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Here we go with the 14th year of my rankings. The OVAC has 106 over all placers returning counting the last three years, 68 placers returning this year!





McComas is battle tested after Medina.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 McComas Cole BvL 9th      
2 Gatrell Terry Mead 10th 5th 106    
3 Windland Tucker PS 10th 6th 106    
4 Niswonger Jacob Cald 11th      
5 Blasko Peyton Steub 10th      
6 Logston Ty OG 12th      
7 Gray Ethan JM 9th      
8 Simpson Matthew Univ 10th      
9 Lawrence Cameron Morg 9th      
10 Murphy Isaac WP 9th      
11 Bonfini Joseph Bell 10th      
12 Ward Chase MF 9th      
13 Bethel Ethan StC 9th      
14 Kaiser Brandon BL 12th      
15 Reiordan Dylan Brk 9th      

Cole McComas BvL 1st @ Camb

106 Dylan Reiordan (BRK) dec Cameron Lawrence (Morg) 14-12

106 Isaac Murphy (WP) MD Dylan Reiordan (BRK) 15-3
C. Lawrence (MORG) Fall Isaak Murphy (WP)

Gatrell (Mead) 2nd @ Barn

Marshal Niswonger (Caldwell) pin Chase Ward (Martins Ferry) 2:43

Terry Gatrell (Meadowbrook) maj. dec. Marshal Niswonger (Caldwell) md11-2

Ethan Gray (JM) Dec 13-6 Murphy (WP)

Cole McComas (Beaver) maj. dec. Terry Gatrell (Meadowbrook) md12-2

Cole McComas (Beaver) pin Jake Mathews (Edison) 2:51

Joseph Bonfini BEL 1st @ UL

Joseph Bonfini BEL 1st @ Jackson County

Owen Ott (HC) 16-1 TF Cole Harris (TOR)

Logston OG Fall :21 Lawrence Morg

Blasko Steub MD 10-2 Logston OG

Gray JM Fall 4:27 Reiordan Brk

J. Matthews ED TF 17-1 A Macik WM

Gatrell Mead Fall Bethel StC

McComas BvL 3rd @ Medina

Cole McComas (BL) Dec. Ty Logston (OG) (6-2)

Ty Logston, Oak Glen Dec Ethan Gray, John Marshall, 4-2

 Niswonger Cald dec Bonifi Bell 5-1

Ethan Gray (JM) Dec 6-3 Simpson (U)

Ty Logston (9-1) vs. Jakob Matthews



Young is in charge here, but Quinn is certified at 113

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Young Timmy Steub 12th 1st 106 4th 106  
2 Frizzle Abe Mead 12th 3rd 106    
3 Ott Owen HC 11th 4th 106    
4 Harris Cole Tor 12th 7th 106    
5 Mathews Jake ED 10th 8th 106    
6 Staud Jake Univ 9th      
7 Moore Shawn OG 10th      
8 Irizarry Ian PS 9th      
9 Welker Cannon WP 9th      
10 Dalby Jordan UL 10th      
11 Grimm Michael IC 12th      
12 Reynolds Brayden Barn 11th      
13 Perozzi Dominique BvL 10th      

Joseph Bonfini BEL 1st @ UL

Staud (Univ) MD Moore (OG) 10-2

Aubrey Antill Camb 3rd @ Camb

David Moore (Camb) 14-12 dec.  Tyler Antonacci (Bell)

Abe Frizzell (Meadowbrook) pin Ian Irizarry (Park. South) 3:34

Ian Irizarry (Park. South) dec. Jordan Dalby (Union Local) 5-1

Abe Frizzell (Meadowbrook) pin Cannon Welker (Wheeling Park) 2:15

Jordan Dalby (Union Local) dec. Joseph Bonfini (Bellaire) 1-0

Ian Irizarry (Park. South) pin Cannon Welker (Wheeling Park) 3:20

Welker WP D 6-5 Kaiser BL



Quinn is the boss at this weight! Quite a few solid freshmen in this weight class, led by Hall, keep an eye on Lasure also.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Quinn Greg Shad 12th 1st 120 3rd 113 2nd 106
2 Hall Peyton OG 9th      
3 Wood Jordan JM 10th 2nd 106    
4 Simpson Jacob Univ 10th 6th 113    
5 Lasure Skyler BvL 9th      
6 Roberts Braydon PS 9th      
7 Baird Roman WM 9th      
8 Crall Riley UL 10th      
9 Pemberton Levi Cald 11th      
10 Moore David Camb 9th      
11 Giovengo Julian Lin 10th      
12 Antonacci Tyler Bpt 10th      
13 Howard Austin HC 9th      

Riley Crall UL 3rd @ UL

 Roman Baird MAD 3rd @ UL

Roman Baird WM Pin Reynolds (Barns)

Skyler Lasure BvL 2nd @ Camb

Peyton Hall (OG) TF Jacob Simpson (Univ) 16-0

Hall (OG) Fall Wood (JM) 2:26

126 Trey Wright d Jordan Wood (10-4)

Brayden Roberts (Park. South) pin Brayden Reynolds (Barnesville) 4:13

Brayden Reynolds (Barnesville) dec. Ryley Crall (Union Local) 5-4

Greg Quinn (Shadyside) pin Ryley Crall (Union Local) 1:24

Brayden Roberts (Park. South) pin Levi Pemberton (Caldwell) 2:34

Greg Quinn (Shadyside) dec. Brayden Roberts (Park. South) 8-1

Ryley Crall (Union Local) dec. Levi Pemberton (Caldwell) 7-4

Pemberton Cald dec Reynolds of Barn 12-7

Greg Quinn (Shadyside)  Champion @ Brecksville


Lasure BvL 8th @ Medina

Payton Hall (OG) Pin Skyler Lasure (BL) (5:09)



Parkersburg South has wrestled a tough schedule, and have few common OVAC opponents. With that said Martin is a two time finalist and Rea has had a stellar season so far.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Martin Luke PS 11th 1st 113 2nd 106  
2 Rea Caleb Weir 11th 2nd 120 5th 113  
3 Muldrew Jacson Shad 10th 4th 113    
4 Love Austin JM 10th      
5 Nice Riley Mag 12th 6th 120   8th 113
6 Manilla Zane Steub 10th      
7 Wright Trey OG 11th      
8 Wiley Collin Cald 9th      
9 Bennett Brise Univ 10th      
10 Torres James ED 10th      
IR Starkey Brayden IC 11th 7th 113    
IR Shelek Andrew WP 9th      

Jacson Muldrew Shad 1st @ UL


Andrew Hardenbrook CV over Josh Kleiner ED

Andrew Shelek (Wheeling Park) dec. Jacson Muldrew (Shadyside) 9-5

 Richardson (WP) Dec 7-1 Peyton Shook (JM)

Andrew Shelek (Wheeling Park)  decision  Zane Minella (Steubenville)  (Dec 3-2)

Hall OG D 5-0 Minella Steub

Rea Weir Fall 3:44 Love Jm

Muldew shad fall Wiley Cald 2:44

Austin Love, John Marshall Dec Riley Nice, Magnolia, 7-5

Riley Nice, Magnolia Dec Trey Wright, Oak Glen, 2-0

 Wiley Cald dec Moore Bell 16-9

Austin Love (JM) Dec 6-3 Bennett (U)



I see four seniors all with a chance at a title, any other wrestler would have to have an exceptional weekend.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Ball Logan Camb 12th 3rd 126    
2 Curtin Tommy Lin 12th 5th 126 4th 120 3rd 106
3 Kahl Josh Shad 12th 4th 126 6th 126 6th 120
4 Bookman Quinton BvL 12th 4th 120 3rd 106 7th 106
5 Shamblin Mikey PS 10th 5th 120    
6 Kuneff Mason Bpt 10th 6th 126    
7 Cook Alec WM 10th 7th 120    
8 Mazik PJ IC 11th 8th 120    
9 Hardenbrook Andrew CV 11th      
10 Moore Clayton Bell 11th      
11 Camilleti Max Brk 9th      
12 DeBee Jacob OG 12th      
13 Howell Ben UL 11th   7th 120  
14 Gray Michael Steub 11th      
15 Cane Blaze Weir 11th      
16 Farrabee Bryce Barn 9th      
IR Richardson Maison WP 10th 8th 113    
IR Coniker Luke SCC 12th 3rd 132 3rd 120  

DeBee (OG) d Love (JM) 14-11

Tommy Curtin LIN 3rd @ UL

 Logan Ball Camb Fall Quinton Bookman  BvL 1:58

Anthony Carman (JM) d Robert Bozek (OG) (SV-1) 4-2

Logan Ball (Camb) tech fall over Dante Vincenzo (StC), 3:41

132 Max Camilletti (BRK) dec Maison Richardson (Morg) 5-2

Mikey Shamblin (Park. South) pin Ben Howell (Union Local) 4:24

Josh Kahl (Shadyside) pin Mikey Shamblin (Park. South) 1:42

Bryce Farrabee (Barnesville) maj. dec. Maison Richardson (Wheeling Park) md10-2

Mikey Shamblin (Park. South) dec. Bryce Farrabee (Barnesville) 10-4

PJ Mazik IC d Hardenbrook CV 5-1

A. Cook (Mad) Maj.13-1 R. Nice (Mag)

Josh Kahl (Shady) dec PJ Mazik (IC) 7-0

Mason Kuneff (Bridgeport) dec. Andrew Hardenbrook (Crestview) 2-0

Mason Kuneff (Bridgeport) dec. Blaze Cain (Weir) 9-3

Logan Ball (C) pinned Ben Howell (UL), :34

Camiletti Brk D 8-1 Cain Weir

Moore (BEL) fall Max Camilletti (BRK)





The two returning finalist will be pushed hard by Rice.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Bozek Robert OG 12th 2nd 132    
2 Recrosio Casey WM 11th 2nd 113    
3 Rice Anthony Steub 10th 3rd 138    
4 Carman Anthony JM 10th      
5 Smith Noah BvL 11th      
6 Wukelic Mitch IC 10th      
6 Hunter Collin Shad 12th 8th 132    
8 Flinn Landon PS 11th      
9 Rohrbough Austin Univ 12th      
10 Dean Elliott Bpt 11th      
11 Vincenzo Donte StC 12th      
12 Pickenpaugh Blake Cald 12th      

 Josh Kahl SS over Mitch Wucelic IC

Anthony Carman (JM) d Robert Bozek (OG) (SV-1) 4-2

Robert Bozek d Anthony Carmen (8-7)

Collin Hunter (Shadyside) pin Landon Flinn (Park. South) 5:21

Mitch Wukelic (IC) major dec. Collin Hunter (Shady) 13-3

Hubbard Steub D 4-0 Bozek OG

Robert Bozek (OG) Dec. Quinton Bookman (BL) (Dec 6-4)





Two champions and Hubbard looking for his 3rd title in as many tries!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Hubbard Jashon Steub 11th 1st 132 1st 106  
2 Mazik Miles IC 12th 1st 138    
3 Johns Mark ED 12th 6th 145    
4 Crum Devin UL 12th 4th 152    
5 Flinn Jarritt PS 11th 5th 138    
6 Zeiders Owen Univ 11th 7th 132    
7 Wright Jared BvL 10th 8th 145    
8 Hawthorne Cody Shad 12th      
9 Porter Anthony Camb 9th      

Miles Mazik IC d Devin Crum UL 3-2

Miles Mazik IC over Recrosio WM

Crum (UL) over Hawthorne Shad

Casey Recrosio WM over Cody Hawthorne Shad

Zeiders (Univ) 1st @ Univ

Cody Hawthorne (Shadyside) pin Blake Pickenpaugh (Caldwell) 1:20

Jarritt Flinn (Park. South) pin Blake Pickenpaugh (Caldwell) 1:10

Miles Mazik (IC) dec Cody Hawthorne (Shady) 2-1

Kusic dec over Clouse

Mazik (IC) d Jones Ed 11-4

Hawthorne (SS) dec Timberlake (WP) 10-8

Recrosio Mad MD 13-4 Johns Ed





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Smith Beau BvL 10th 5th 132    
2 Hinzman Zane PS 10th 6th 152    
3 Hamlin Jordan Univ 12th      
4 Ketchum Mathew EL 11th      
5 Cade Seth ED 11th 7th 138    
6 Good Phil WM 12th 6th 138    
7 Scott Nick Steub 12th      
8 Keller Liam WL 10th      
9 Eakle Devin IC 11th 8th 152    
10 Kusic Tino Bpt 10th      
11 Brown Will Shad 12th      
12 Barnhart Gage Brk 11th      
13 Berisford Jacob JM 10th      
14 Dodds Coleman HC 11th      
15 Clouse Brylan Barn 10th      
16 Baker Clay FF 12th      
17 Smith Charles BL 9th      

Mark Johns EDI d Liam Keller WL 7-6

Keller WL Fall Eakle IC

Devin Eakle IC Fall Brylan Clouse BAR

Beau Smith BvL 1st @ Camb

Hamlin (Univ) 1st @ Univ

152 Devin Eakle IC Dec. Charles Smith BL 7-1

Devin Crum (Union Local) dec. Brylan Clouse (Barnesville) 3-0

Zane Hinzman (Park. South) maj. dec. Brylan Clouse (Barnesville) md11-3

Devin Crum (Union Local) pin Will Brown (Shadyside) 1:55

Beau Smith (Beaver) dec. Seth Cade (Edison) 4-2

Jabyn Moore (HC) Dec. 4-2 Charles Smith (BL)

S. Cade Ed D 8-3 P Good Mad

Scott Steub D 7-4 Creese OG

Smith BvL 8th Medina

Seth Cade loses by fall vs Matthew Ketchum

Barnhart Brk fall Berisford JM

Tino Kusic (Bpt) pin 5:25 Clay Baker (FF)



Nash is in control of this weight.

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Nash John WP 11th 1st 152 7th 160  
2 Frisco Adam Univ 12th 4th 170 8th 160  
3 Dunbar Drew PS 11th 7th 160    
4 Mecum Anthony EL 11th      
5 Wilson Logan IC 10th      
6 Baird Hunter WM 11th      
7 Talbot Zac Riv 11th      
8 Starcher Mike Cam 12th      
9 Tuttle David Steub 9th      
10 Davis Cody Cald 12th      

Logan Wilson IC d Casey Parsons WL 12-11

Seth Cade ED over Clay Baker FF

Wilson IC over Cade ED

Mathew Ketchum EL 2nd @ Camb

Frisco (Univ) 2nd @ Univ

Wilson (IC) d Hunter Baird (WM) 6-1

160 John Nash (WP) TF Gage Barnhart (BRK) 21-5

John Nash (Wheeling Park) dec. Drew Dunbar (Park. South) 7-2

Logan Wilson (IC) Fall Billy Johnson (Shady) 3:20

Tuttle Steub D 7-5 Strum OG

Starcher Cam D 8-4 Strum OG

Startcher Cam Fall 1:54 Tuttle Steub

Nash WP Fall :41 Ketchum EL
Harrman (SCC) MD D.Hawthorne (Shady) 14-1



The top two here are ahead of the pack!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Lambiotte TJ PS 12th 3rd 170 3rd 145 6th 132
2 Simpkins Kaleb WP 11th 5th 160    
3 Johnson Billy Shad 12th 4th 160 5th 145  
4 Giovengo Victor Lin 11th      
5 Cool Stevie OG 12th      
6 Fields Nathan Weir 12th      
7 Binkiewicz Jason BL 12th      
9 Zombeck Colten Brk 12th      
10 Durrah Brandon JM 11th      
11 Wirth Daniel BvL 9th      
12 Hauge Frank IC 11th      
IR McCool Chas JM 10th 7th 152    

Jason Binkiewicz BL over Ronnie Hill WL

Anthony Mecum EL 1st @ Camb

Mike Starcher (Cam)  d Stevie Cool (OG) 6-4

Kaleb Simpkins (Wheeling Park) pin Zac Talbot (River) 1:07

Zac Talbot (River) pin Jason Binkiewicz (Buckeye Local) 4:30

Colten Zombeck Brk d Starcher Cam 8-6

Simpkins WP TF 15-0 Binklewicz BL

Fields weir D 3-2 Finsley Brk

Jason B BL Fall 2:31 Anthony M EL

 Simkins WP Fall 2:34 Meccum EL

Victor giovango Lin wins by fall  Jason binkiewcz BL

Bodnar Steub d Fields Weir



DeLong looks to be PS 1st 4 time Champion!!!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 DeLong Hunter PS 12th 1st 182 1st 160 1st 145
2 Valachovic Nick Univ 12th 7th 182    
3 Thomas Nathan IC 12th 8th 170    
4 Mays Chad BvL 11th 8th 195    
5 Stratton Dakota CV 11th      
6 Fields Nathan Weir 12th      
7 Miklas Mason WP 11th      
8 Snyder Billy Steub 12th      
9 Finsley Garrett Brk 12th      
10 Householder Javen Tor 12th      
11 Wiley Mason Cald 10th      

Dakota Stratton CV 2nd @ UL

Daniel Wirth BvL 3rd Camb

Nick Valachovic  Univ 1st @ Univ

 Miklas (WP) Dec 9-3 Brandon Durrah (JM)

Dakota Stratton (Crestview) pin Joven Householder (Toronto) 5:43

Blayne Erwin (HC) Fall 5:46 Joven Householder (TOR)

Durran JM Fall 1:05 Fields Weir

Garrett Finsley (BRK) dec Householder (TOR) 8-6

 Daniel Wirth (BL) Dec. Kyler Flanigan (OG) (5-0)

Frank Hague (IC) major decision Blayne Erwin 15-6

Miklas (WP) over Snyder (Stueb) 4-3ot





Solid at the top here!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Hoover Dalton MF 11th 1st 195 4th 182  
2 Allman Justin PS 12th 2nd 195 2nd 182 1st 182
3 Ramage Jud Mead 11th 2nd 182 3rd 182  
4 Mayfield Austin EL 12th 6th 182 8th 182  
5 Yohn Noah Univ 11th   8th 170  
6 Kirby Donavan WM 10th      
7 Loew Austin WP 11th      
8 Scurry Hezekiah Steub 11th      
9 Thorton Quint Weir 12th      
10 Keys Brandon TC 12th      
11 Rice Dalton Shen 10th      
12 Witsberger Derek StC 9th      

Donavan Kirby WM over Nathan Thomas IC

Austin Mayfield EL 2nd @ Camb

Chad Mays BvL 5th @ Camb

Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) dec. Dalton Fullerton (Park. South) 8-6

Austin Loew (Wheeling Park) dec. Dalton Rice (Shenandoah) 7-3

Donavan Kirby WM d Keys (Tyler) 7-3

Mayfield EL Fall 3:02 Loew

Bunfill Barn  pinned Dalton Rice of Shenandoah and

Bunfill fall keys of Tyler consolidated

Brandon Keys TC Win by Fall 1:24 over Dalton Rice SHS

Caide Bunfill (Barn) dec Jud Ramage (Mead) 3-2

Loew (WP) over Scurry (Stueb) Fall



Solid weight here!

Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Nice Caleb Mag 12th 1st 220 5th 182 3rd 182
2 Bodkin Hunter MF 11th 5th 220 4th 220  
3 Bunfill Cade Barn 12th 4th 195 4th 195  
4 Edgell Alex Brk 12th      
5 Wolfe Garret PS 12th 3rd 220    
6 Moore Tommy Camb 12th 6th 220    
7 Wood Dylan WP 10th      
8 Moore Drone Steub 12th 7th 220 6th 220  
9 Talbert Landon CV 11th      
10 Givens Garrett BvL 10th      
11 Pappas River ED 10th      
12 McCamick Justice StC        
13 Wooley Skylor EL 9th      
14 Hayes Trevor Cald 11th      

 Skylor Wooley EL 3rd @ Camb

220 Alex Edgell (BRK) dec Dylan Wood (WP) 6-5

Caleb Nice (M) FALL Brandon Keys (TC)

Hunter Bodkin (Martins Ferry) dec. Caide Bunfill (Barnesville) 4-1

Edgle BRK d Landon Talbert CV 7-2

 Drone Moore (Steubenville) fall  Dylan Wood (Wheeling Park)  (Fall 2:57)


 Pappas ED D 2-1 Kirby WM

Nice Mag Fall 2:28 Pappas Ed

Wood WP Fall 1:14 Wooley EL

Hunter Bodkin (Martins Ferry) 5th @ Brecksville

Gage Giovango dec River Pappas ED

  River Pappas wins by fall vs skyler Wooley

Edgle Brk Over Wolfe PS 3-2

Wood (WP) over Moore (Stueb) 11-5




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2016 OVAC 2015 OVAC 2014
1 Giovengo Gage Lin 12th 3rd 285 7th 195  
2 Ely Tyler Steub 11th 5th 285    
3 Haga Louden PS 10th 6th 285    
4 Wallace Dom MF 11th 7th 285    
5 Stull Brent HC 12th      
6 Thomas Zach BvL 11th      
7 Clark Kade UL 11th      
8 Robinson Josh Shad 11th      
9 Robinson Sam IC 12th      
10 Chipps Cory TC 11th      
11 Simmons Nathan JM 12th      
IR Fogle Luke Tor 11th      

Gage Giovengo Lin over Kade Clark UL

Sam Robinson IC over Josh Robinson Shad

Clark UL Fall Robinson IC

Tommy Moore Camb d Zach Thomas BvL 2-1OT

Dom Wallace (Martins Ferry) maj. dec. Kade Clark (Union Local) md11-3

Josh Robinson (Shady) Fall Sam Robinson (IC) 3:02

Tommy Moore (C) pinned Kade Clark (UL), 4:55

Domenique Wallace (Martins Ferry)  7th @ Brecksville

Cory Chipps, Tyler Consolidated Dec Nathan Simmons, John Marshall, 3-2




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