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Here we go with the 12th year of my rankings. The OVAC has 110 over all placers returning counting the last three years, 74 placers returning this year!



Hubbard looks to be in charge here!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Hubbard Jashon Steub 9th      
2 Debee Ryan OG 12th 5th 106    
3 Bookman Quinton BvL 10th 7th 106    
4 Martin Luke PS 9th      
5 Ice Dakota EL 10th      
6 Zoumpolidis Theodore MF 12th   8th 106  
7 Young Timmy SCC 10th      
8 Holmes Cody JM 10th      
9 Stephens Chase Mead 11th      
10 Cain Blaze Weir 9th      
11 Harris Cole Tor 10th      
12 Brown Will Shad 10th      
13 Hawthorn Cody IC 10th      
14 Niswonger Jacob Cald 9th      

Hubbard (Steub) TF Cody Holmes (JM) 3:00

 Ryan Debee (OG) D 7-1 Cody Holmes (JM)

Harris Tor Fall Niswonger Cald

Hubbard (STEUB) TF DeBee (OG) (15-0)

 Brown (Shad) d Starkey IC 8-2

Bookman BvL Fall Brown Shad 0:25

Stephens Mead Fall Brown Shad 2:31

Harris Tor Fall Brown Tor

Timmy Young (SCC) dec. Will Brown (Shady) 8-1

Blaze Cain, Weir d Cole Harris, Tor 7-2 O.T

Dakota Ice - EL md Theodore Zoumpolidis - MF 10-1

Quinton Bookman - BVL MD Theodore Zoumpolidis - MF 10-2

Quinton Bookman - BVL Fall Dakota Ice - EL 4:31



The freshman Henson is making his name known! A nice mix of talent at this weight. 3 Finalist and a freshman is ranked 1st!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Henson Jack Univ 9th      
2 Potts Alex EL 12th 1st 106 3rd 106  8th 106
3 Quinn Gregory Shad 10th 2nd 106    
4 Ball Logan PS 12th   2nd 106  
5 Dawson Jack BvL 12th 4th 113 5th 106  
6 White Brandon HC 11th 5th 113    
7 Ball Logan Camb 10th 6th 103    
8 Johnson Caleb Weir 9th      
9 Bertrand Brandon JM 11th 7th 113    
10 Anderson Alex Tor 12th      
11 Irvin Michael SCC 9th      
12 Heavlin JR HC 9th      
13 Reiordan Michael BrK 12th      

Potts EL Fall  JR Heavilin HC 1:03

 Anderson (TOR) d 5-0 JR Heavilin (HC)

  Bertrand (JM) D14-2 Reiordan (BrK)

 Potts EL D Bertrand JM 10-6

 Henson Univ TF Potts EL 16-1

Caleb Johnson WEIR d Branden Bertand JM 10-6

Greg Quinn (Shad) p. Alex Anderson (Tor), 1:55

Caleb Johnson, Weir fall  Alex Anderson, Tor 3:47

Alex Potts - EL Fall J R Heavilin - HC Pin 0:56

Jack Dawson - BVL Fall J R Heavilin - HC Pin 0:41

Alex Potts - EL Pin  Jack Dawson - BVL vs (W) 4:15



Wilson is in charge of this weight! Someone new can make the finals here.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Wilson Tariq Steub 11th 1st 113 1st 106  
2 Richter Rod MC 12th 4th 120    
3 Roberts Jacob PS 11th      
4 Nice Riley Mag 10th 8th 113    
5 Coniker Luke SCC 10th      
6 Curtin Tommy Lin 10th 3rd 106    
7 Hague Daniel IC 11th 6th 113    
8 Zeiders Owen Univ 9th      
9 Wilson Collin Barn 10th      
10 Bozek Robert OG 10th      
11 Harper Winston Mead 9th      
12 Howell Ben UL 9th      
13 Hunter Collin Shad 10th      
INJ Wyke Danny OG 12th 2nd 113    


Hunter Cline PS 10th 4th 106

White HC MD Sarge EL 12-2

 Wilson (STEUB) TF  Wyke (OG)  18-3

Hague (IC) d Anderson Tor 4-1

 White (HC) d 4-1  Savage (TOR)

 Nice  Mag Fall Anderson Tor 3:38

Hague IC d Dawson BvL UTB 1-0

Rodney Richter (MC) p. Colin Hunter (Shad), 1:41

Howell UL d Zeiders Univ 16-8

D. Hague (IC) dec. B. White HC 1-0

Johnson Weir MD Ben Howell, UL 12-3

Winston Harper (M) pinned Ben Howell (UL), 1:08

Brandon White - HC  d Daniel Hague - IC  2-1

Ben Howell - UL d Tim Sarge - EL 9-4

Coniker SCC d Curtain Lin 3-0

Nice Mag d Coniker SCC 7-5





Baciak is in charge here, after that its who wants it the most!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Baciak Dallas WP 12th 1st 120 3rd 113  
2 Wood Dalton Cam 12th 5th 120 4th 106  
3 Kahl Josh Shad 10th 6th 120    
4 Collins Zach PS 9th      
5 Starkey Donnie Tor 11th 8th 120    
6 Daley Robert ED 12th   5th 113  
7 Martsolf Dustin BvL 11th      
8 Reed Evan Camb 12th      
9 Howell John UL 12th      
10 Olier Cody EL 12th 5th 126 8th 120  8th 113
11 Vincenzo Donte StC 10th      

Curtin Lin Fall Howell UL 3:31

Coniker SCC d Daley ED 9-7

Robert Bozek (OG) 7 d Robert Daley (ED) 6

 Bozek (OG) d  Porter (STEUB) 10-6

 Baciak (WP) d Collins (PS)  5-2

Daley ED d Martsolf BvL 5-0

Kahl Shad d Daley ED 7-3

Josh Kahl (Shad) d. Donnie Starkey (Tor), 6-4

D. Vincenzo (St.C) dec P. Mazik 12-11 DOT

Robert Bozek (OG) over Colton Bookman (BL) (Fall 1:46)

Curtin (Lin) d Daley (ED) 4-2

 Evan Reed (Camb) pinned John Howell (UL), 2:45

Dustin Martsolf - BVL Dec Cody Oiler EL 5-2

 John Howell - UL Fall Cody Oiler - EL 0:46

Robert Daley - ED Fall Donte Vincenzo - STC 0:39

John Howell - UL MD Donte Vincenzo - STC 9-0

Robert Daley - ED D Dustin Martsolf - BVL 6-3

Oiler was injured today.




Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Keys Jason BvL 11th 2nd 126    
2 Goff Dakotah Steub 11th 2nd 120 6th 113  
3 Nangle Colten PS 12th 3rd 120    
4 Parsons James WP 10th 3rd 113    
5 Gaydosh Tyler IC 12th 8th 126    
6 Adams Clay Mag 10th      
7 Stewart Josh Riv 12th      
8 Good Phil WM 10th      
9 Spalla Nick Cam 10th      
10 Rohrbough Austin Univ 10th      

Coniker SCC d Gaydosh IC 1-0

Goff (STEUB) Fall CADE (ED) (0:47)

Goff Steub MD Parsons WP 10-2

Adams Mag d Stewart Riv 9-4

B. Everhart (HC) dec D. Vincenzo 4-3 UTB

Dallas Baciak (WP) over Dakotah Goff (STEUB) (Dec 6-1)

Jason Keyes - BVL maj Tyler Gaydosh - IC 11-2



Bunch of placers here.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Jenkins Tyler Mead 12th 1st 126    
2 Stewart Bobby UL 11th 2nd 132    
3 Pizzino Hunter HC 12th 3rd 132  7th 126 4th 120
4 Tice Nick OG 12th 6th 138    
5 Hubbard Jesse Steub 10th 4th 132    
6 Rayner Kolby Cald 11th 7th 132    
7 Taylor Ryan PS 10th      
8 Hamlin Jordan Univ 10th      
9 Baird Hunter WM 9th      
10 Tubaugh Chad JM 11th      
11 Hawthorne Cody Shad 10th      

T. Jenkins Mead d Keys BvL 2-0

Hubbard (Steub) D 6-2 Chad Tubaugh (JM)

 Nick Tice (OG) D 4-0 Chad Tubaugh (JM)

Nick Tice (OG) d Lane Weaver (ED) 6-0

Hubbard (STEUB) MD WEAVER (ED) (MD 9-0)

  Tice (OG) d Hubbard (STEUB) (Dec 3-1)

Hawthorne Shad d Weaver ED 11-5

Jenkins Mead MD Weaver ED 12-0

 Tubaugh JM D Blystone EL 7-0

Nick Spala CAM d Chad Tubaugh 8-6

Nick Tice (OG) over Jason Keyes (BL) (Dec 7-4)

 Cody Hawthorne (Shady) Fall Josh Stewart (River) 5:07

Tyler Jenkins (Mead) dec. Bobby Stewart (UL), 4-2

Bobby Stewart - UL Fall Dylan Alwine - STC 2:48





Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Taylor Dylan WP 12th 3rd 145 1st 138 2nd 126
2 Jenkins Bailey Mead 11th 2nd 145    
3 Hasson Daniel BvL 12th 3rd 138 7th 132 7th 120
4 Lambiotte TJ PS 10th 6th 132    
5 Cooper Chase TC 11th      
6 Arneault Patrick OG 12th      
7 Crum Devin UL 10th      
8 Ferguson Brian Steub 12th      
9 Kirby Colton CB 12th      
10 Johnson Billy Shad 10th      
11 Fisher Nick ED 12th      
12 McIe Matt Univ 11th      
13 Schlieper Kyle Cam 12th      

Schlieper Cam Fall Ferguson Steub 1:12

Arneault (OG) 10 d Fisher (ED) 6

Arneault (OG) d Ferguson (STEUB) (3-0)

  Cooper (TC) pinned  Schlieper  Cam

Taylor WP d Lambiotte PS 10-4

Hasson BvL Fall Fisher ED 0:45

Johnson Shad Fall Fisher ED 1:54

Schleiper Cam D Cottrel Univ 16-14

Gorby OG d Schlieper Cam 5-1

Dylan Taylor (WP) Fall Brian Ferguson (STEUB) (Fall 1:04)


Will Lopez finally get his championship?


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Lopez Ryan Univ 12th 2nd 152 2nd 138  
2 Windland Tyler PS 12th 7th 138    
3 Moray Niko Steub 11th 4th 152    
4 Kahl Brett Shad 11th 6th 145    
5 Coleman Bryce MF 12th 5th 152 8th 138  
6 Shuman Alex OG 11th      
7 Digiandomenico Austin WP 12th 8th 138    
8 Risley Antony HC 11th      
9 Carothers Chase MC 12th      
10 Risley Antony HC 11th      
11 Ekey Jonathan WM 12th      
12 Forquer Tyler CB 12th      

 Kahl (SS) d  Coleman (MF) 3-2

Crum UL d Carothers MC 9-2

Shuman (OG) d  Eckelberry (JM) 4-0

Risley (HC) TF   Morrow (BL) 18-3

Moray (STEUB) d  Shuman (OG) ( 4-1)

Windland (PS) Fall  Moray (Steub) (1:41)

Brett Kahl (Shad) p. Jonathan Ekey (WM), 0:37

Daniel Hasson (BvL) over Alex Shuman (OG) (Fall 1:54)

Alex Shuman OG Decision over Austin Digiandomenico WP 6-5

Bryce Coleman - MF d Antony Risley - HC 5-3


Will Delong make it 2 in a row, up two weigh classes?  Mowder, and Shaw are back after injures, Sokolowski is down a weight, don't over look Livingston either Hickenbottom too! Will Howler be the dark horse? Very interesting weigh here!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Delong Hunter PS 10th 1st 145    
2 Mowder Casey JM 12th   5th 132 7th 113
3 Hickenbottom Logan Camb 12th 4th 145    
4 Howler Hobie Barn 11th 5th 138 3rd 120  
5 Sokolowski Josh BL 12th 5th 170    
6 Livingston Shawn Steub 11th 5th 145    
7 Shaw Dillion WM 11th   3rd 152  
8 Frisco Adam Univ 10th      
9 Simpkins Caleb Mag 9th      
10 McConville Austin Bell 12th      
11 Adams Austin BvL 11th      
12 Nash John WP 9th      
13 Hogan Will OG 12th      
14 Goss Gregory Morg 11th      

Howler Barn d Sokolowski BL 8-6

 Kahl (SS) d Coleman (MF) 3-2

Mowder (JM) d Livingston Steub 6-2

Coleman MF d McConville Bell 3-2

Coleman MF d Howler Barn 4-2

  Mowder (JM) d  Hogan (OG) 8-3

Hogan (OG) 6 d  Dayten (ED) 2

 Livingston (STEUB) d  Hogan (OG) ( 6-3)

 Hogan (OG) 1   Goss (MHS) 0

Josh Sokolowski (BL) d. Dillon Shaw (WM), 10-8

Austin Adams (BL) over William Hogan (OG) (Dec 7-6)

Bailey Jenkins (M) dec. Logan Hickenbottom (C), 7-1

John Nash WP Decision over Will Hogan OG 6-2

Josh Sokolowski - BL Fall Austin Mcconville - BELL 1:50




This weight is wide open to make the finals!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Alexander Dylan PS 12th 3rd 152    
2 McFarland Matt UL 11th      
3 Wotring Logan Morg 11th 4th 182    
4 Lowery Drew Tor 11th 4th 170    
5 Deffenbaugh Austin Steub 10th 8th 160    
6 Cool Stevie OG 10th      
7 McConaughey Paden Mag 11th      
8 Cade Laine ED 12th      
9 Pershing Jake Camb 11th      
10 Ramage Richard Mead 12th      
11 Johnston Blake Well 12th      
12 Kelly Tyler BvL 11th      

McFarland UL d lowery Tor 7-2

Lowery Tor Fall Shaw WM 1:00

Lowery Tor Fall Tyler Forquer CB Fall

McFarland UL Fall Johnston Well 1:14

McFarland UL Fall Hoover MF 4:55

Deffenbaugh (STEUB) d CADE (ED) ( 4-2)

Lowery (TOR) fall 4:55  Risley (HC)

Alexander PS TF Deffenbaugh Steub 17-1

 Rusch (Morg) 7 Stevie Cool (OG) 3

Hoover MF d Ramage Mead 7-2

Cade ED Fall Ramage Mead 2:15

 Deffenbaugh Steub D Rusch Morg 11-9

Sokolowski (BL) fall 2:56 Cade (ED)

Jake Pershing (C) dec. Richard Ramgage (M), 4-2

 Matt Mcfarland - UL Fall Lane Cade - ED 0:42



Should be an interesting to see how this weigh gets seeded? Now add in number 2 seed from last year Jones!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Jones Branden Steub 12th 2nd 170 4th 182  
2 Allman Justin PS 10th 1st 182    
3 Hoover Dalton MF 9th      
4 Wells Mitchell ED 12th 2nd 182 3rd 182  
5 Nice Caleb Mag 10th 3rd 182    
6 Ramage Jud Mead 9th      
7 Jones Tristan BL 11th      
8 Rusch Chris Morg 12th      
9 Ricker Tommy WP 12th      
10 Mayfield Austin EL 10th      
11 Wooding Von Lin 11th      
12 Freeman Dave Shen 12th      
13 Cobb Austin Cald 11th      
14 Valachovic Nick Univ 10th      
INJ Skaggs Cole StC 11th 7th 160    

 Jones (Steub)  d Allman (PS) 7-3

 Jones Steub D Wotring Morg 12-7

Wells (ED) d Jones (BL) 3-2 OT

Matt McFarland (UL) dec. Jud Ramage (M), 7-4 (3ot)

Dalton Hoover - MF d Tristan Jones - BL 4-1

Tristan Jones - BL d Austin Mayfield - EL 11-8
Dalton Hoover - MF d  Mitchell Wells - ED 3-1 OT

Mayfield EL Fall Valachovic Univ

Mitchell Wells - ED Fall Austin Mayfield - EL 3:27




Wide open weigh here.  Hard to call this one! Should be a fun weight to watch.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Newhart-Koreski Tyler PS 12th 3rd 195    
2 Albertson Tim Steub 11th 4th 195    
3 Doll Matt BrK 11th 8th 182    
4 Myers Isaiah WP 11th 5th 195    
5 Bunfill Cade Barn 10th      
6 Mercer John Camb 12th 5th 182    
7 Barber Josh BvL 12th 6th 160    


Gage Lin 10th      
9 Keys Brandon TC 10th      
10 Rogers Harold SCC 12th      
11 Hatfield Joel Mag 10th      
12 Fogle Luke Tor 9th      

Bunfill Barn d Wells ED 3-2

Wells ED d Jones BL 9-2

Howiler Barn d Sokolowski BL 12-6
Bunfill Barn d Jones BL 14-9

 Doll (BRK) pin  Myers (WP)

Albertson (STEUB) d  WELLS (ED) (6-2)

Hatfield Mag Fall  Fogle Tor 3:14

Giovengo LIN Fall Hatfield 4:11

Brandon Keys d Joel Hatfield 12-10

Giovengo Lin Fall Keys TC

Tim Albertson (STEUB) MD Tommy Ricker (WP) (MD 12-4)

Hunter Bodkin - MF d Austyn Dozier - EL 5-3

Michael Furbee - STC  Fall Cody Riddle - BVL 4:57

 Michael Furbee - STC d Hunter Bodkin - MF 1-0

Giovengo Lin Fall Rogers SCC

Rogers SCC Fall Hatfield Mag


Never seen two heavy weight placers make 220 the next year!?


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Chuckwudi Chukwu Lin 12th 2nd 285    
2 Hall Thomas PS 12th 4th 285   4th 285
3 Furbee Michael StC 11th 4th 220 6th 220  
4 Potts Tanner MC 11th 7th 220    
5 Bodkin Hunter MF 9th      
6 Moore Drone Steub 10th      
7 Moore Tommy Camb 10th      
8 Polling Clay Cald 11th      
9 Riddle Cody BvL 12th      
10 Price Dakota OG 10th      
11 Dozier Austyn EL 11th      
12 Stull Brenton HC 10th      
INJ Chimechi Opranozie Lin 12th 6th 220 7th 220  

T Moore Camb d Riddle BvL 4-2

Potts MC d H Bodkin MF 3-2

Bodkin MF d Polling Cald 5-2

D Moore (STEU) Fall Price (OG) (4:38)

Dozier EL Fall McCardle JM 3:37

M. Furbee (St.C) dec B. Stull 6-1

Cody Riddle (BL) over Noah Flowers (OG) (Dec 8-3)

Dozier EL Fall  Stull HC 0:36


Bodkin back and 3 time placer and finalist Bloor moves up, don't over look Mills or Rucker



Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2014 OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012
1 Bodkin Jon MF 12th 1st 285   8th 285
2 Bloor Seth Well 12th 2nd 220 3rd 220 4th 220
3 Rucker Chance Cald 11th 7th 285    
4 Mills Dane PS 12th   3rd 285  
5 Mills Noah OG 12th      
6 Soloman Darrell Steub 12th      
7 Kilburn Justin MC 11th   8th 285  
8 Powers Mitchell Morg 11th      
9 Earnest Carson StC 10th      
10 Martin Nathan WM 11th      
11 Colvin Wade Mead 9th      
INJ Poplowski William Steub 11th 6th 285    
INJ Davidson Cole Weir 11th 8th 285    

Rucker Cald d Chuckwudi Lin 7-5

Bloor Well Fall Rucker Cald 2:44

Bloor Wells MD Mills OG 14-4

Noah Mills (OG) Fall Darrel Soloman (STEUB) (Fall 3:45)




If you have any questions, or think you should be ranked email me and tell me why.

 Thanks for the help.

The rankings are changing all the time check back often!


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