabe WP 12th   7th 132  8th 113
3 Shockey Robert PS 10th      
4 Hagedorn Dakota Univ 11th   3rd 152  
5 Spencer Reese IC 12th      
6 O'Connor Camden OG 12th      
7 McCort Mason StC 12th      
8 Vessels Aaron Mar 11th      
9 Baker Sean Weir 12th      
10 Milhoan Karson Barn 10th      
11 Tait Brodie War 12th      
12 Hulsey George MF 11th      


Logan Ours (Beaver Local) 2nd @ the IRONMAN

Dakota Hagedorn (UHS) Major Decision over Jameson Maynard (WP)

157: Reese Spencer (Indian Creek) dec. Justin Stump (River Valley) 8-1 (Spencer Champion @ Barn)

Karson Milhoan (Barnesville) dec.* Braden Roth (Bellaire) 8-1

1st- Logan Ours (Beaver) pin Jackson Eddy (Alliance) 0:38 (Ours champion @ BvL)

Max Kirby-12 Fairless MajDec Gabe Carman-12 Wheeling Park 9-0 (Carman 2nd @ North Canton)

 Carman WP Fall Brenden Severs  Louisville (Former BVL wrestler and 2 X OVAC Champion)

Caden Stout-12 St.Clairsville MajDec Jameson Maynard-9 Wheeling Park 19-6 (3rd place match @ North Canton)

Dakota Hagedorn (University ) 4-0, Jr. over Derek Starkey (Bridgeport ) 3-1, Sr. (Dec 3-0) (Hagedorn champion @ Univ)

2nd Johnny McFarland MF (11) 4- 2 (McFarland 2nd @ Waterloo)

Stout (1st @ StC) @ 157

160 Hagedorn (Univ) maj. dec. O'Connor (OG) 10-2
160 G. Carman (WP) dec. Hagedorn (Univ) 6-2






Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Wright Gage PS 10th      
2 Kiser Brandon Dov 12th   6th 160  
3 Angel Adam Cam 11th      
4 Wellings-Osha Elijah Univ 12th      
5 Maynard Jameson WP 9th      
6 Sayre Marshal Cald 11th      
7 Bailey Jonathon EL 9th      
8 McCardle Ben JM 12th      
9 Morris Wyatt SL 11th      
10 Schoolcraft Gavin StC 9th      
11 McFarland Johnny MF 11th      
12 Nixon Bobby Barn 11th      
13 Heath Michael OG 10th      
14 Ferguson Jacob IC 12th      
15 Mamula Greg Steub 12th      
16 Strahler Aden War 9th      
INJ Williams Eric EL 11th      


170 Carman, Gabriel (Wheeling Park Hs) def. McCardle, Ben (John Marshall) === {Maj Dec 15-6}

Noah West (Steubenville) 7-4, Fr. over Roi Gerson (Linsly) 3-2, So. (MD 12-1)

Gage Wright PS  5th @ the IRONMAN

Gabe Carman (WP) Dec over Elijah Wellings-Osha (UHS)

175: Adam Angel (Cameron) dec. Caden Kenworthy (Cambridge) 7-5 SV (Angel champion @ Barn)

175 Bailey, Johnny (East Liverpool) def. Wallace, Klypsan (John Marshall) === {Fall 3:53

175: Klypsan Wallace (John Marshall) dec. Johnny Bailey (East Liverpool) 4-3

Gabe Bissenbach (Southern Local) dec. Michael Heath (Oak Glen) 7-3

Logan Ours (Beaver) pin Michael Heath (Oak Glen) 3:20

Caden Stout-12 St.Clairsville MajDec Jameson Maynard-9 Wheeling Park 19-6

Caden Stout-12 St.Clairsville MajDec Jameson Maynard-9 Wheeling Park 19-6 (3rd place match @ North Canton)

Elijah Wellings-osha (University ) 4-0, Sr. over Bryson Robinson (Southmoreland) 5-2, Sr. (MD 10-0) (Wellings-osha champion @ Univ)

175: Drew Lincicome (Philo) maj. dec. Marshal Sayre (Caldwell) md10-0 (Sayre 2nd @ Coshocton)

Schoolcraft (1st @ StC) @ 165

170 McCardle (JM) dec. Ferguson (IC)  9-8

175 Johnny Bailey (EL) decision over Ayden Krupinski (BL) 7-1

170 Kiser (Dov) p. Lydick (WP)
170 Wellings-Osha (Univ) maj. dec. McCardle (JM) 11-0
170 Wellings-Osha (Univ) p. Lydick (WP)





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Bush Ian Cam 12th   1st 170 4th 170
2 Edwards Aydan PS 12th      
3 Kenworth Caden Camb 12th    8th 152  
4 Morgan Gabe BvL 10th      
5 Nixon Hunter WP 12th   8th 170 6th 160
6 Wallace Klypson JM 9th      
7 Taylor Hezekiah Univ 12th      
8 Moore Garrett Brk 9th      
9 Llewellyn Ethan IC 9th      
10 Sauers Greg OG 9th      
11 Marshall Kellen Steub 11th      
12 Fisher Josh Well 11th      
13 Williams Jason War 10th      


Caden Kenworthy (Cambridge) pin Gabe Morgan (Beaver) 3:03

182: C. Nutter (Morg) pin G. Moore (Brk) 5:45 sec

182 Nixon, Hunter (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Wallace, Klypsan (John Marshall) === {Decision 3-2}

175- Garrett Moore (Brk) dec Ethan Llewellyn 6-2

Ayden Krupinski (Buckeye Local) 7-1, Sr. over Nick Caruso (North Allegheny) 4-1, Sr. (Fall 1:53) 1st @ UL

Krupinski BL over Moore Brk

Hezekiah Taylor (UHS) Pin over Hunter Nixon (WP)

175: Klypsan Wallace (John Marshall) dec. Johnny Bailey (East Liverpool) 4-3

190: Camden McDanel (Teays Valley) dec. Ian Bush (Cameron) 6-4 TB (Bush 2nd @ Barn)

H.Nixon-12 Wheeling Park (2nd @ North Canton)

Hezekiah Taylor (University ) 4-0, Sr. over Bryce Carnes (Bridgeport ) 3-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:22 (16-0) (Taylor champion @ Univ)

182 Wallace (JM) p. Llewellyn (IC)

182 Taylor (Univ) dec. Sauers (OG) 5-1
182 Gar. Moore (Brk) maj. dec. Sauers (OG) 8-0
182 Wallace (JM) p. Taylor (Univ)
182 Nixon (WP) p. T. McKenzie (Univ)

Ethan Llewellyn (IC) d Aden Krupinski (BL) 4-2




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Starr Austin IC 12th   4th 170  
2 Kinney Brandon Steub 12th     8th 170
3 Morris Ayden PS 10th      
4 Kehler Brock Univ 9th      
5 Storm Jack Dov 11th      
6 Cottrill Brody WP 9th      
7 Trenner Jr. Jared Shen 11th      
8 Harman Preston Morg 12th      
9 Baldo Anthony JM 10th      
10 Walker Jacob StC 11th      
11 Murphy Tristan BvL 12th      
12 Wise Tyler Brk 10th      
13 Molish Wes OG 9th      
14 Lively Noah Riv 11th      
15 Finsley Alexander MF 11th      


195 Cottrill, Brody (Wheeling Park Hs) def. Baldo, Anthony (John Marshall) === {Fall 2:21}

Brock Kehler (UHS) Pin over Brody Cottrill (WP)

Harman (Morg) MD Baldo (JM) 10-0

Wes Molish (Oak Glen) pin Timmy Potts (Southern Local) 5:55

Wes Molish (Oak Glen) pin Jack Storm (Dover) 1:59

Brandon Kinney-12 Steubenville Pin0:42 Garrett Hilliard-12 Minerva 2-0 (Kenney 7th @ North Canton)

Brock Kehler (University ) 3-0, Fr. over Ben Yeskey (Southmoreland) 3-2, Sr. (Fall 3:32) (Kehler champion @ Univ)

195: Kehler (UHS) pin over Baldo (JM)

Walker (StC) 1st @ StC

190 - Wesley Molish (OG) pin Tristan Murphy (BL)

190 Kinney, Brandon (Steubenville) defeated Wise, Tyler (Brooke) === {Fall 4:22}

195 Storm (Dov) p. Cottrill (WP)
195 Wise (Brk) p. T. McKenzie (Univ)
195 Wise (Brk) p. Molish (OG)
195 Taylor (Univ) p. Cottrill (WP)





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Brothers Jr. Erick WP 11th   3rd 182  
2 Dobson Zak MF 11th      
3 King Nathaniel Steub 12th      
4 Thomas Landon HC 9th      
5 Dondzila Gavin IC 12th      
6 Arthur Brycen PS 9th      
7 Wright Mathieu JM 10th      
8 O'Connor Liam Morg 12th      
9 McBee Collin Univ 12th      
10 McNemar Jake Well 12th      
11  Stawn Brayden Riv 11th      
12 Kesselring Hunter FF 12th      
13 Lively Noah Riv 11th      
14 Beebout Hayden BvL 10th      
15 Ivey Ryan StC 9th      
INJ Llewellyn Elijah IC 11th   3rd 195  


215-Nate King(S) winner by tech fall over Jack Storm (D)

Nate King (Steubenville) 10-1, Sr. over Marshall Meade (Barnesville) 4-6, Fr. (Fall 1:03)

Erik Brothers Jr. (WP) Pin over Collin McBee (UHS)

Kyle Snider-11 C.V.C.A Pin1:34 Jr.-11 Erick Brothers Wheeling Park 2-0 (Brothers 2nd @ North Canton)

Nate King-12 Steubenville Pin2:31 Ben Holzopfel-11 Jackson 7-0 (King 7th @ North Canton)

220 Mathieu Wright (JM) Sophomore dec Liam Oconnor (Morg) 11-9

Anthony Govern (Southmoreland) 8-1, Sr. over Liam O`connor (Morgantown) 9-1, Sr. (Fall 0:51) (O'Connor 2nd @ Univ)

1st Zakary Dobson MF (12) 6- 0 (Dobson champion @ Waterloo)

220: McBee (UHS) pin over Wright (JM)

Dobson (MF) 1st @ StC

220 Dondzilla (IC) dec. Wright (JM), 6-1

215 Thomas, Lucas (Harrison Central) defeated Dondzilla, Gavin (Indian Creek) === {Fall 5:51}

215 Dobson, Zachary (Martins Ferry) defeated Thomas, Lucas (Harrison Central) === {Decision 9-6}

220 Brothers (WP) p. McBee (Univ)




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2021 OVAC 2020 OVAC 2019
1 Tuttle Peyton Steub 12th   8th 220  
2 Bier Marshal Riv 11th   7th 285  
3 Tristano Noah Dov 12th      
4 Haseleu Dyllan Morg 12th      
5 Blake Josh OG 11th      
6 Turney Corbin Univ 12th      
7 Stanley Tyler Well 12th      
8 Fancher Josh Tor 12th      
9 Bruney Zeke MF 12th      
10 Thomas Landen HC 9th      
11 McCoy Zane BvL 11th      
12 Dolata Adam Lin 12th      
13 Driscoll Justin BL 12th      
14 Smith Morgan FF 10th      
INJ Fry Logan StC 11th      


Peyton Tuttle (Steubenville) 12-0, Sr. over Adam Dolata (Linsly) 4-1, Sr. (Fall 2:23)

Adam Dolata, Lin, 4-1, 12 d Justin Driscoll BL 6-2

1st- Noah Tristano (Dover) pin Lee Hall (Marlington) 2:43 (Tristano champion @ BvL)

Noah Tristano (Dover) pin Josh Blake (Oak Glen) 3:37

Peyton Tuttle-12 Steubenville Dec Brady Sullivan-10 North Canton Hoover 8-7 (Tuttle 7th @ North Canton)

Dyllan Haseleu (Morgantown) 9-0, Sr. over Evan Helm (East Fairmont) 3-1, Jr. (SV-1 3-1) (Haseleu champion @ Univ)

Dyllan Haseleu (Morgantown) 9-0 won in the ultimate tie breaker over Corbin Turney (University ) 4-1 (UTB 3-2)

 Stanley over  Fancher Toronto (Tyler Stanley Well placed 4th @ Waterloo)

285: Marshall Bier (River) pin Jase Norman (Caldwell) 0:34 (Bier champion @ Coshocton)

285: Moore (UHS) pin over McElwee (JM) (OT)

Fancher (Tor) Fall Bruney (MF) (Fancher 2nd @ StC)

 285 Tuttle, Peyton (Steubenville) defeated Blake, Josh (Oak Glen) === {Decision 3-0}

285 Bruney, Zeke (Martins Ferry) defeated Thomas, Landen (Harrison Central) === {Fall 2:39}

 285 McElwee (JM) p. Horvath (BL)

285 Tristano (Dov) p. Means (WP)

285 Blake (OG) dec. Turney (Univ) 3-1

285 Turney (Univ) p. McElwee (JM)

285 Turney (Univ) p. Means (WP)


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