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Here we go with the 11th year of my rankings. The OVAC had 56 placers graduate last year. So there will be many new names in the rankings this year.


Things are starting to take shape at this weight class.



Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Potts Alex EL 11th 3rd 106    
2 Quinn Gregory Shad 9th      
3 Curtin Tommy Lin 9th      
4 Cline Hunter PS 11th      
5 Ball Jordan Camb 11th      
6 Campbell Thomas MF 11th      
7 Debee Ryan OG 11th      
8 Kaiser Brandon Steub 9th      
9 Holmes Cody JM 9th      
10 Bookman Quinton BvL 9th      
11 Brown Jeremy Beal 12th      
12 Young Timmy SCC 9th      

 Debee (OG) Fall  Ice (EL) 1:43

Curtin (Lin) TF Brown (Beal) 3:57

Curtin (Lin) Fall Campbell (MF) 5:01

Debee (OG) Fall  Kaiser (Steub) 2:32

Campbell MF d Debee OG 6-5

Potts (EL) Fall Cline (PS) 3:06

Quinn (Shad) Fall Kaizer (Steub) 0:15

Cambell (MF) d Bookman (BvL) 3-0

Curtin (Lin) Fall Kaiser (Steub) 0:52

Quinn (SS) Fall Young (SCC) 1:47

DeBee OG d  Bookman BvL 2-0



Wilson is the head of the weight class filled with competitive wrestlers. Will Heavlin be back?


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Wilson Tariq Steub 10th 1st 106    
2 Ball Logan PS 10th 2nd 106    
3 Wyke Danny OG 11th      
4 Dawson Jack BvL 11th 5th 106    
5 Hague Daniel IC 10th      
6 Nice Riley Mag 9th      
7 Timko Alex StC 12th      
8 Myers Jerad Univ 12th      
9 White Brandon HC 10th      
10 Hunter Collin Shad 9th      
11 Anderson Alex Tor 11th      
12 Parsons James WP 9th      
13 Bertrand Brandon JM 10th      
14 Kiedrowski Issac SCC 10th      
15 Dakota Ice EL 10th      
INJ Otto Joe BL 9th      

Curtin (Lin) d Anderson Tor 4-3

Anderson Tor d Kiedrowski SCC 8-2

Potts (EL) Fall Logston (OG) 1:45

 Nice (MAG) d Curtin (LIN) 6-5

Hague (IC) d  Kiedrowski  (SCC) 7-0

Dawson BvL d Hague IC 6-2

Dawson BvL TF Hague IC 16-1

 Timko StC d Anderson Tor 3-0

Timko (StC) over Nice (Mag) ?

Hague (IC) d Anderson (Tor) 4-1

Hague (IC) d Timko (StC) 6-4

Quinn (Shad) fall Anderson (Tor) 1:47

White (HC) d McAfee (IC) 3-1

Timko StC d Anderson Tor 5-3

Ball (PS) Fall Ice (EL) 0:41

Wyke OG Fall White (HC)

Wyke OG d Timko StC 5-0

Hunter (Shad) d Kiedrowski (SCC) 7-0

Hunter (Shad) Fall Anderson (Tor) 1st

Wyke (OG) Fall Parsons (WP) 2:43

Hunter (SS) DEC Kiedrowski (SCC) 7-2

Wilson (Steub) Fall Parsons (WP)

Wyke OG d Dawson BvL 2-1


Baciak is ahead of this class. A bunch of round robin action here.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Baciak Dallas WP 11th 3rd 113    
2 Wood Dalton Cam 11th 4th 106    
3 Goff Dakotah Steub 10th 6th 113    
4 Nangle Colten PS 11th      
5 Kahl Josh Shad 9th      
6 Starkey Donnie Tor 10th      
7 Howell John UL 11th      
8 Richter Rodney MC 11th      
10 Bozek Robert OG 9th      
11 Martsolf Dustin BvL 10th      
12 Wiley Tyler Cald 10th 6th 120    
13 Wilson Collin Barn 11th      
14 McAfee Dustin IC 12th      
15 Zoumpoulidis Theodore MF 11th 8th 106    
16 Schultheis Chase Riv 10th      
INJ Heavlin Anthony HC 10th 7th 106    

  McAfee (IC) d Zeumpoulidis MF 4-3

 Howell UL MD  McAfee 15-2

 Starkey Tor Fall  Howell UL

 Starkey Tor d  Wilson Barn 9-3

 Zoumpolidis MF d Howell UL 7-6

Kahl Shad d  Richter MC 9-5

 Wilson Barn d Zoumpolidis  MF 9-2

Wilson (Barn) d Schultheis (Riv) 7-5

Richter (MC) d Wiley (Cald) 7-2

Kahl (Shad) d Wilson (Barn) 7-0

Richter (MC) d Wilson (Barn) 3-0

 Wiley (Cald) d  Wilson (Barn) 2-0

Goff (Steub) d  Bozek (OG) 4-0

Starkey (Tor) Fall  McAfee (IC) ?

White (HC) d McAfee (IC) 3-1

Kahl (Shady) d Starkey (Tor) 8-5

 Starkey Tor d Zoumpolidis MF

Bozek OG d Wilson Barn 6-2

Goff (Steub) d Kahl (Shad) 7-4

Baciak (WP) d Nangle (PS) 7-0

Wood (Cam) d Goff (Steub) 4-2

Martsolf (BvL) INJ Deft Zeumpoulidis MF

Starkey (Tor) INJ Deft Kahl (Shady)

Starkey (Tor) d Richter (MC) 4-2

Bozek OG Fall Bookman BvL 3:54

Howell (UL) Fall Heavilin (HC) 3:00

Zoumpolidis (MF) d White (HC) 2-0


Big changes at this weight.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Jenkins Tyler Mead 11th      
2 Keys Jason BvL 10th      
3 Cornell Josh OG 12th 5th 120 5th 106  
4 Forester David HC 12th 7th 120    
5 Singleton Austin Barn 12th 7th 113    
6 Daley Robert ED 11th 5th 113    
7 Harris Austin PS 12th      
8 Oiler Cody EL 11th 8th 120  8th 113  
9 Thrasher Phillip Well 12th      
10 Allen Jason Cald 9th      
11 Vaugh Zach Shad 11th      
12 Gamble Maury BrK 12th   7th 125  
13 Reed Evan Camb 11th      
14  Gaydosh Tyler IC 11th      
15 Mason Kyle BL 10th      
16 Jones Mike Univ 10th      

 Forrester (HC) d  Reed (Camb) 1-0

Forrester (HC) d  Martsolf (BvL) 3-0

Singleton Barn d  Daley ED 6-4

 Wood (Cam) d  Bozek (OG) 3-1

 Wood (Cam) d Oiler (EL) 3-1OT

 Baciak (WP) fall  Gamble (Brk)

Martsolf (BvL) d Gaydosh (IC) 6-3

Singleton (Barn) d  Allen (Cald) 11-10

Forrester (HC) d Gaydosh (IC) 5-2

Jenkins Mead Fall Skapik Shad 3:00

 Jenkins Mead Fall Forrester HC

Forrester HC over Singleton Barn

Harris (PS) Fall Oiler (EL) 4:23

 Wood (Cam)  d Goff (Steub) 4-2

Jenkins (Mead) d  Keyes (BvL) 11-6

Vaughn (Shady) d  Eaton (Brk)  22-19

Oiler EL d Allen  Cald 8-7


The top two here are ahead of the pack.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Hood Isaiah Univ 12th 6th 126    
2 Pizzino Hunter HC 11th 7th 126 4th 120  
3 Stewart Bobby UL 10th      
4 Hubbard Jesse Steub 9th      
5 Flowers Avery OG 12th      
6 Lambiotte TJ PS 9th      
7 Rayner Kolby Cald 10th      
8 Kiedrowski Blake SCC 12th      
9 Eaton Joey BrK 11th      
10 Mazik Miles IC 9th      
11 Schlieper Kyle Cam 11th      
12 Johnson Billy Shad 9th      

 Keyes (BvL) d Pizzino (HC) 3-1

  Pizzino (HC) d Jenkins (Mead) 5-3

 Flowers (OG) Fall Beebout (EL) 3:54

  Thrasher (Well) Fall Flowers (OG) 1:55

 Eaton (Brk) fall  Foose (WP)

Keys (BvL) Fall Eaton (Brk) 3:01

Mazik (IC) d Eaton (Brk) 4-3

 Rine JM MD Foose WP 15-2

Hubbard (Steub) d Flowers (OG) 4-0

Pizzino (HC) MD Mazik (IC) 11-2

Flowers OG Fall Hammer Bpt

Hubbard (Steub) Fall Johnson (Shad) 5:46

Hood (Univ) Fall Hubbard (Steub) 3:08

Kiedrowski (SCC) over Johnson (Shad)

Kiedrowski (SCC) Fall Johnson (SS) 3:10

Stanley Czaharoski (WP) Fall Hubbard (Steub)

 Flowers OG d Keyes BvL 6-4



State placer Rayner and state qualifier Hasson lead this weight, the addition oh Howler makes this a weight to watch.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Rayner Kameron Cald 12th 5th 138 5th 126  
2 Hasson Daniel BvL 11th 7th 138 7th 120  
3 Howler Hobie Barn 10th 3rd 120    
4 Windland Tyler PS 11th      
5 Tice Nick OG 11th      
6 Digiandomenico Austin WP 11th      
7 Hall Dylan JM 12th 4th 138    
8 Carothers Chase MC 11th 7th 132    
9 Hamlin Cody Univ 12th      
10 Kahl Brett Shad 10th      
11 Parise Cedro SCC 12th      
12 Risley Anthony HC 10th      

Hasson (BvL) pin Risley (HC) 2:50

Hamlin Univ Fall  Stewart UL 5:42

Kiedrowski SCC Fall  King Tor 1:06

 Stewart  UL d  Keidowski 8-2

Rayner (Cald) d Stewart (UL) 3-0

DiGiandomenico WP d Hall JM 5-2

Risely (HC) d Stevens (StC) 9-7

Winland (PS) Fall Digiandomenico (WP) 1:59

Hamlin (Univ) d Hall (JM) 7-5

 Hamlin (Univ) Fall Schleiper (Cam) 4:30

Hasson BvL d Jenkins Mead 6-1

Hasson BvL d Wise MF 8-2

Kahl (Shady) d Risley (HC)  5-3

Tice (OG) d Digiandomenico  (WP) 7-1

Hall (JM) d Hamlin (Univ) 5-2

Hasson BvL MD Tice OG 8-0

Stewart (UL) MD  Risley (HC) 12-0



Taylor is top here, but has competition now.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Taylor Dylan WP 11th 1st 138 2nd 126  
2 Jenkins Bailey Mead 10th      
3 Wise James MF 12th 6th 145    
4 Hickenbottom Logan Camb 11th      
5 Sefert Bruce Beal 12th      
6 Livingston Shawn Steub 10th      
7 Sowers Zac UL 12th      
8 DeLong Hunter PS 9th      
8 Schlieper Kyle Cam 11th      
10 Frisco Adam Univ 9th      

 Hall JM Fall Livingston Steub 2:28

Hall (JM) d Starcher (Cam) 7-2

Howler (Barn) d Kahl (Shad) 7-6

Kahl (Shad) d Sowers (UL) 7-5

Taylor (WP) d Livingston (Steub) 4-3

Taylor (WP) TF  Lawrence (Morg) 17-2

Jenkins Mead d Kahl Shad 10-6

Howiler Barn Fall  Arneault OG 1:59

Wise MF d Arneault OG 8-5

Jenkins Mead Fall Howlier Barn

Livingston (Steub) d Kahl (Shad) 4-2

Taylor (WP) d DeLong (PS) 10-4

Livingston (Steub) d Schlieper (Cam) 2-1

Kahl (Shad) Fall Schleiper (Cam) 4:27

 Hasson BvL Jenkins Mead 6-1

Hasson BvL d Wise MF 8-2

Taylor (WP) d  Livington (Steub) 8-2



An Interesting weight class with two finalists coming back.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Davis Jonny WP 12th 2nd 145 5th 132  
2 Lopez Ryan Univ 11th 2nd 138    
3 Alexander Dylan PS 11th      
4 Coleman Bryce MF 11th 8th 138    
5 Scrudders Kevin Camb 12th 7th 145    
6 Moray Nico Steub 10th      
7 Lawrence Mack Morg 12th      
8 Shuman Alex OG 10th      
9 Williams Eric BL 12th      
10 Forquer Tyler CB 11th      
11 Crosby Mike SCC 12th      
12 Ross Charles Tor 11th      
13 Paynter Mike UL 12th      

 Lopez Univ d  Sefert Beal 3-2

 Crosby SCC d  Paynter UL 10-8

 Taylor (WP) TF  Lawrence (Morg) 17-2

Moray (Steub) d Shuman (OG)  6-1

Coleman MF Fall Charles Ross Tor

Davis (WP) MD Alexander (PS) 14-3

Lopez (Univ) Fall Moray (Steub) 1:27

 Shuman (OG) Fall Ross (Tor) 3:20

 Sefert (Beall) d. Mike Crosby (SCC), 5-1

Ross (Tor) d. Riedel (HC), 3-2

Lawrence (MORG) MD Shuman (OG) 15-2

Davis (WP) Fall Shuman (OG) 0:58

Crosby (SCC) FALL Allen (SS) 2:50

Davis (WP) Fall Moray (Steub)


A competitive weight class with the top four being a step ahead. Shaw has been fighting injures.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Banks Eric WP 12th   5th 138 4th 125
2 Green Myliek Bell 12th 6th 170    
3 Fox Eric Camb 12th 8th 170    
4 Deffenbaugh Austin Steub 9th      
5 Gandee Damon PS 12th      
6 Skaggs Cole StC 10th      
7 Hogan Will OG 11th      
8 Duvall Jake Shad 12th      
9 Sapp Jordan Riv 12th      
10 Barber Josh BvL 11th      
11 Bal Liam Univ 12th      
12 Ramage Richard Mead 11th      
INJ Shaw Dillon WM 10th 3rd 152    
INJ Cunningham Andrew BD 11th      

 Ramage (Mead) Fall  Rocchi (HC) 1:40

Green (Bell) MD Sapp (Riv) 18-5

Sapp (Riv) d Giovengo (Lin) 8-2

Green (Bell) d Coleman (MF) 3-1

Deffenbaug (Steub) d Hogan (OG) 4-1

Green (Bell) d Lowery (Tor) 8-3

Skaggs StC d Hogan OG

Banks (WP) d Gandee (PS) 10-6

Barber BvL d Ramage Mead 10-4

 Duvall (Shad) d Sapp (Riv) 7-3

Banks (WP) MD Hogan (OG) 16-5

Banks (WP) MD Deffenbaugh (Steub) 13-4

McFarland UL d Green Bell 4-3



Another wide open weight class, Jones is having a great season. 


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Jones Brandon Steub 11th 4th 182    
2 Hermann Leo SCC 12th 5th 160    
3 Dixon Mathew PS 12th 7th 182    
4 Tomolonis Brad Bpt 12th 7th 170    
5 Sokolowski Josh BL 11th      
6 Smith Kole Riv 12th      
7 McFarland Matt UL 10th      
8 Lowery Drew Tor 10th      
9 Pahoundis George Camb 12th      
10 Abdalla Joey Well 12th      
11 Wotring Garrett Morg 12th      
12  Chadwick Devon OG 10th      
13  Wensyel Jake WP 12th      

Green Bell TF Carnes StC 20-5

McFarland UL d Lowery Tor ?

 Tustin (WP) fall  Watring (Morg)

Smith (Riv) d McFarland (UL) 5-1

Jones (Steub) Fall Wensyel (WP) 5:41

Lowery Tor Fall Carnes StC 1:33

Tomolonis Bpt d Lowery Tor 6-3

Green (Bell) d Lowery (Tor) 8-3

 Hermann (SCC) p. Brad Tomolonis (Bpt), 1:09

Lowery (Tor) INJ Deft Smith (Riv)

Hermann (SCC) Fall Lowery (Tor) 1:20

Tomolonis (Bpt) d Smith (Riv) 5-3

Chadwick (OG) d Wenseyel (WP) 7-2



Wells a bit ahead, yet another weight with no clear winner.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Wells Mitchell ED 11th 3rd 182    
2 Jones Tristan BL 10th      
3 Mercer John Camb 11th      
4 Nice Caleb Mag 9th      
5 Miller Waylon Cam 12th 8th 182    
6 Allman Justin PS 9th      
7 Marsden Morley BvL 12th      
8 Reusser Brandon Riv 12th      
9 Doll Matt Brk 10th      
10 Wotring Logan Morg 10th      
11 Archer Sheldon Cald 9th      
12 Howes Cole HC 12th      

  Mercer (Camb) Fall  Marsden (BvL) 2:45

Wells ED d Jones BL  8-6 in OT

Wells (ED) Fall Marsden (BvL) 3:33

 Archer (Cald) d Leasure (Barn) 7-1

Jones BL d Howes HC 10-7

Wells (ED) d Harvey (Steub) 12-5

Doll (Brk) Fall Dunn (Riv) 4:58

Nice (Mag) d MIller (Cam) 5-3

Doll ( Brk) Fall Howes (HC) ?

Marsden (BvL) MD Doll ( Brk) 12-3

Reusser (Riv) Fall Doll ( Brk)

Reusser (RIV) d Borden (SCC) 5-4




A very even weight, should be fun to watch.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Miscuk John EL 12th 4th 195    
2 Sanford Isaac SCC 12th      
3 Frisco Anthony Univ 12th      
4 Albertson Tim Steub 10th      
5 Myers Isaiah WP 10th       
6 Rosen Brett Riv 12th 6th 195    
7 Fisher Cameron JM 11th 7th 195    
8 Bier Preston Beal 12th 8th 195    
9 Newhart-Koreski Tyler PS 11th      
10 Price Dakota OG 9th      
11 Livada Shane WM 12th      
12 Anderson Dylan Morg 11th      
13 Cobb Austin Cald 10th      
INJ5 Cline Blaine ED 12th 5th 189    

Albertson Steub Fall  Fisher JM 5:15

 Cline (E) MD  Dunfee Bell 14-3

 Sanford SCC d  Cline ED 5-4

Dunn (Riv) d Bier (Beal) 13-12

Myers (WP) d Albertson (Steub) 5-4

Albertson (Steub) d Cline (ED) 1-0

 Myers (WP) d Fisher (JM) 9-5

Myers (WP) d  Dixen (PS) 3-1

Frisco  (Univ) d Albertson (Steub) 4-2

Frisco (Univ) Fall Fisher (JM) 4:25

 Myers (WP) d Price (OG) 4-2

Sanford (SCC) DEC Dunn (RIV) 7-2

Albertson (Steub) d Myers (WP) 6-4

Frisco (Univ) d Fisher (JM) 6-4

Anderson (Morg) dec Frisco (Univ) 9-2

Marsden BvL Fall Price OG 3:04


The most placers and the most competitive weight class!


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Paige Geremy WP 12th 3rd 195    
2 Ebbert Cullen JM 12th 2nd 220 5th 220  
3 Bloor Seth Well 11th 3rd 220 4th 220  
4 Dilliner Logan PS 12th      
5 Furbee Michael StC 10th 6th 220    
6 Oparanozie Chimechi Lin 11th 7th 220    
7 Maurin Cody Morg 12th      
8 Poling Clay Cald 10th      
9 Fogle Weston HC 12th      
INJ Fisher Nick Univ 12th 8th 160    

 Oparanozie (LIN) d  Baker (MAG) 6-1

 Maurin (Morg) d Myers (WP) 5-1

Rosen (12), Riv d Poling (10), Cald, 7-6

Oparanozie (Lin) d Rosen (Riv) 7-3

Paige (WP) d Ebbert (JM) 14-10

Furbee (StC) d  Fogle (HC) 5-1

Dilliner (PS) Fall Miscuk (EL) 1:37

Paige (WP) MD Dilliner (PS) 16-6

Paige (WP) Fall Miscuk (EL) 0:22

Miscuk (EL) Fall Maurin (Morg) 0:30

Ebbert (JM) Fall Maurin (Morg) 1:18



The top three are ahead here.


Rank Last Name First Name School Grade OVAC 2013 OVAC 2012 OVAC 2011
1 Hall Thomas PS 11th   4th 285  
2 Wise Preston Brk 12th 5th 285    
3 Bodkin Jonathan MF 11th   8th 285  
4 Robinson Colton MC 11th 8th 285    
5 Chukwu Chuckwudi Lin 11th      
6 Martsolf Cody BvL 12th      
7 Poplowski William Steub 10th      
8 Cooper Davian WP 10th      
9 Mills Noah OG 11th      
10 Spencer Austin TC 10th      
11 Ernest Carson StC 10th      
12 Rucker Chance Cald 10th      

Bodkin (MF) d Chukwu (Lin) 2-1

Mills (OG) Fall Soloman (Steub) 1:29

Bodkin (MF) Martsolf (Bvl) 4-2

Wise (Brk) Fall Kilburn (MC)  2:41

Cooper (WP) Fall Mills (OG) 0:35

Poplowksi (Steub) Fall Cooper (WP)

Martsolf BvL Fall Mills OG 0:42




If you have any questions, or think you should be ranked email me and tell me why.

 Thanks for the help.

The rankings are changing all the time check back often!



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